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  1. Your birthday is on Halloween?!?! Lucky duck! You get cake AND candy today :D

    1. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      Dooooooooooood that's awesome!

  2. Tsarmina

    The Photo Booth- show your face people!

    Man it's been a long time since I was here and I just happened to check out this thread and wowow it's so glad to see you guys still having fun with da pix XPP missed seeing all of your pretty faces while I've been gone hehe
  3. Tsarmina

    Sugar Sweet

    Wow, how did I not reply to this? XD This was like two months ago, I'm such a bum. @lonequeso I wasn't able to find the pen XD I gave up, ordered a new one yesterday. But it won't be here until after I start school v_v it was just for vacation but it ws fantastic!!! Definitely the best trip I've ever been on, and I love to travel sorry for not taking you with me tho, obviously I didn't see this until after I came back XD ^^" I think most of us here on rmc would love Japan because we're very invested in their culture hehe, I definitely loved it in its entirety~
  4. Tsarmina

    The Photo Booth- show your face people!

    Kotori-chan lookin fye as usual
  5. @l'insomnieIt's really been ages since I saw you *u* glad to see you back!! Your map looks great c: what chad said about the fountain, I think it's be really cool if you could incorporate the fountain /into/ the wall (so like...half set into the wall, with only half the bowl showing). The rest looks amazing, as usual c: (plus I think it'd be really cool if you played the color settings on your trees just BAAAAREEELYYYY to get that subtle natural feel ^^)
  6. Tsarmina

    THIS IS NOT OKAY (Failure to Correct Wrongs)

    The mods and I here are discussing and RMW is reaching out to us too. Hopefully we can get this entire matter sorted, thanks for being patient
  7. Tsarmina

    THIS IS NOT OKAY (Failure to Correct Wrongs)

    I don't know what has happened here or what has happened to you, I'm very sorry. However, I please ask you not to take your anger out on us. We can try to help you if you're willing to calm and politely discuss with us which steps need to be taken to remedy a misban (?). I'm also sorry if in any way you've been treated "like garbage" but we're just trying out best here on our RMC to make a positive environment. (Also I must ask to refrain from excessive cursing, as a forum policy.) In no way do we want you to kill yourself or do anything to harm yourself or anyone else :< Please let us know if we can do anything.
  8. Tsarmina

    Sugar Sweet

    Bad news :c (As if we needed bad news on a game on hiatus, but what happens happens I guess) So I'm moving soon, and our house is currently up for showing. However, that means we took everything off the tables/countertops and kind of put them in boxes and put those boxes who knows where, and in the process my tablet pen somehow got taken away....and now I have no idea where it is. ;_; I've spent forever searching for it, but I can't find it. I've been working on puzzles, and as you know I tend to be very graphics heavy on everything, puzzles included, and it's put me into a real stressor. :< another block to the progress, I guess. (on a random happier note I'M TRAVELING TO JAPAN in a few weeks so YAY)
  9. Tsarmina


    Unlocking at OP request!
  10. Tsarmina

    Finding own art style . Feedback ? (once again)

    I think you can have as many styles as you want Other people's opinions on how cohesive your artwork looks shouldn't influence your creative abilities / what you think you have to create. After all, you're the one making the art, not them!
  11. Hey, good news! I don't see anything at all that would be impossible to make VX Ace. However, some stuff will be pretty hard--e.g. guitar hero/ddr games are still kinda tough to put in, sprite changes can take a lot of effort, etc. It also sounds extremely ambitious (is this your first project?)--which isn't a bad thing at all, but for a first project it's very easy to get in over your head making a large-scale project like this. Most pet projects end up sputtering out a bit because you learn so much as you create it that the content you coded last week might look inefficient, finnicky, or just plain wrong compared to the skills you've learned since that time. I would definitely suggest trying a very small pet project first to learn the engine well and get used to all the things you can do with it before expanding into a huge project. However, everything you posted is definitely a good thing to work towards, so I don't think it'll be too much trouble to learn in the future. I'd just try something smaller to start with
  12. Guys, we've been shifting off-topic for the last uh half a page plus. Let's not turn this into a political rant, okay? c: let's keep it as relevant as possible thanks
  13. If you haven't seen Kimi No Na Wa yet, GO WATCH IT.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Tsarmina


      interesting XD sounds like a good one to watch to burn time haha.

    3. Kayzee


      It is pretty darn generic, but it is pretty cute.

    4. Altimos


      I've already watched Kimi No Na Wa, if I watch it again... I'm not sure what my heart will do XD


      Course, my heart hasn't been the same since Angel Beats...

  14. Tsarmina


    Amazing artwork, great execution, very unsettling and eerie feeling I'm terrified of horror games so I will not be making any progress on this soon-to-have demo haha, but good luck! This looks beautifully chilling.
  15. Tsarmina

    Is this cute ?

    It's a bit surreal and I do like it c: It's cute in a somber kind of way, like a dark alice in wonderland. (The little creatures do kind of remind me of pokemon tho. hehehe )