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  1. Lyla

    Side quest Ideas

    These are definitely helping me come up with quest ideas of my own, thank you guys!~ Hopefully others will chime in about their own ideas or thoughts!
  2. Lyla

    Event spawning?

    Just make multiple events where the villain will appear with different switches. Then what you do is have pages for each chest... turn self switch = on or whatever to get to a new page. Then on that new page, if variable = 6 then turn switch VILLAIN [x, depending on the chest location] on, else self switch D to an empty page. If that doesn't make sense, I can right a better step-by-step guide for you. ^.^
  3. Since I can't seem to find a steady partner in writing, I figured I'd try and grab ideas from the community - whoever is willing to throw their ideas out to me and see what sticks. ^.^ So the idea is fairly simple at the moment, so just try and do your best because I don't want to exactly post too many spoilers about my game. The idea is to relate each of these side quests personally to each side character, so it develops the side characters and their own personal struggles and concerns with their own world. Another note, there's three very different worlds, which I'll briefly describe below. Future World - This is meant to emulate the future of our modern world. Y'know, augments, world wifi, robots, fancy-spacey looking cars, all that good stuff. This world houses the dimensional agency too, which regulates dimensional travel and this is important because the side character here is a dimensional agent. A brief idea I had personally was maybe there is a serial killer that is using unauthorized travel? Possibly someone who killed her partner? Magitech world - A world meant to reflect a medieval society while still having an alternate focus of technology. Unlike most fantasy worlds, magic does not exist, though they do call the scientist wizards. The side character here is one of the rare magi knights, using a small crystal in the creation of a unique blade. I was thinking maybe a traditional fantasy plot, such as an exiled general coming back for revenge? Desert world - This world is a tad more complicated. It uses magi-like tech like the world above, but it's more along the lines of maybe steampunkish? But flashier? I'm not 100% sure yet, since some of this depends on the type of tiles I can get a hold of. However the sprites are Victorian style, so I'm thinking something almost like in FFX / FFX-2 with those desert nomads (only there is a city). The character is basically a rogue type - not a thief mind you. Just someone that isn't 100% accepted by the city because she decided to be herself, no matter what happens. In this case, my idea was maybe the awakening of some ancient golems of sorts that a villain is trying to get his hands on, for control over the city?
  4. Lyla

    Kanonelsebas's Maps

    Hey Kanon! I want to start off saying, you seem to have a definite grasp of parallax mapping and I am very much enjoying flipping through the maps. There's definitely some ideas and tricks that I see that make me go, "ooo, that's clever!" However, the part that confuses me across almost all of them is the shadows. I took a minute or so to highlight areas on your map, both good and bad with some points below; • Black: I get what you're trying to do here, but those lighter areas look like they are merging with the rock formations. If you're using shadows to create depth in the cliffs, I think it makes more sense to make those shadows different shades than the ground and rock formations. • Red: Again, I understand what you're trying to do, but this whole big area here confuses me the most. This is probably because you were trying to mix two different directions of cliff faces, but it doesn't quite work. Maybe try and see if you can separate them instead of merging them? Off the top of my head, I'm not sure if you could pull that off or if it's even mimiced in real life or not. Honestly, I'd have to study and play around myself to see what could be done, haha. • Purple: Similar to red, but it's a bit of a different issue. You're going from trying to make it a forward perspective (the top) to a side perspective (bottom) and it just seems a bit odd... though not many people even do advanced shadows this well, so... • Green: These are some of the best parts, I think and you've done an excellent job. This part makes it easy for me to hypothesis what you're trying to do with the rest of the map... and honestly, they're shadow tricks that I think I'm going to take away from this. You're really good and it's obvious from everyone else's comments here, though there are some strange things (to me anyways) that could be looked at closer. Also some of the maps, it's hard to tell where the light source is coming from, if you're trying to do that... but again, everyone seems to like them, so you could probably totally ignore me / write me off and still be really successful, hehe. ^.^
  5. Just felt like pointing this out, but one of my favorite horror RPGs (and there's not many) is Parasite Eve. The main character is a woman, but she is a badass cop with special abilities and she kicks ass. ^.^ Then again, I'm biased because I'm also female, so... I love that game. The only other ones I've played have had males as the lead (Doom 3, Dead Space). A guy freaking out isn't out of place... but it is true that a guy would react differently than a girl when scared out of their minds. Though perhaps it's more accurate to compare masculinity and femininity than male and female. *Shrug*
  6. Here's an idea, use a transition map instead? Basically have the player always start in MAP A, but leave it blank - white or black, then tint the screen either way and move the player to the evented title map at that point depending on variable. Then have it autorun a tint change back to normal to show the map. I hope that makes sense. If not I can explain it in more detail, assuming I understand how your title screen is working. ^.^
  7. Yes ladies (and gentlemen, I guess, lol), I'm back. ^.^ I've been taking quite the long break, but don't be fooled! You better believe I'm dedicated to seeing this done. I've gotten some much needed time away from the project and have a few plans on doing mini-projects & maps in order to brush up my skills in order to revamp the game. The biggest advantage I have? I didn't get terribly far. The story, the characters, and the environments I plan on keeping... just mostly going to attempt at re-doing the first town and bringing more practiced mapping skills to the table. In the meanwhile... tentatively... I'm going to see if I'm any good at composing some songs too... ^.- Anyways, it'll be a little slow going, but I'm sure I'll be back in the swing of things soon! o/
  8. Finally, my laptop is fixed! Might still take a few days to get organized, but I am back. ^.^

  9. For anyone wondering - I'm taking some time off to recharge. ^.^

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      Don't want to burn out.

  10. Lyla

    Lover's Rift Pinewood

    ... thanks for all the advice guys ... I want to install these changes, but ... I feel like I might need to take a break first. Realizing all this makes me feel as if the mapping for my game will take two years - alone, without anything else ... which is a huge depressing notion to me. I suppose I'll have to wait a very long time before I can share this game with anyone ... it took me a month to just get this far, then to realize I have probably at least another month's work? *Rubs face* I'll bookmark this topic for later ... Anyone else is free to chime in too, of course. I just don't know when I'm going to feel like picking this back up. Hopefully within the next week, but who knows. At least I'm not even close to kickstarter, so there's really no one to answer to.
  11. Lyla

    Lover's Rift Pinewood

    That might be a good idea with the patches of grass. I'll try it and see what happens. I also wasn't trying to argue, but as much as I'd love to make this "look" realistic, there's only so much I can do before I'm at the limit of my skills. Short of artistically drawing a whole parallax (which I'm not an artist, like you), there is no real possible way to make - say - the first house you linked. It would be a 9-wide tiled house. Which means only 7 tiles of useable space with walls ... there's nothing I can fit in there, really, haha. I think it comes down to the realization, it's a game, not real life. If I were to make it match real life, I'd need a hell of a lot of money to pay people to make it look that way. xD However I did fix the window issue and added three more in there (of course, not including any windows the player cannot see due to perceptive). I even did a trick of throwing a chair and table behind one, so it's like you're looking inside the house. At the end of the day, I think putting more growth and different patches of grass will do wonders and may be the realistic limits of my ability to make everything look "perfect." After all, there are tons of (including commercial ones) RPG Maker games that are really all that realistic either in these terms. Thank you though, definitely some beneficial advice. ^.^
  12. Lyla

    Lover's Rift Pinewood

    Well, the house seems large because it is scaled 1:1 with the inside, which isn't always as large as you might imagine it might be. With a living room, an open bathroom, there was just enough room to squeeze in a full kitchen ... so unless I downsize the inside as well and make it more akin to a one-person apartment vs. a two-person home ... kind of hard to scale it down like you might think. I suppose I could've gone with a three-high wall instead ... though that would make it look more empty than it already is. So all in all, this seems to becoming an issue of ... "redo all maps," haha. Which is sad, because if I did choose to do that, a whole month has gone down the drain. As for more trees, and bushes, and dead wood - I can manage some of that, but also some of that comes from the point I lack those tiles and I'm not spriter. Also to mention that it's a lawn ... I don't suppose someone mowing they're lawn would allow flowers/weeds, unhealthy grass, or pieces of wood. I dunno ... I did use different shades of grass too, but healthy looking, so it might be harder to tell. It is a bit harsh, but I'm not taking it personally (or trying not to, haha). It just makes me a bit depressed with advice like that, because that almost means goes right to the drawing board with my entire 100x100 town... including many of the inside maps. I'm also a bit boggled because I've had everyone on my stream with the exception of maybe one person say that adore them ... so it's a bit of a surprise and shocker. Edit: Maybe that's the hurdle with modern maps in RPG Maker. We have to abide by the 32x32 grid rule, so things can't be as packed in as a real life house ...
  13. Lyla

    Lover's Rift Pinewood

    I know something I'm trying to do is make the house inside match and the outside ... in that sense, the house is actually dark and doesn't have many windows. You can call it old, but I've seen a few houses like that. Older ones... so it's an older remodeled home in this case. I supposed I can change the history and the entire inside of the house to justify another window or two, haha ... but it somehow seems like an extreme measure? Maybe not. As for the growth, you might be right in that case. A few more wouldn't hurt.
  14. Thanks for the support and remarks you two!~ And no worries, I don't plan on dropping this. If a little criticism was enough to make me pack up and leave, I would've thrown my arms up a long time ago! I went ahead and posted in screenshots. Let's see what advice I can get. ^.^ Though to be honest, it is a much much story-focused game than being a pretty one ... but anything to make it more appealing will go a long way.
  15. So, despite that roughly 85-90% of the people seem to absolutely adore the mapping, a few have brought up some concerns. I am posting this to see if these concerns are legit to a lot of people AND advice on how to fix it. One I've gotten is that the town just seems empty and my thoughts are this personally - sort of, yes, but I also haven't gotten the sprites to fill in the town and make it feel more alive. Not to mention, in game, everyone will be moving around and stuff ... second thought is, it's a small town. So I feel that adding a bunch more flowers or grass or whatever would be silly since the town likely polices overgrowth of all those things (though there's obviously some growth). So to be honest ... I'm not entirely sure how to solve the issue, if it's even one worth fretting about once people are added. Another (and so far only one) person pointed out the path looking spray-painted. It can define the most inner parts of it a bit more, but I have seen dirt paths in real life that are spotty like that. So I'm unsure how to feel about this. He also mentioned the cars looking flat - but not being a spriter myself and he being the only one thus far to comment ... I really have no idea how to fix that. Honestly, I don't really think they look out of place at all, but that's just me. One last thing that was noted was something about the houses ... but besides maybe adding HVAC units to the roofs / sides ... and maybe if I can find a stack? Not sure what else there is to be done. I can't be adding flower gardens to every single house because that's not how the real world is, haha. Anyways, onwards to the screenshots!