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  1. GoldUniGaming

    Hearts Like Clockwork (Demo has been released)

    I watched this demo as it was streamed and WOW! What a charmer!
  2. GoldUniGaming

    Purple Phantom in MV

    You already got credit in my first game!
  3. Happy weekend everyone!

    1. Knighterius


      You too, my friend!

    2. Purple Phantom
    3. Kayzee


      Every weekend should be a happy weekend! :3

  4. Time to display FINISHED TITLE SCREEN http://imgur.com/Uty3d7E

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    2. GoldUniGaming


      no way I had MUG Kaburi do it on the rpgmaker forums!

    3. Chadzter01


      Oh! I saw his drawings and it's so awesome! I wish i can draw like that. =(

    4. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      I love the drawing. It's fabulous.

  5. New Logo. Thoughts? http://imgur.com/AaIjqp9

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    2. magic2345


      Oooohhhh!!! That's pretty awesome. Love the colors! But yeah, I agree with the others about the crystal, unless of course....IT ACTUALLY ISN'T ONE *gasp*

    3. Chadzter01


      Wow awesome logo! I wish i could do something like this too! Simple yet elegant! Good job! =3

    4. GoldUniGaming
  6. GoldUniGaming

    Sugar Sweet

    Yeah this is simply amazing
  7. GoldUniGaming

    Corporate America Bites my Ass

    For what it's worth, you write really well, Chungsie (though I'd be intellectually dishonest if I didn't throw a disclaimer in here that I disagree with nearly everything in both posts). Audit/End the FED though... for sure
  8. Accomplishments incoming!

  9. Happy Mother's Day!

  10. Does anyone know if a tumbleweed sprite exists, and where I can find it?

    1. GoldUniGaming


      Found one! Feb 2014 Restaff of rpgmakerweb forums!

  11. I need to know! Do most of you commercial sellers have a "commercial website" that actually allows you to sell your game directly, or do you have a "nonpayment site" that just then links to someone/somewhere else who sells your game for you? Anyone wanna help with pros and cons?

  12. Tweet me @GoldUniGaming... just got it set up! Lots to come!