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    Ramming my head against a wall trying to figure out stuff that should be simple.
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    I think Black Dawn went down the drain. Can't say for certain that I'll complete this new project I'm on but I'm working on it differently than I did BD so there's hope.
  1. What are you using to call the quest? reveal_objective(1, 0) complete_objective(1,0) Are you using these kinds of script calls? (aka you would put these into a "Script" event command) Also have you tried testing this without any other scripts in a project?
  2. Have you added a quest? I just tested it myself and prior to having any quests added you couldn't select the option, but after I added a quest in you could.
  3. Hmm...it works, kind of. If the party member *isn't* in the party it'll show the choice, but when they are it doesn't. XD Nevermind I changed the "unless" to an "if" and now it works as it should. Thanks for the code snippit.
  4. Hey all I'm trying to make an edit to Fomar0153's script More Choices. In the thread he provides the option to show or remove certain choices based on if a switch is on using this code snippit. $game_message.choices.push("BBQ") unless $game_switches[x] I was wondering how you'd make it to where $game_switches[x] would instead try to detect if an actor was in the party instead. This: $actor_in_party[x] sadly does not appear to work and instead gives me this error. The line in question being this one: $game_message.choices.push("Ask about Ryn") unless $actor_in_party[8]
  5. Waiting....waiting....waiting.....

  6. VegaKotes

    I am new

    Greetings and Salutations new person. There's certainly a lot of awesome stuff floating around on this site, but remember you don't have to go at it alone. The folks here are great about helping out s'long as you ask nicely and are patient. Also don't forget to read the rules before posting any new topics.
  7. VegaKotes

    Water-walk state

    Should be able to give them the "Through" passability on their event pages, and by making them below the character it can make it seem like you're walking over top the fish.
  8. Hello~ Welcome to the forum that you are already kinda familiar with.
  9. VegaKotes

    How to make the most of custom formulae. Part #1

    I was about to say it doesn't work, but then I realized I forgot to put the "a." into the formula. XD Thanks a million Xypher. I think I'll be able to make a lot of skills like that now that I have a basis for them.
  10. VegaKotes

    How to make the most of custom formulae. Part #1

    Works perfectly, thanks. I don't suppose you could help me get another one working could you? :3 In my game I've got special abilities called "Vier" Vier need tp in order to be activated, but they also need all four of the party members to use the "Vier" set up skills. (using the skill fusion by Kread-Ex) So Actor 1 uses his Vier, then Actor 2 uses his, then actor 3 uses her's, then actor 4 selects the target of the attack which launches the actual Vier attack itself. The one you so awesomely helped me get working is called "Vier Sol" and it hits a single target for its hp - its defense (or it's defense times 5 for a boss) The next Vier skill I'm trying to get working is the "Vier Salvaje" skill which adds up the four actor's special skill and hits the entire enemy team with that damage. (act 1) Dominic's attack stat, (act 2) Razor's agility stat, (act 3) Nivisia's magic stat, (act 4) and Shenra's defense stat. I have Dominic use his vier skill which runs a common event that sets 4 variables to the four stats and then use this formula. v[7]+v[8]+v[9]+v[10] but it doesn't actually appear to damage any of the enemies. >.>
  11. VegaKotes

    How to make the most of custom formulae. Part #1

    Plugged in the script and ran with the formula, but it gives me this error when using it. If you don't know what's causing it I'll start sifting through the scripts to see if any of them are jarring with it.
  12. VegaKotes

    How to make the most of custom formulae. Part #1

    Now would I be able to make it b.hp - b.def * (b.enemy_id == 4:2:6:7 ? 5 : 1) in order to have it check if the enemy's are 4, 2, 6, and 7? So multiple bosses all take reduced damage from the skill? Or would it have to be something different?
  13. VegaKotes

    How to make the most of custom formulae. Part #1

    Vega needs help! T^T I'm trying to make a skill that deals massive damage to a single targeted enemy using the b.hp - b.def formula. Great it works, everything is fantastic. But I need to add in the function that for certain enemies (namely bosses) it will deal significantly less. Currently I'm working with this: b.id==4 ? b.hp - b.def * 5 : b.hp - b.def Which *should* check to see if the enemy getting hit has an id of 4 (which is the test monster I'm using it on) and then deal it a lot less damage than it would a non boss monster equivalent. If I only have b.hp - b.def it hits him for 199 points of damage since he has 200 hp and 1 defense. But if I plug in all of that up there then it just comes up as "Null" and does nothing. Doesn't matter if I'm targeting the Test monster or another monster. If there's a better way (and one that actually works XD) of checking if a certain monster has a certain trait to change which damage hits them that works fine for me too, I'm not set in the way I have it right now, especially considering it doesn't even work. >.> Please help? :< Omg I can't believe the solution was so simple. The formula needs to be this: if b.enemy_id == 4; b.hp-b.def*5; else; b.hp-b.def; end; b.enemy_id *not* b.id b.id must check actors only. Anyway I think I'll tinker around and search around a bit more but I need another Veir skill (basically "trinity" attacks that my party has to use in succession in order to activate.) which detects actor 1's attack, 2's agility, 3's mag, and 4's defense then adds those together and hits the enemy for that much. It's probably a simple solution, I just need to find it.
  14. VegaKotes

    Charging money for scripts

    Yup, yup. Artists aren't so different from everyone else. If a game company makes no money, they can't keep making games. If a car company makes no money, they can't keep making cars. If a artist makes no money, they can't keep making art. There are exceptions of course, but if you're relying on your particular skills to make you a living then you'll be needing that cash-o-la~
  15. VegaKotes

    Just following the flock

    If help's what you're after you've come to the right place. The community here is great, and very helpful. There's threads for RGSS, so if you're struggling, give it a look see. There's even some threads where people show off their RPG music, as well as art. :3 So welcome to the site, and make sure to have fun.
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