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  1. I didn't say it couldn't be done; but shrinking the icons won't look good, and the user would have to specify where the attachment points where at for each weapon to fit the "hand" of each character - and ideally you'd need the arm in its own layer. It all just becomes complex and deviates from the "Simple" part of the script. Most likely the other side view scripts you refer to use separate assets for attack animations; while this looks best, it does require a lot more extra assets and configuration (again, deviating from simple). And that's why multiple scripts exist... so you can choose the one that works best for your requirements.
  2. Since this would be your own special customization that wouldn't apply for anyone else you might consider making it a script request. The first part should be fairly simple; the second though would require you to provide a larger image of your character instead of using the on-map image. It will be a few days before I can start working on scripts again and I have a backlog of work to do so I wouldn't expect to be able to get to a one-off request for a while. If you do a script request though, someone else may be able to help you more quickly.
  3. @Swish: That's exactly how it is supposed to work. The weapon icons are no where near being scaled to the character so it would be unreasonable for the character to try to hold the weapon. The effect is modeled after FF3 per a request on the main thread.
  4. This has already been mentioned in the thread. Its this dumb forum trying to interpret code as an email address. I'll post again using the insert code button and forget trying to use the broken /ruby tag. Or just go to the main Ace forum and get the code from there.
  5. The script has been updated to version 1.7. This version adds additional options for weapon icon movement on screen, corrects a bug if an escape attempt failed, and corrects an issue with placement of animations providing compatibility with Yanfly's Ace Engine. See the main thread for additional details.
  6. Well, that's not quite the issue... the script relies on a lot of existing functionality and a portion of it is located in the Game_Map. The answer was to provide the battle test with an instance of a map, so the script will use map #1 in your game (it doesn't really matter which map - any map will do). Its fixed now. - Bah, can't seem to make two posts in a row... they get merged... anyway - Ok folks, I've updated the script to add images of the character's weapon swinging when they attack, or a pulsing icon of the item or skill when they take those actions. Obviously this isn't going to look right for projectile weapons yet, so that will still have to be taken into consideration. But this should be a good start on the common request for action images. Please let me know if you find any issues.
  7. The script has been updated to version 1.5 which now has the actors stepping as discussed. Initially the actors will be standing still. During command selection, the current actor will step if they are able to move. Also, an actor will step when they are executing their action or doing the victory dance. This was a little more involved to work into the script than I initially suspected so it is a permanent feature; the old way is not available via an option.
  8. A large update has been made. The initial journal scene is ready for testing and the editor contains minor bug fixes and expanded help content.
  9. Please follow current developments for this script at: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/18205-rsqs-reedos-simple-quest-system-beta/?p=175583 I will update this thread with the final post when the script is complete.
  10. Hi Bastian, thanks for this I'm looking at the "active character" thing... perhaps making it so that the actor is only stepping when it is their turn (and they can take an action on the turn). I'll probably try to work in a couple options and let the designer decide which to use. This ties in with a comment made in the other forum so I'm definitely looking into it. I try to use as much existing functionality as possible; in this case the script is reusing the map actors. The existing methods for moving actors around the map take arguments in the form of number of tiles to move, not number of pixels to move. Since I'm reusing the existing movement code, those methods are thinking in terms of "map tiles" (32x32 pixel squares, or the grid that appears on the map designer) even though the battle scene doesn't actually utilize a grid. So while this could be changed to take pixel dimensions, I think it is acceptable to keep the grid coordinates. It may actually be easier for a non-scripter to think of moving "1.0" as the distance of 1 tile on the map (versus thinking of pixels and display resolutions). Due to the way that Ace generates its battle back images, there is only a very small area of space where actor can be placed to still appear "on the ground" and not be covered by the battle menu windows. To accommodate this, I had to squish all of the actors into a tight formation. So while it would still be easy enough to rearrange them into an angled line, that angle would be long and shallow because the area they have to stand in is not very high. The first actor would have to be moved to the left quite a bit to make enough room for everyone. I didn't think it would look good. But, since this is a pretty subjective thing, I'll see about adding an option so that the designer can choose either formation. To be honest I kinda skimped on the formation part compared to the old VX script... so maybe I should make it a little more feature-rich. Features are great so long as I can maintain the simplicity. That's always been the top benefit of RSSBS.
  11. That is the goofy forum trying to interpret !@subject as part of an email address. I've edited the code in the post so you can copy it into your game again or just go to that line (and another one beneath it) and get rid of the "mailto:" that the forum inserted. You'd think the forum would be smart enough to not attempt to resolve any smileys or URLs in a code block... but it might be because of that custom [ruby] tag... that implementation probably needs to be modified to remove the auto conversions.
  12. Updated script to correct bug when party attempted to escape battle. Added visual for escape (party turns and takes half a step).
  13. Reedo

    Basic Side View Battle System

    Well that's a pretty serious error... that method should definitely exist on that object... You'll probably need to look at the other scripts you have installed. I would have to guess that one of them has issues, or is explicitly incompatible with any other script that uses $game_party.battle_members. Somehow that method has been removed, so something you've got is breaking it. (*I have to assume it is not an issue in this script, based on the error message; I haven't actually reviewed the script, but since it seems to work for everyone else there is a high probability that he problem is specific to your game configuration). -EDIT - Isn't there a support forum that is supposed to be used for issues like this? Or can people use both the support forum and the source thread? (question more for a mod/forum power user) -edit to my edit - lol I think I got confused with the other forum =P so never mind on this question