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  1. @Chadzter01 thanks for the critique! yeah... maybe I should just make a fountain from scratch and make a BIG fountain instead! (after I made this new one.. didn't like how it look.. @TsarminaI know!!! It has been AGES!! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN? Did you use the school I made in your game, I wonder? So regarding the fountain... maybe it'll look better if I just make one from scratch? like what you said incorporate the fountain into the wall and make it BIGGER! Or maybe just make a new exterior.. I don't know... (this is what I get for not drawing it on paper THEN make the final design, lol). and about the trees.. yeah, maybe I should play with the hue's just a tad bit to make it more natural looking,.. @Tarqregarding the slightly diagonal pathway I'm actually considering making a slightly straight path (just realized how stupid the character looked when walking through it) so I made some changes to the map! yeah.. best to avoid it as much as possible! thanks for all the critique.. still working on my mapping skills and hopefully get better at it! yeah... deciding to just make a big fountain here instead..
  2. Woah! I like what you've done with the witch there.. so cool! My only critique is maybe add a little bit of tint and maybe a free fallen debris and cobwebs here and there? maybe add some scattered books, a witches cauldron and potions? or maybe she is a witch that likes everything all clean and dandy? idk.. but still great effort! So here is a castle/school map I have been working on and I wanted to know what you think of it so far... personally I am not sure what to do with this (still a work in progress) so maybe you can help me out? like what should I do with that place where the fountain is etc... anyway, will appreciate your opinion! sorry... I don't know where the spoiler button is.. and here is a mountain top view where you can see the whole city.. the background image is not mine.. will make one when I feel like making one.
  3. l'insomnie


    I can't believe I can still remember my password here!! lol How long has it been since I was last on here? 3-4 years ago or more? I wonder if the people I knew here are still on here? Or if they ever finished there projects? As for mine Deux: Sleepless Angels (wonder if it is still on here?) it's long been buried together with my old laptop, insert sad face. I was already 80% finished with my mapping too, insert gloomy face. But the past is the past, and I decided to just start a new one again. Who knows it would be better than the old one? lol To refresh everyone's memory, I suck at programming but I am confident with my parallax mapping skills. So yeah, if y'all want me to do some mapping for yer' just send a message my way, okay? (just don't make me do them all) Anyway, shout out to my old acquaintances!! And 'hi" to the new faces!
  4. Yeah, its basically her eyes~ A friend of mine also told me, I colored her eyes differently and that out of all character sprites alice doesn't have a nose bridge. :3 i took care of it and she is somewhat the same as everyone else now. Yep! Daeron and Marguax are fraternal twins. I made a family portrait of them as kids with their father--no mother. She died after giving birth to Daeron, tragic. T^T Let me know if you want to see it and I'll post it. :3 Yes, poor Scarlette, she change herself because she loved that person so much but ended up getting rejected. T^T
  5. Yes!! Finally, I can get back to work on D'eux again! Goodbye writers block, hello eventing, swtiches, variables and cutscenes~

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    2. Ocedic


      Woohoo, can't wait to play that game!

    3. l'insomnie


      Yeah! I'll start working on it as soon as I finish sleeping, lol.

      Goodnight people!

    4. Cait


      Happy for you. Writer block sucks.

  6. Gonna make a short point and click game base on my sleepover in the graveyard. Lots of unexplainable things happened, its your choice whether believe it or not. Now let me just draw a background of the cemetary. :3

    1. AJNR


      I love Point and Clicks! I can give you the picture I just did to add in to that project

    2. l'insomnie


      Oh? That my help speed things up! Can you PM me the picture? That is if you are willing. Of course I'll credit you if you do~

    3. AJNR


      No problem. I'll upload the PDN now

  7. Back from the graveyard... didn't sleep the whole night. Lots of things happend, both exciting and scary. Looks like I have another scary story to tell my future kuds and grandkids someday. But right now, I'm just glad to be able to lay down on my nice and comfy bed. :3

  8. Ah, I see. Well, its not like I would make the both of them exactly alike--Alice and Margaux, if they do then something in my storyline is wrong. Instead of Daeron and Margaux, you'd think Alice and Margaux were twins. Daeron and Margaux don't even look alike (which I really need to change that). But yeah, I'm not the type to draw the same characters over and over again with just the hairstyle is different. I want them to have their own look. I'm pretty sure all of us don't look exactly like each other, so what is stopping me from drawing them differently has well? Scarlette is also counted as a girl... now. I knew something like this sort of reaction is bound to come up (though I thought it would be sooner) when people reads Scarlette's profile. She is very contraversial in terms of sex but I assure you, even if she wasn't born male she is female by heart. Well, I hope that explains everything. ^^
  9. It's a tradition in my country to sleep in the graveyard on Nov. 1... Looks who's going to sleep with the dead tomorrow. :3 I'm honestly excited for this.

    1. Laura Yeah Right

      Laura Yeah Right

      have fun, but please, don't disturb the dead. They like their rest too!

  10. Maybe because of her eyes? I did made a revamp of her (as well as Daeron's). Yep~ Scarlette did undergo sex change for reasons that will be explained further when her episode comes out which is Episode 3: Envy. It's an episode dedicated entirely towards her character. She is--in my opinion while writing her story, is the most pitiful character here despite her witty and cheerful attitude. Let's just say it was love that drove him to become a her.
  11. l'insomnie

    Need help composing image

    No problem! Glad we could help you. :3 *cough* looking forward to see it *cough* Also instead of clouds, why not make it like rippled water for the backround with a lone rose pletal or something to give a bit of drama to it or with the moon's reflection on the water?
  12. I lost weight... Yes!! I lost weight!!

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    2. AJNR


      I haven't exercised for the past year.

    3. l'insomnie


      I've started excercising again after a year. Forgot how hard it was at first, but as you continue it's gets addicting.

    4. AJNR


      You did it before, you can do it again. I'm just waiting to get new sneakers so I can start again.

  13. l'insomnie

    Need help composing image

    Well, since your game is episodic-like game, Cici... why not draw the main characters that have a huge impact of that certain episode--i did that with mine. This is just a random story, by the way. Example: Episode One: Robot With A Heart! Summary: Cici stumbles upon a abandon laboratory where she meets a robot-like-human, who claims to have his own heart! Characters Involved: Cici, Arch <-- I don't know where I thought about these names, lol Cover Image: (sorry i would draw it but i really don't feel like it today) Cici looking at Arch--Arch as some tube sticking out all over his back and head (Of course Arch is half-naked). Cici looking curious as she touched Arch's chest where the heart is located and it is glowing while Arch is looking down at Cici--smiling and had his hand on top of her where she is touching his "heart". Just my opinion anyway Cici... But if you really want to have an idea why not make like Cecillia and the Main Character--whoever is the main character in that episode be in a sleeping position (69 position -- no not the dirty position) have there heads leveled as Cecillia sleep while the guy--looking a bit pained in the eyes watched her as she sleeps or kiss her forhead.
  14. For some reason--as of this moment, I am sooo tempted in making an otome game. O.o *cough* Bishies *cough*

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    2. cirucat
    3. l'insomnie


      Looked it up! Its kiss of revenge Iphone/Andriod game right? --for clarity. And thank God! The storyline/plot aren't similar.

    4. Cecillia
  15. That moment when you've come to hate your own game. Yep, an awfull feeling indeed. Well, looks who's going on vacation from game development for a bit.

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    2. Tsarmina


      I think everyone did :') *teary smile*

    3. l'insomnie


      Haha, I am not scraping the idea, God no. Just the storyline of episode one: gluttony.. i feel as if while playingthrough all the cutscene everything just doesn't seem right or its too cliche or its confusing--that's why I hate it since its frustrating me. so i need some time to clear my head maybe play it again and see if i need to change it or make a new one--one that I won't hate.

    4. Cadh20000