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    SSS - Defend HP/MP Gain (Translated)

    Considering other people don't have your games and don't want to edit their Defend command for a variety of reasons, I feel that your post here is somewhat redundant. Well Clord is right. This script is fairly redundant. Here is an example I just thought of: Database > Skills: Under Skill 2 (Guard) you can add whatever effect you want. Normally there is add state GUARD You can add whatever else you want in that box. Heal HP/MP, add a buff/debuff etc. Use a custom formula with a HP recover property if you want only certain actors to heal HP
  2. #————————————————————————– # * Alias method: show_animation #————————————————————————– alias :show_normal_animation_ve_animations_settings :show_normal_animation def show_normal_animation(targets, animation_id, mirror = false) animation = $data_animations[animation_id] if $imported[:ve_animated_battle] && animation && animation.target_dir? targets.each {|target| target.anim_direction = poses.direction } elsif $imported[:ve_animated_battle] && animation && animation.user_dir? targets.each {|target| target.anim_direction = subject.poses.direction} end show_normal_animation_ve_animations_settings(targets, animation_id, mirror) end end =========================