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    rmvx Castles at War

    Castles at War Hi there! This is my first translation of one of my german RPG Maker Games, so please be kind, if you find any translation mistakes. Report the mistakes here and I will fix it quickly. Description: Castles at War is a Real-Time-Strategy-Game. Tactical skills and fighting spirit are needed, if you want to see the fall of the enemy's castle at dawn. Build your base, defend your castle at all costs and fight back the enemy lord! Features: -7 different constructions to build -2 campaigns with 12 missions in total -4 Skirmish-Maps with different options -11 unlockable achievements -Attacks by thieves, wild animals and of course the enemy lord -voice acting -optional Mouse-controls -sophisticated real-time strategy Controls: arrow-keys/mouse click: Move cursor Shift: faster movement Enter/mouse click: Action A: status-menu S: Achievements Esc: game-menu Download (without RTP) Download (with RTP) Screenshots: Credits: -Michael Funkel [Achievement-Script] Mouse-Script Credits: -DerVVulfman, Near Fantastica, and Freak Boy [Mouse Input Module] -lambchop, shun, Cybersam, Astro_mech, and Mr.Mo [super Simple Mouse System] -Modern Algebra, Zeriab, Patrick Lester [Path Finding] -Near Fantastica, Fuso [Path Finding]
  2. freezing_rain

    Hi from germany! :D

    Hi everyone! I think I'm a little late.^^ I'm an active member of the german RPG Maker Scene since several years, and now I've decided to make my games international. I'm happy to be a member here now and I'm looking forward to a great time here with you. But first I must introduce myself a little further: I'm a 23 years old german boy and I'm very creative in many ways; I make my own games with RPG Maker VX, VX Ace and Construct 2, I make my own music, I write fictive storys and poems, and finally I also make mods for Skyrim, Oblivion and Fallout 3. Everything from me is available on my german website, if you're interested. I also have a brand-new english website, where you can find all of my english creations (not so many in the moment, but I'm on it^^). Here's the link: http://rainzone.de.tl/ So... hope to see you in the forums! regards freezing_rain