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  1. endafy

    Explorer's HUD

    Ahh I see I didn't understand that part, goes to show ive been using RPG Maker too long when I look for the long route around things :-P
  2. endafy

    Explorer's HUD

    So I want to actually use this as is, but without the whole button toggle. Just on all the time from the time the game is open to the time it is closed. When you hit the button I may want it to be removed but for the sake of simplicity for my implied audience, they may entirely miss the HUD option if it's not at least on by default. Some may become confused if it's on and then all of a sudden it happens to go missing when a button is accidentally pressed. If I wanted the HUD off, I wouldn't be using a HUD script. What script would I have to enact maybe as an event at the start of the game to enable HUD then disable the button so it doesn't get shut off. I love the default simplicity of it. Thanks in advance, if this isn't able to be done I may try another HUD but I like yours the best. EDIT: for those of you who want this make a script event auto run, throw it at the end of your opening scene $game_switches[Galvs_Hud::TOGGLE_SWITCH] ^= true as a starting event have the :Z set to nil in the script and it seems to accomplish what I want If you want it disabled for say a cut scene, make a script event and change the true to false. This I feel is much better than giving the user, who would otherwise get confused at the idea that the HUD disappeared, and would ask for help. I like that the option is there, but it is just a little over the top IMHO. If the script needs to be disabled then the programmer, not the user, would have control over this function
  3. I dont care I program GPL 3 code all the time. Being restrictive hurts the community as a whole
  4. I think people who put unrealistic stupid restrictions shouldn't even bother coding
  5. download links broken, cannot find anywhere else on the Internet because people are dumb and dont want their scripts reposted elsehwere. How do you expect your awesomeness to stay alive when download links get broken?
  6. I didn't want to put it in the wrong place, thanks for fixing my error . My point is just that I am working on a game and tried to use paralax mapping and although I did get more "freedom" out of it, that left more freedom to make mistakes. I guess its a matter of what you are good at. I have used tilesets since RM2k/3 and only recently discovered paralax and discovered that if I am going to simply use photoshop to make my maps, it would be insanely easier to just use DarkBASIC and have the power of Python. I can seemingly make gorgeous maps either way, and also the graphics I can spit out seem overtly promising to my gaming career. I like the snap-to-grid style of mapping and I can very easily just make my own tilesets and off kilter the stuff I need off-kiltered, set the passage settings and move on. With Paralax I can make the Map in Photoshop, and only have 2 movenent settings I really need to set and only use RMVXACE to work with the objects. This leaves to question, the objects will be snapped to the grid. DarkBASIC gives way more of this "freedom" where you can be pixels off where you need to set things. I am not saying one app is better than the other, nor one more powerful. I like the RPG Maker Series because it is geared toward RPGs and I don't have to set sprite-mapping nor do I have to mess with event processing, RPG Makers have had event processing since inception of 95. To each their own though which is why I made this, if you have the patience and prowess of Paralax why use RPG Maker at all when other game making software exists?
  7. endafy

    Toasty's Dazzling Effects(Added Stuff: 9/12/13)

    While I love your work I want to ask your permission for something. While these aren't for commercial work, do you take commercial requests? Do you have paypal set up so we can do a business transaction? Reguardless of your feelings about the second line here they will be included in a pack to showcase the power of RPG Maker VX Ace and you will be expressly accredited. You piggybacked other's art, some of it mine that you most likely found floating around the Internet because ALL of my art is BSD license gratis. You also ripped off "Final Fantasy" without the express written consent of Square Enix. You did not provide a written affidavint of consent to us so I am ignoring your second line. I mean you even go so far as to use the copyrighted names of their spells which I will have to change and you should change. So with all due respect, I am ignoring the second line here. Don't worry nothing ugly will be included. The Curaga spell is simply a respin of the Cura spell from the RTP with some colours added. You took other's art and work without their consent and with the clocks you didn't even credit me. Not that I care nor do I even ask you to and when you get ahold of my work it even says you are allowed to do so. I am reffering to the Time Magic spells. The clock you use is a simple recolor and a few particles added and nothing more. I really don't care if you credit me at all, however adding little lines like this to your "terms of usage" really grinds my gears because no idea is truly original. We all rip everyone else off, but at least be honest about it, and learn some humility. I will grant that you do have a few original things here, but 98% of it are rips of others' art with a few colors and particles added. With all due respect to utilizing art and putting your own spin on it by adding particles, and downsizing them to RPG Maker VX Ace, nothing I have seen from you is truly your own. They came from somewhere. I hope your personal life issues work out for the best and I wish you the best of health and love and prosperity. But remember you can't outjew a jew. Yes I can say that I am Judiastic. And yes I did notice, because I am that nit picky I have been a part of the RPG Maker Community since RPG Maker 95. I worked with Crestfallen Studios with RPG Maker 2000. I have been at this for a lot longer than most people. I think Yanfly and Mack are the only 2 people I remember from the original bunch. So don't act high and mighty when you clearly act in a manner like this. I mean no disrespect to you personally, and you seem like a nice guy. But anyone here who remembers me from the old days will know how explicit I am when it comes to finding things like this.
  8. endafy

    3d-Rpg maker?

    A 3D Engine creator exists already and it is WySiWyG like RMVXACE, it is called DarkBASIC. It has a python scripting engine, but it can also handle other programming languages with a dll or two, including java, C#, C++ etc... It is for the PC and only runs 39.99. Enterbrain would not be able to compete in options or price. 2D is an entire genre of video games and I love it like many others. The entire original Unreal engine that was used all the way up until 2003. DarkBASIC enhansed and now others use it like EA Games. The entire FPS Creator is based on DarkBASIC so many of your current first person shooters are created using this tool. Skyrim was made with DarkBASIC and a few other tools. Making a 3D RPG Maker would be at this point very moot. No other 2D creator exists. People love 2D and so do I, pixel art is awesome! Also they have a thing where you can get DarkBASIC Pro for $0 which is not free. If you want to sell your game you must purchase a $40 license to do so, but if you want to learn and create free content, the program itself can be had for $0. All it does is put a small splash screen at the beginning of the game saying that if you paid for the game you were ripped off yadda yadda. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2009/12/17/do-it-your-bloody-self-darkbasic-for-0/ As noted on that page, Unreal engine 3 and Unity engine are also going free, so at this point it would be very very moot for Enterbrain to make a 3d creator with free tools the professionals use to make best seller games. They wouldn't be able to compete.
  9. endafy

    Helvetios FULL GAME (First Release v 1.0)

    This has gotten worlds better! I applaud you!
  10. 1) Spelling errors, and lack of command of the English language ex. there when you mean their, your when you mean you're and vice versa 2) No originality - sheer laziness ex. As you stated I love cliche things! But pure laziness with big empty maps that fill the screen and are so underdone. Yes I know you stated it, but I think you can lump all of what you stated into sheer laziness and rushing to get a final product whether than giving your all into the entire thing. 3) Telliing through text when you should be showing Aveyond is a good example of this, while a good game, "And the trader threw her into the sack" and "He made her life a living hell" and there is nothing showing any of this. I guess this goes with laziness, however, it also means that you haven't studied RPG Maker enough to know how. I see this theme over and over and if I want to read a book I will go read a book. I can understand saying how the character feels, but show the action don't talk about it! - also misusing animations 4) Misusing scripts without fully understanding them This makes me madder than improper mapping. If you don't know how to use a script, don't use it. It is like oversalting your food, it ruins the game, especially if there is an error and you are so ignorant as to compress game data with all your borrowed art and scripts, you aren't impressing anyone with your ability to steal scripts... 5) Complete lack of emotion - uninspired projects I don't mind playing someone else's playground, just don't pass it off as a completed game. Lined up NPCs, bosses in oddest places, just everything sort of just thrown together. It becomes very old after a while. When in doubt, don't release. If you cannot follow your own story a month later, then don't release it ugh...
  11. endafy

    An answer to an email

    Microsoft are not actively going out of their way to make the OS "less stable", they add something or change something previously broken to the PED structure which in turn makes older software not function properly. Windows 7 SP2 will sport Direct X 12 support and Internet Explorer 10 snippets in the PED making the system boot up faster and what not, in turn making some games like RMXP/VX games have functioning issues. RPG Maker XP is badly coded to call hard code DX9 PED processor and video calls, Windows Vista on up, handles all PED hardware calls in a sandbox software based environment. If the program does something stupid like try to delete a .dll in the system32 folder, or call an infinite loop of all 0s and fill the ram to freeze up the system known as a zero day flaw to gain control of Windows, it stops it before it gets out of the cradle, or lets it run without letting it get anywhere. What you end up seeing is RMXP games processing slower due to the restrictions of the new software based PED structure. Hardware PED allows for software to bypass the OS and interact with the hardware directly, allowing for the best speed, most accurate timings. Older X-Fi cards will sound better on XP allowing for true lossless sound because of Hardware PED (Processor Embedded Dimension) What ended up happening was some not-so-nice people found a loophole which would allow access and control to your system namely "ped processing exploitation and dissemination" (I know bad naming right lol) What happens when you run a program in "XP Compatibility" is those PED calls are simply allowed to run amok and do whatever they like rather than stopping a flawed call. If, say for example, an infected file tries to do a 0 day flaw the file is flagged but continues to run sand-boxed away from the rest of the system maintaining system integrity. What it doesn't do is allow PED processor calls to be made on the hardware level. XP SP2 and moreso in SP3 started doing PED in a semi-sandbox mode, but was still hardware based. While good in theory, it still allowed for the all too elusive 0 day flaw. It is Microsoft making Windows compensate for hardware flaws. Funnily enough, this is a fight to no end for Microsoft, because by even allowing old PED calls to even be made, poses a potential risk for infections that try to hijack your computer. Newer processors simply disable hardware PED by default, and the new Sandybridge i7s can't even read PED calls, and has a lot of other issues for XP. Windows emulating PED to allow for older applications to run in Vista, 7, and now 8, is still software based. One day RPG Maker XP games will no longer run, probably by Windows 9, or 128 bit Windows 8, whichever comes first. PED isn't bad, actually, really really good, the best possible way to compute, and in a perfect world without idiots like lulzsec we wouldnt need to stop PED calls being made. In this case blame the hackers for ruining a very good thing, and quite possibly killing off RPG Maker XP in the very near future.
  12. It seems that the in-game shoddy performance issues persist in Direct X 12 as they did in 10 and 11. The lag seems to be at least more persistent now but a whole lot worse, so you know what to expect. The issue is when Direct X 9 calls are made and Direct X 10, 11, & 12 try to translate it into code for the new UI. There is a pseudo DX 9 for Windows 7 from Microsoft and you can install this and it seems to fix things drastically but not completely. http://answers.micro...ab-d5147a8205a7 Installing Direct X 9c separately not only improves performance of RM-2k(3)-XP-VX-VXA games, it also improves performance of older Direct X 9 for XP games. It is not included on the Windows install to save space. While this is a band-aid for a broken arm, it does at least stop the bleeding edge issue of game instability. Known issues: Games still sort of hang for a second when loading a few things. - This cannot be fixed, use XP in a VM Games now just close with no discernible error - Run in XP Compatibility mode & as Administrator or in a XP VM; Some RUBY scripts that call outside DLL files, namely Aveyond, have these issues due to heightened security Music loads but wav sounds don't - (My friend got this on his computer) Don't use Creative X-FI If you use the new 8 Consumer Preview and run into an error, let me know and I will try to work on it. This will let you run other OSes inside Windows 7 Home Premium (which doesn't have XP Mode), Linux, and OSX https://www.virtualbox.org Note you need a Windows XP license I use the following tool in the VM of XP to remove all the extra BS and use it to run my games and apps inside Linux. http://www.nliteos.com/ I cannot provide you with my XP ISO as that is illegal, but use common sense and you can get something insanely lightweight and fast and stable.
  13. endafy

    Helvetios FULL GAME (First Release v 1.0)

    Make a common event that is a parralel process, call it on the first map. In the common event put a conditional branch that when the attack button is pressed it changes the actor graphic to a different one with his hand out holding the sword, then when not pressed changes back to normal. Not really a scripting issue, but spriting and common eventing and parallel processing. Happy RMing! I love what you did, adding features and such, but content over gear. Empty and devoid of NPCs makes this dull. Have stuff happening that is completely irrelevant to the story. This is a wonderful start! It is like a work of art or a book, you just need to keep adding adding adding!
  14. endafy

    Master of the Wind [Complete RMXP game]

    I love the comic book look and feel, good game, 8/10!