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  1. hey...just wanted to tell you that I love your futuristic characters from restaffs a few years ago, a lot ;) they're really good

  2. Allusion

    sneak sneak peek peek

    It's gotta be Alice in Wonderland! I can definitely see the white rabbit, the queen of hearts, and of course the mad hatter! I hope I'm right! Can I get a candy cane if I'm right?
  3. Allusion

    Ideas for my New Game!

    The Four Horsemen idea is a popular choice, so it wouldn't be a bad thing to make it a little more your own~ You should think of a theme you'd like for them and create their titles based around that. (Bonus points if what they are directly connects to your game's world or story.) So for example, say in a world where the people are all obsessed with the idea of eating healthy, the villains could be embodiments of calories, fats, sweets and salt! ...That is a super lame example, but it illustrates my point, lol. Fear, Pain, Death and Conquest don't fully fit together. Death and Conquest are Horsemen, so the player may get confused if the other two are not. Best to make them fully original or else fully based on the legend! (You could probably get away with keeping Death, though, since that is a universal inevitability.) Maybe the four could embody traits that have opposites; Corruption/sanctity, chaos/order, death/life, etc? As for the two worlds, that entirely depends on the context in which it's placed~ Again, opening the barrier between worlds is a pretty common idea in games so it'll be important to add a flare of your own--and it should definitely include something that's at stake for the main characters. (Which will add tension and suspense to the plot.) Another important aspect will be to keep the villain's reason for doing such a thing in mind. I'd highly recommend staying away from 'evil for the sake of evil' thing. Giving your bad guys an understandable reason for doing this will enhance the overall story. So maybe if the villains open the door to the second world, the first one (and thus the one the main characters live in) would vanish forever? But maybe the villains have originated from the second world and wish to go back before they vanish. Maybe there is an evil even greater than them in the first world, and they feel it's best to evacuate to the second but must do this by force because the people will not follow them willingly. Stuff like that you can toss around and come up with some really dynamic stories! Don't be afraid to play around with what the world or characters think of the situation versus what it actually is. Those are the twists and turns that keep people guessing!
  4. Allusion

    How is your game going?

    I've been working on my project since 2014, and it's only just now grasping for any kind of playability. I'm trying extremely hard to get a demo up in April, but I'm unsure if that will happen, so maybe May. Like Whiona, I've been focused on behind-the-scenes stuff for most of the time, nothing anyone could be shown. My mechanics are pretty straight forward, but they have to be done well or the entire experience will be ruined. (But no pressure, me. ) So far, I have a few graphical assets to draw (title screen, map, UI related stuff, etc...) some tutorials to add, and the tail-end of the demo to finish. Then I have to polish, test, polish, and hunt down some willing beta testers...then...release!
  5. Allusion

    Welcome to Arin's Blog

    Oh this looks so cool! Tanky enemies are awesome since they allow for more utilization of everyone's skills. I'm loving the ATB tweaks, and the story sounds promising so far! Do keep us updated~!
  6. I voted for; Yanfly, because he is a scripting god. I don't know a lick about coding, and even I can tell his scripts are well structured, organized and optimized. He's made so many foundational scripts--tools that virtually every project will need--that it's mind-boggling. Tsukihime for the same reasons above, and also for their ever-constant presence in the community. The support offered for their huge library of scripts is pretty amazing as well! Vlue, because he is just hilarious and his scripts run like clockwork. I wish he was around more often, but regardless, his work is done incredibly well. DP3 is just so full of win. His tutorials are a goldmine, and he's one of the only people I've seen try to teach RGSS3 that in-depth. I definitely feel he deserves a vote~ Galv because of his vast library and the cool ideas behind it. Lots of content to choose from, and some of the most dynamic stuff out there! (I mean, he made a 2D fighting system! Tell me that isn't awesome~)I love the work of everyone listed, (some I didn't even know about though! I'm curious to look them up now, lol) but I wanted to highlight those who really stood out to me.
  7. Allusion

    2015 End of the Year Restaff: All Around the World

    @Minerva: If I've inspired you, Minerva, then my mission in life is complete, lol! *bows to your awesomeness* Thank you so much! And happy late new year to everyone~! I hope we can look forward to spending more time together, and receiving more epic gifts from our re-staff team for 2016. (Hehe, that rhymed!) Nice work, everyone!
  8. Allusion

    Cait's Graphical World

    The redux sci fi tiles look great so far, hun! I really love the silvery floor texture on the second one! I've never seen anything like it. The underwater title screen looks beautiful, too! So pretty~ best of luck in the contest too! I'll be cheering for you!
  9. Allusion

    A Huge Update

    This pack looks brilliant already! I'm floored by your ability to do so much work and draw at all. I hope you're doing okay, Spec! I'm totally looking forward to the end result. *kicks September* (Also, your ability to draw such intricate armor and weapons awes me. *0* )
  10. Allusion

    game perspective idea?

    That looks like a very nice idea! I would love to see maps like that in an RM game--even with the mock-up graphics, it looks exciting! If you can stand the aggravation, I'd totally play a game that featured it.
  11. This game looks amazing! It reminds me a little of Sword Art Online (which is an awesome thing) and the artwork is just..sooooo adorable! QAQ Open world maps are crazy fun, yes, and not too many RM games I've played feature them! I really love how the dating sim element will be paired with such eccentric and interesting love interests as well! The mapping is superb--creative touches, lots of variation, and just overall well made~! Hmm..my favorite girl...yikes, this is super difficult. Um...um...um...! I like...um...I like Kumi! She's so adorable, and her colors just make me smile with thoughts of cotton candy. But I also love Terra and Joan~ <333 The MC looks dashing as well! (Can't forget about him!) Really looking forward to this, hun! Don't forget to add a support bar, because I'm addicted to them and it's a problem and I think I need help. TT__TT (And can I just say...dat logo. Win. Pure win.)
  12. Allusion

    Amysaurus' Sprites!

    Omg, Amy, you are a life saver! (Or game saver, your pick!) These sprites are gorgeous, and those icons are pure win! I will totally be making use of some of this stuff--thank you, thank you, thank you x10000000. Looking forward to anything else you post, hun! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ Please grant us a support bar for this thread! My signature...it aches for one.
  13. Allusion

    SlaveOfThaMind's Mindless Tunes (More songs added!)

    Nice! They both sound good, and I especially like the second piece~ You bring some nice melodies/beats to life! (You're sure you new to this? Lol) I'm looking forward to hear more from you, as one can never have enough musicians~ And welcome to the forum! ^0^
  14. TT__TT I'm still upset that you're likely leaving, Spec... Now September looks like one giant, unwelcome clock hanging over here. Silly time. *waves angry stick* This is really nice of you to do~! I'm thinking that the buff fantasy guy with armor is winning, so I'll go ahead and vote for that as well~ (And a girl or two would be lovely, lol. You make them so badass. XD)
  15. Allusion

    Tsarmina's Laboratory

    Poppy is beautiful! *0* I love the patterns used in her dress, Tsar! And omg her little hair decoration is perfect! <333 Will she come with a sprite? If so, I may be able to use her in my project!