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    Hey Dekita! I was wondering how to get multiple fogs to work on one map. I'm adding this to the note box: <fog a: Fog2> <a move: 1, 0> <a opac: 100> <a z: 50> <fog b: Fog3> <a move: 0, .5> <a opac: 50> <a z: 50> If I just have a or b in there, it's fine, but both cause a heavy, static fog to appear on the map. I'm pretty new to RPG Maker, so I was just wondering if you could point out what newb mistake I'm making . I suspect it is because I don't know how to properly separate the two. Thanks a ton for the great script! Edit: Figured it out! I now see that I was still using a in the second half of those notes instead of b. Silly me!
  2. thegoodguylives

    CSCA Light Effects

    Oh my god man! Thank you SO much for that fix! It makes sense once you explained it, but I never would have thought of that on my own. (I'm pretty new to RPG Maker). Just been hitting up tutorials and trying out some scripts and such. I fiddled with this on and off for about a week, so you really saved me. Great script by the way. Thanks again
  3. thegoodguylives

    CSCA Light Effects

    Hey folks! Was just wondering if anyone knew why the lights would be correct on one map and offset on another? I can copy and paste the same event in the second map and the x appears to be offset to the left. The first room is 40 x 20 and the room where the lights aren't correct is a 17 x 13. This may or may not be relevant, but my game resolution is set to 640 x 480. Any ideas? I can post screenshots or any information if needed! Thanks a bunch!
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