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  1. Pandamonius

    Your Common RPG Items

    While it's true that nothing is set in stone and designers shouldn't limit themselves, this is still a very good list. The way you've arranged things logically definitely helps those wishing to follow a traditional design as well as serving as inspiration for those wishing to forge their own path. Thanks for spending the time to do this!
  2. I came up with this idea while working on the concept for a Steampunk story. This particular system wouldn't use anything physical for the components (I know...my "chassis" term makes that confusing), but rather combines some sort of force or power to create spells. Most likely I'll have to stick with elemental magic for the components, (Earth, Fire, Air, Water, etc) or runes, although I'm hoping to avoid that.
  3. Pandamonius

    First Hand Account Storytelling Idea

    Sounds like a very interesting idea. One suggestion would be to use the Watson approach. The narrator speaks of events he personally witnessed, but he was not the hero, the main character. This also allows you to keep the suspense as to whether the hero wins or dies (a hero talking about his own memories obviously won, right?). As far as the story being confined to the narrator's perspective, you can use dialog to provide insight into other perspectives. EDIT: Thinking about it, there's always the "someone's reading the diary" plot for the narrator. I'm not sure about doing the collection of accounts from various characters...wouldn't that end up being the same (in essence) as third person narrative?
  4. Sounds like you have a solid concept that just needs fleshing out. Magic2345 and Blindga have offered some great points, so I'll keep my comments short. In regards to characters, one golden rule is that each available character needs to have his or her own, unique, reason for being there, and wanting to be part of the party. Character 'A' is in the party because he wishes to liberate Beastdom from the oppressive humans and establish equality. Character 'B' hates humans because of their deeds and is participating just to get vengeance. Character 'C' desires to recover a family heirloom that was stolen and given to the human ruling family.... You get the idea. When you find yourself repeating reasons that have already been used, it's time to stop. You could always use temporary characters as well. These would remain with the party only until a certain objective was completed. Example, you pick up Character 'D' in a small town where you are given a quest to take out a local human outpost. Once the outpost is removed, Character 'D' thanks you for your efforts, and leaves the party. The "unique reason" rule applies here as well, although it is a little easier to work with someone who has a reason with smaller scale. Good luck! I look forward to seeing how your concept turns out!
  5. Greetings all! I'm working on an idea for a new component magic system. The system would use a "chassis" (basically, a magic circle) that accepts a specific number of components. The order in which the components are put into the chassis determines the resulting spell. Example, Fire+Fire+Air may do nothing but a standard Fire attack, fire attack, and air attack; while Fire+Air+Fire may create Balefire, an attack which does significantly more damage. For those familiar with Legend of Legaia, it would be similar (in a very, very broad sense) to the combat system. The end result would be players trying various combinations and discovering what combinations result in powerful spells. Now we come to to the actual point of my post... I'm trying to determine what forces to use as components. Naturally, elements are the first thing to leap to mind, but with this being a new magic system, I was hoping to break away from something so associated with standard magic. Runes, Glyphs, or even Kanji come to mind as well, though using a Rune of Fire is only slightly less overdone as using plain Fire. Does anyone have any suggestions for good mystical or primal forces that would fit well into a component system? Thanks for reading through to the end. I look forward to any suggestions/discussion!
  6. Pandamonius

    Need help with my game's storyline.

    Jynx's suggestion is really good. I didn't even think to mention one of the most powerful exercises a writer has for bringing out the creativity... Freewriting. Sit down and start typing/writing up anything. It doesn't need to be related to the story. Just let the words flow from your brain to your hands. Once you establish a good rhythm and the words are flowing, then start thinking about your plot. Don't force yourself to write or rewrite things, just imagine your story and let your brain start tossing out fresh ideas. Try to make your freewriting sessions last for at least 20 minutes. Sometimes it takes awhile to get the juices flowing. Even though freewriting works best when, well....writing, it still is pretty effective when done orally. I don't always have the time to start typing things out, so I'll use Notability or another app with Voice to Text, and just start talking.
  7. Pandamonius

    Battlers aren't always made of money...

    Seems like there were plenty of well thought out points already made. Let me just add one thought to those: Money dropped by non-humanoids can be viewed as what you received for selling their teeth, pelts, furs, or whatever. Just pretend that you took that extra step of running back to town, finding a merchant, and convincing him to actually pay you for it.
  8. Pandamonius

    Hello World!

    New to the forums and the wonder of RPG Maker VX Ace. I'm a longtime fan of RPGs and the Fantasy/Sci Fi genre in general (and lately the Steampunk genre because really...who DOESN'T like that?) I've spent a week or so playing around with RPG Maker and have a basic understanding of it, but I have a background in programming, so am hoping that will help in expanding my knowledge of it. I look forward to gaining new ideas and peppering others with questions. Thanks!
  9. Pandamonius

    Using DLC RMDS+ Character Generator?

    Thanks, that solved it! ...of course, now I feel like an utter idiot for missing something so obvious
  10. Sounds like a neat idea. Reminds me of Sword Art Online That would explain the "You only get 1 life" deal. Apologies for not addressing your other questions, but I'll leave them for those with more experience.
  11. Pandamonius

    Need help with my game's storyline.

    Garranger gave some excellent advice. I can't really add to it, but if you want someone to bounce ideas off, feel free to message me. Heaven knows I've read enough books, played enough games, and seen enough movies that there are tons of plots, sub-plots, and twists rattling around in my luggage compartment.