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  1. Avelion

    How many PCs is too many?

    Great discussion.. Me personally I think there definitely needs to be diversity with characters a few games I have played like chrono Cross I can remember losing all interest in since I always got stuck with that "rocker dude" that attacked with a guitar. So I think the safest bet is just to make all your characters awesome so the player is conflicted about not being able to use all the ones they want. Adds playtime. I've certainly spent more hours in a few games to level a character I liked just to use them occasionally or see how they develop with abilities or personality wise even.
  2. Avelion

    Class system

    Oddly I already have a variable in place that memorizes class level though for regular enemies it wouldnt be too much work I would worry about players switching to a low level class thats been buffed by my higher crafted equipment in game and passive bonuses to make the content pretty much trivial.. the way it plays right now you can kinda get by in a new zone with a low level class as is but thanks for the suggestion I may have to implement something similar maybe having some of the earlier enemies spawn on a map if the class is a certain level so you dont have to go back to earlier zones to get crafting ingredients.. good post
  3. Avelion


    That is a great idea I'll have to do that thank you!
  4. Avelion

    What Makes A Good Game?

    Flarify touched on what makes a game good for me as well its kinda simple is it memorable and is it fun does it speak to you personally in a way that gets inside your head and makes you want to find out more about the world you are suddenly drawn into. To me playing a game can be a very personal thing a lot of times with content in it that you can sort of mold or twist to where it relates to you in some way. Also there is the need for a sense of accomplishment when playing the player needs to feel like they are achieving something otherwise there isn't really a lot of drive to continue playing.
  5. Yeah I've definitely considered the amount of work involved right now just to level 20 I've made about 70+ skills and battle animations but I'm making a game that I would want to play so I'm not going to sell it short regardless of how much work it is. I want to recreate the feelings I had when playing the great RPGs growing up so its a labor of love.
  6. I have it setup where each one plays pretty differently. Partly due to battle procs I came up with for each class the The priest is the light path caster class getting elemental magic and heals and her battle proc is called aegis which reduces damage she takes and increases her magic damage for a turn. The paladin gets sword skills a little bit of healing magic her proc restores 10% hp. And the monk uses battle gauntlets to attack gets monk like abilities like meditate and her proc is completely evading damage for a turn. I put a lot of thought into them.
  7. I might as well bring some spoilers in right now so people have a better idea of what's going on.. In my game the protagonist actually gets killed as part of the intro her soul being the last one needed to bring a Demi god back to life since she was murdered in such a brutal way (by her childhood sweetheart in a ritual) instead of wandering as a lost soul death takes her to a plane in the underworld and gives her a proposition getting vengeance on her killers. Deaths motive for this is all the souls that the Demi god stole essentially to be resurrected. But this also includes the protagonists mother and there will be more on the Heros decision on how she handles that. The warriors spirit was a means of her becoming an actual hero instead of just an average naive female which she comes off as in he beginning. I have toyed with some of the ideas you mentioned especially with the different warriors altering her personality. She had the scar prior to being murdered but you just gave me an idea that she could have another where she was killed with possibly tiring into her being able to class change. The current classes I have are divided into 4 paths the path of war being the warrior, lancer, gunner and monk. The path of light containing paladin and priest.. The path of darkness being wanderer and witch and them the path of elements being fire ice wind and earth elementals respectively. I have so many different ways to take the story based on all that it's kind of hard to choose the direction. Ugh sorry for the typos I'll never win against the iPad spell check monster I swear
  8. Alright so.. originally in my game the player could pick from 1 of 12 classes after the intro.. but I decided to implement the ability to change class at a sort of hub or base that the player gets the ability to go to a little later in the game where they can also change party members (im using Tsukihime party drop off script for this with some eventing so your characters say different things based on what part of the story you are in) but im having some trouble with explaining the mechanics of the main characters ability to class change. I have a place holder idea of the player obtaining a spirit gauntlet containing the souls of the warriors that they can change into and the change needing the extra focus and energy of a large crystal found in the hub to actually achieve the class change. But I it doesnt seem to quite fit right. The main character also bears a mark or a scar that will turn up to be something significant later in the game. So if I can tie into that some how without having to rewrite everything about it that would be ideal. But nothing is in stone about the way its handled plot wise but the game play element needs to be there. Any input would be greatly appreciated thank you.
  9. Avelion


    Thanks for the warm welcome. I like the community here already. I dont know when it would debut in the showroom... i have no idea where i got some of my resources i was in such a haste to get started. I pretty much have everything progessing the way I want it to except I might be in the need for some sprites (who doesnt though right haha)
  10. Avelion

    Your Common RPG Items

    Soulpour777 i have a sneaking suspicion your a breath of fire 3 fan haha solid post though I should get around to adding some of those kinds of items to my game
  11. Depending on the technology setting of your game you could go for some alchemical recipes possibly from monster drops gathering cold based materials.. Air based for propulsion and have the resulting correct combination shoot an ice missile or something
  12. Avelion

    Class system

    Alright well I was successful in making everything to do with class changes via common event right down to removing equipment of the other class adding the correct level of weapon of that class or any other class and only keeping the passive abilities that you've earned so eventually if any of you ever playtest it you can really give me some feedback on it thank you for reading! And if your interested in how I did anything I could be persuaded into divulging my secrets haha
  13. Avelion

    RPG with no ending?

    Or you could go the new game + route with extra content..or just a dungeon similar to the ancient cave in lufia 2 rise of the sinistrals if anyone has played that. Chasing after titles or achievements during the regular story or after the end is a good way to get players to kill time as well.
  14. Avelion

    Class system

    yep thats exactly what im doing.. for starters once you get to level 10 you learn either a +10 stat boost depending on the class or a percentage based stat boost that carriers over for all other classes. I don't think im going to put a limit on them either.. if the player wants to sit there and grind every passive bonus out to make the rest of the content easier thats they should be able to do so.
  15. Avelion

    Class system

    I see what you mean I am debating that very thing right now as I play test it.... my game has a certain difficulty about it though..so even if they kept the level they had does not necessarily mean they would be equipped or have the knowledge of how the class works to survive in the area of the original class.. but that could always be tweaked.. it is such a fine line with balance and things like that.