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  1. Theo, I've been using your script to create my very own Rpgmaker Vx Ace video game (and upon completion I've been planning to credit you and send you a copy)!  My question is: Can you disable specific actor idles during animation effects? I've tried writing my own scripts, however during battle the game runs the Idle animations in a loop for every character I designed (I've sized up the window size for the battlers) and the idle animation keeps playing the loop no matter what attack animation is playing. 


    I have designed the characters themselves AS animations. My problem is, when a character casts a Skill--  The Idle still plays, but I want it to temporarily disappear during each specified skill animation for each character. Is there any way to do this?

    1. TheoAllen


      I don't visit this site very often, if we are going to talk, hit me up on Discord. My username is Theo#3034

      We can discuss your problem there deeper.

  2. TheoAllen

    Theo - Interact Hover Notification

    I realized that many referred this thread so I updated the link to the script to the most updated one because the old one is broken asf.
  3. Hit me up on discord @ Theo#3034 or on official forum for faster reply. I don't always check this here. But I'm going to ask you here. How is your sequence going? Are u using [:change_target, 7]? or something else?
  4. TheoAllen

    Window/Text Script

    *poked @Rikifive Looks like it's your stuff here
  5. TheoAllen

    rmvxace Sample09

    Abstract: You woke up in a strange place, now you have to escape from there Genre: Survival, Horror, non-RPG Game Length: Less than 1 hour. The story is set in a place called Site 0019, which is owned by a shady organization called Cromwell's Institute. Nobody knows what is Site 0019 and how could you ended up in such shady place. A security breach combined with power failure crippled the Site. It is your only chance to escape from such place, but it won't be a walk in the park; dangerous Samples are on the loose, and the security backups will come anytime soon... Can you escape from Site 0019? Screencaps: Video : Featuring : * Unique samples to avoid. No combat, just avoid * Horror environment Credits : Download: Link to the IGMC 2017 submission Note : We have updated the windowskin. The one in the video and screenshots are outdated
  6. *appears

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      *TheoAllen recovered 1509 health*

    3. AVGB;KBGaming


      *casts M.Barrier* No fireball will break that.

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      * Theo's opacity has been set to 255. *

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    2. Nyapurgisnacht


      Heeeeey that's starting to look pretty polished yo :3

    3. TheoAllen


      I don't think it would be suitable for TSBS lol. Also, thanks!

    4. Shiggy


      all i see is math functions, math functions everywhere ...

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    2. TheoAllen


      Thanks! this is my underground project and as for a little experiment. I won't announce it atm :3

    3. ashm


      Not 'tsbs ingame edit' ?

      Because it look more dynamic than what I remember

    4. TheoAllen


      Well, I did take some modules from tsbs in game edit. But the rest of it, i'm gonna make from scratch. yes, I'm gonna remove most of unused default scripts

  7. TheoAllen

    Writing from female perspective.

    While ideal is not always a perfect female. They could be a fragile female, a shy female, a strong willed female, or even female with a gloomy past with fucked mind ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, even male sometimes also has a coward trait. The difference I could think is, for female, they could resolve their trauma when meeting a male, so that they could rely on him. And as for male, they meet a female that they forced to get stronger / changed / whatever to protect her. Even if they didn't meet their opposite sex, I believe they could resolve their problem in a similar way.
  8. Seems makes sense. Yes, you can try to change by the script. But I assume it only works for some certain filenames. Like the "iconset" itself Because even we could change how the game works by script, we still couldn't change the editor. Anyway, I'm interested on the outcome from your testing lel Make sure you also try to test in Battler / Character / Tilese / whatever that we could choose
  9. TheoAllen

    Too Many Switches

    Are you trying to make a character event walking at the same time when you're showing the text? You don't need a switch if it was the case @.@ Plus, afaik, you can't run 2 autorun event at the same time The solution could be (select one) Try to set the trigger to parallel process Don't use switch. Just use set move route, and dont check wait for completion (I prefer this solution)
  10. That's what came up to my mind as well, but then I thought about 'Iconset' file, for example. Though I was never using the include RTP option in my games, I think it shouldn't replace these files, right? That's what made me think. ~Perhaps this tool has a different behavior when it comes to music files ~ though at this point ~ I'd consider that as a bug in the compress tool. But as I said - I was never using that option, so I don't know if the graphic files are replaced as well, but I think they're not. Iconset, windowskin, and any resource that you don't need to select are different You can't choose which iconset I'm gonna use. Unlike "which music I'm gonna use" If you try to import music to your game, and name it like one of the RTP Music, you won't find the RTP music with the same name For example, try to put a music to BGM folder, name it "Battle1.ogg/mp3/midi (whatever you have the extension)" Then you wont find the music file with the name Battle1 followed by the blue icon indicating it's an RTP file.
  11. The thing that come up to my mind is when you include RTP data, they copied the RTP to your game folder and replace your music. It's not about how to fix this, but how to work around it. Because I believe you can't change the way how include RTP works Alternative solutions : Manually import your RTP to your folder. And set RTP to empty in Game.ini in your game folder Change the music name, and change all the reference in event, system, map, etc to your new music name (And next time, don't name your music that match with RTP music)
  12. TheoAllen

    Writing from female perspective.

    I find it's easier to write in female perspective (sometimes even in first person), maybe, because I'm imagining the ideal female in my mind, idk. My female friends never criticize how I wrote it. At least, you just need to write how female characters should behave that you see from the outside. Imo, it's similar with man trying to draw female body and vice versa.