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About Me

Greetings. I'm TheoAllen. You can consider it as my real name. I'm one of RPGMakerID Royal Guardians. Also one of Eremidia Chronicles Contributors. If you found "theodoric" nickname in other forum, that probably also me. It's my alias name.


I'm well known as scripter. I'm pretty advance on scripting. You can ask me all of basic scripting if you want. But I currently don't take any request for now.


My alternative job is graphics artist. But I only draw human. I can't do HUD design and anything about editing related. I can do facesets or bust portraits. But in my own style. However, I don't draw so often...


I used to be music composer before I became scripter. But I stopped due to some reasons. Well, at least I do it only for myself.




This is Theodoric Allen Arthar. My first OC based from myself (though, he already took many design revisions lol). Also he is the one of Eremidian Royal Guardians. It's the title for those who're responsible and ensure the Eremidia safety. The main reason why our homeland still exist in this era is because of these people.


Image credited to Lazcht.

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