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  1. Rinober

    Dark and Bright - Steam

    I kinda missed the Winter Sale, but now Dark and Bright is part of the Steam Weekly Deals. You can now save 40% on the game if you like
  2. Rinober

    Dark and Bright - Steam

    Dark and Bright has finally been released I've worked on this for almost 3 years now and I'm happy to see how the game turned out. Thanks to everyone who helped me, commented or mailed me, played the demo and helped to improve the game. I hope that you'll have fun with it!
  3. Rinober

    Dark and Bright

    Screenshots from Dark and Bright. For more info see the game thread: Link
  4. Rinober

    Dark and Bright - Steam

    Finally, Dark and Bright has got a release date! It will be released on November 29th, so there are just a few days left until the journey through a bizarre world can begin. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the demo. It helped improving the gameplay a lot You'll be able to get the game on Steam, Itch.io, and the website. Stay tuned for more information: Facebook or Twitter
  5. Rinober

    Dark and Bright - Steam

    Dark and Bright got greenlit! Thanks for voting Information about the release coming soon!
  6. Rinober

    Dark and Bright - Steam

    There's an update again, and it's quite a big one about my plans for the future Dark and Bright is almost finished! The thing I still need to work on a lot is the translation of the game so that it will be available in German and English, which will still take a while. Nevertheless, I submitted the game to Steam Greenlight to reach a wider audience in the future (and to use this last chance to make it onto Greenlight before it will be replaced). If you like to support the project, please consider voting YES for it on Steam Greenlight. I appreciate any vote and support and it really means a lot to me! Click on the picture to vote-> Thanks a lot!
  7. Rinober

    Dark and Bright - Steam

    Thank you for your comment! I'm pleased to see that you enjoy the game so far. Thanks for your advice, I will definitely work on a more detailed tutorial for the next version
  8. Rinober

    Dark and Bright - Steam

    Thank you I wanted to post more actively about the project, but as all you creative people might know... there are those ups and downs with the creativity thing However, the game is currently progressing well and finally, I can show you a short demo version that introduces you to the game's story, feeling and gameplay. You can take a look at (full version's) ingame story and gameplay scenes by watching a new trailer on YouTube: https://www.youtube....h?v=1XkKMyi5NPE In the demo version, you can play 2 different levels, the office and the construction site. Playing time should be up to 1 hour if all the content is being played. Demo Download v1.0 via File Upload: http://www.file-uplo...htDEMO.exe.html Demo Download v1.0 via website: http://www.roiber.com/home/dark-and-bright/ Have fun! Let me know your comments on the game. Any thoughts are much appreciated, since I'm already working hard on the full version and ready to implement changes and improvements
  9. Hey, I've got another major issue. It is about ranged attacks. I've made a shooting weapon that shall NOT go through walls etc. because that looks just very incorrect in my game. Now that I set "Tool Through" to false, the weapon does not go through walls anymore, but unfortunately, it doesn't affect enemies anymore, either (only very randomly). The weapon stops at the enemy's position just as if it was a wall. I tested this in the demo as well and it's the same here. There must be a way to get this to work or am I stupid? I want the weapon to stop at walls or obstacles, but NOT at events that are enemies. This is the weapon I made: User Graphic = nil User Anime Speed = 20 Tool Cooldown = 33 Tool Graphic = $Ring Tool Index = 0 Tool Size = 1 Tool Distance = 3 Tool Effect Delay = 2 Tool Destroy Delay = 10 Tool Speed = 6 Tool Cast Time = 0 Tool Cast Animation = 0 Tool Blow Power = 0 Tool Piercing = false Tool Animation When = hit Tool Animation Repeat = false Tool Special = nil Tool Target = false Tool Invoke Skill = 0 Tool Guard Rate = 0 Tool Knockdown Rate = 0 Tool Sound Se = Gun1 Tool Cooldown Display = false Tool Item Cost = 0 Tool Short Jump = false Tool Through = false Tool Priority = 2 Tool Hit Shake = false Tool Self Damage = false Tool Combo Tool = nil I also tested the function "Tool Piercing", but it doesn't affect this issue. I really hope someone can help with this.
  10. Thank you! I wasn't aware of such possibilities. Your script helps a lot!
  11. Again, I must ask a question. Maybe it's simple, but all I can set up by myself leads to an error I just want to disable the quick tool menu access where you can equip weapons, watch items and so on. The script "Pearl Battler settings" says this: # Quick tool selection key QuickTool = PearlKey::N I don't want anything to happen when pushing N. Does anyone know a solution?
  12. Rinober

    Dark and Bright - Steam

    Thanks you two I've been working much on this project lately, so I hope I can show something new soon.
  13. Rinober

    Dark and Bright - Steam

    Brummwiesel is about to get lost in a place that combines reality and dream. What is this world and how did he get there? Can you help him? Nothing's unusual. Nothing's spectacular. You could say that Brummwiesel stagnates. He lives a life that he doesn't desire but can't escape, either. Everyday life makes him a container for emotions that he needs to hold back. Just when he realizes that he can't go on like this any longer, he finds himself in a strange world that is not too far from reality. But is this still reality? Brummwiesel will need to find out soon, because his stay here seems to be limited. In this foreign world, Brummwiesel travels everyday. He's on the journey of his life. Lastly, everything's unusual. Everything's spectacular. Nothing's right! Trailer You can take a look at (full version's) ingame story and gameplay scenes by watching a trailer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHvhrrhiBC0 Credits You can also find the game on Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/rinobergames/ https://www.twitter.com/rinobergames Please let me know your thoughts on the game! Hope you like it
  14. Thank you very much! That's exactly what I needed. It seems to work perfectly!
  15. But then you must have changed something, I guess. I even tested it in the original demo and this is what I get: Screen 1 (no picture is shown): Screen 2 (a picture reducing the player's sight is shown). The picture hides the life bars. The last screen shows my problem, because I need the lifebars to be visible.
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