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  1. Currently looking to commission artists for sprites and tilesets. This will be a paid job, but I just want to see if your style is what i'm looking for so feel free to PM me if you're interested in working with me

    1. Asharonapaul


      perhaps you should start a thread and go into detail with what you're needing?

  2. Looking to hire one or multiple pixel artists to help me work on sprites and tilesets for my game! I'm looking to have 30+ sprites created and to work on at least 3 tilesets. **This is a paid job** I will of course, require a sample of your work based on some simple instructions and ideas to follow. Once I've seen your work and If It is sucessful, we can discuss payment and prices. Please, don't hesitate to PM me if you're interested! I look forward to working with some of you and seeing your talented art! - Mysticaler
  3. To some of you, my username will be familiar but to a lot of you, I feel we will be meeting for the first time on this space. I'm Mysticaler (Mysti) and a few years ago I was working on a project for VXA, however, with the corruption of all my hard work. I was discouraged to continue and drifted away from the RPG making scene. But I've had MV since release and have been fiddling around with it and learning more and more about different aspects of RPG making and recently was shot with a spark of inspiration to develop a game which I plan on putting my heart and soul into. (custom textures galore, voice acted cutscenes, possible animated scenes, and a story to knock you all on your butts!) So over the coming months you will most likely see me hard at work, (and asking for assistance when I inevitably break my entire game). I will also be on the search for talented or budding voice actors, animators and the like in the next few months, so keep an eye out if you're interested in being a part of the fun! Nice to meet all of you and to hopefully see some familiar faces! -Mysticaler
  4. Coming back to RPGMaker with a fresh idea in my head. Keep an eye out for an introduction in the development page! :D

  5. So i've been having issues with creating parallax maps with MV. Which has been hindering my ability to use the program as I only use parallax maps. I've followed the correct steps to make sure that the dimensions of the image are the same of that which would be in the editor. However, when i actually test the game it turns out like this: If anyone knows how to fix this, I would be very very grateful
  6. My computer completely shit itself and all my game progress and everything became corrupt.. *sigh*

    1. lianderson


      that sucks man.

    2. Shack_Keeper


      nightmare situation sorry to hear that

    3. Kamalot_INC


      Had that happen recently as well, it is quite disheartening. Now the only thing left to do is MAKE ERRYTHIGN BETTER! :P

  7. Nice to meet everyone!

    Welcome and I hope you enjoy your visits
  8. Genre: Fantasy Game Progression: Story - 100% Mapping - 10% Scripting - 80% Eventing - 10% Demo 1 expected by the 20th of February Recruitment: Spriter (mostly for monsters) Required: Story / Setting / Purpose: Lance is an adventurous, strong willed boy who has always dreamt of being an Adventurer with the Adventurer's Guild, As has his life long friend Lizzie. One day the two depart from the Island to join the Guild, In hopes to become the most famous of all Adventurers. However, as Lance and Lizzie Adventure through dungeons in search for fame and glory, Lance slowly begins to uncover a dark secret about his life which has been hidden from him. (Trying not to give too many spoilers about the game) Character Bios: Lance- Lizzie: Credits: Screenshots: Features:
  9. I've almost created enough of my story to place my RPG into the Game Submissions! :D

  10. Battle Engine Symphony help

    Thank you very much Harmp! A moderator can close this thread now, I have my Solution
  11. Battle Engine Symphony help

    So i've been using Yami's Battle Engine Symphony and it's been working perfectly. The only issue i have now is that I've changed over Icon sets to a new Icon set and In battle. The Idle Icon next to the character's name has become a shovel. If anyone knows how to change the Icon, It'd be a great help!
  12. Anyone got a program that can convert a massive amount of MP3s to OGG? I'd do them one by one but i'd literally be here for hours

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    2. Mysticaler


      Windows media player And VLC don't have queuing for conversion :/

    3. magic2345


      Wait, WMP and VLC can convert files?! I didn't know that. Try format factory (even though I haven't tried mp3 to ogg)

    4. estriole


      the program name is "patience" :D. just kidding. most mp3 to ogg converter have multiple files convert feature. just ask our friend... google.

  13. Thank god for Galv's Layers Script. His script saved my game :)

    1. Galv


      Happy it's helped!

  14. Guess my game is coming to a halt until I can either find a fix for the clash between two scripts or find a new Parallax Overlay Script :/

    1. magic2345


      what scripts were those?

    2. Mysticaler


      It was Yami's Overlay Script and Saba Kan's Random Dungeon Generator 0.14

  15. Okay so I'm using Saba Kan's Random Dungeon Generator 0.14 as well as my parallax maps using Yami's overlay Script. And I've come across quite the... Bothersome issue I guess you could call it. My Parallax maps work perfectly fine with their overlays however, the moment I go into a dungeon and Leave. The parallax map becomes black. I honestly have no idea how to fix this and both scripts are desperately needed for my game. So if anyone could assist me, I would be very grateful.