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  1. So I made this Huge map out of boredom, and don't want it anymore..... You can use it as a map or use it as a base and change what ever you'd like. Credit me or don't, I don't care. Screenshot: Project: http://www.mediafire.com/download/08glk0dx6o5j625/MapDistro.exe
  2. Gonna be going away soon, Sunday actually, might not be back for a whole month! Moving, right?

    1. magic2345


      Ahh, moving....I hate moving. Hope everything goes smoothly!

  3. HavenEdwards

    Help with maze escape event

    I was gonna make a demo if I had free time, but you beat me to the forum, Next time I suppose.
  4. HavenEdwards

    Help with maze escape event

    How about this? Have when enemy touches player, transfer player back to beginning.....
  5. The One That Didn't Get Away By: HavenEdwards Abstract: A man on his wedding day, has his wife-to-be kidnapped! Genre: Sidescroller, Fantasy, RPG Average Demo Time: I'm not really sure, I ran through it in 10 minutes myself. Progress: I'd say I'm about 1/3 of the way through. Plot: A man on his wedding day, has his wife-to-be kidnapped! He must journey through towns, sleeping in inns, and run through dungeons to reach his beloved. Bios: Scott Woods: 25 year-old man, engaged to the beautiful, Sarah Wren. His just your everyman, no special talent or abilities: Sarah Wren: 21 year-old woman, kidnapped on her wedding day, and held captive by the evil Badd. Badd Mann: The villian and kidnapper of the bride-to-be Sarah Wren. Screenshots: Features: Khas Arcthunder's Realistic platformer combined with standard birds-eye gaming, also multiple endings. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?8uek640u5r6dvb8 Known Issues: During the wedding, you are able to walk around, do NOT do so or game will lock up! Credits: Scripts: Galv: Music Player Khas Arcthunder: Arc Engine, Realistic Lighting Moghunter: Animated Title Screen Charsets: Eenetme - Ed, Edd, & Eddy Artie - Spongebob A.J. Nitro - Pinky & Brain Several others that no one put names on sorry guys TileSets: Ledjruff - Foster's Sounds & Music: All are midis that I transformed 8-bit, no names on midis, I have the sites though..but I'm not supposed to put just a site midi to 8-bit converter - GXSSC - GashiSoft Game Over - John Engelmann Castle - erik@vbe.com Game Start - Pongball Other sounds too, but like the charsets, no one claimed or put a name on em.... ( Other stuff: And of course Enterbrains engine and RTP Nickelodeon Disney Cartoon network Hannah-Barbera Nintendo
  6. HavenEdwards

    Arc Engine?

    I have the script handy actually if you still need it I can PM you a link the a text file with it along with the help file made by Khas and the system images needed for it! Decided to just put it here right now, in case that site goes down next. https://www.mediafire.com/?zptarz8wtpwdors Enjoy, everyone!
  7. Putting up a playable demo soon!:)

  8. So I looked around and couldn't find anything about it, So I decided to throw this out there. After browsing a couple sprite website I came across complete maps that were in square segments! (96 x 96 actually rmvx ace uses 1/3 that) So I downloaded it, opened up my handy dandy photoshop and got to work and created this: I threw it over a TileSet and kept the 32 x 32 formula going. That's when I realized, could people start making and uploading Arc Engine Specific TileSets?! I mean 100% sidescrolling TileSets! I pieced this together imported it into a game, then built a sample level (if thats what you wanna call it) to see what others think. Now I threw this together under 1 hour so it's not perfect and I only used a single tileset, but you get the point. Here it is: https://www.mediafire.com/?vm17y0d85qc7opl Any feedback on this at all would be appreciated, who knows we may even be able to build a library full of these specific maps! HavenEdwards
  9. Anyone wanna make a Johnny Bravo charset for me?! :)

    1. Volke Locke

      Volke Locke

      I'll help you with Johnny Bravo if you help me with Johnny Quest...

    2. HavenEdwards


      HA! but seriously I cant sprite for crap lol

    3. Volke Locke

      Volke Locke

      I suck at sprites too lol

  10. HavenEdwards

    This Is Awesome: Courage the Cowardly Dog

    WHOOOO!!! COURAGE!!!!!!!! Just need Johnny Bravo! http://youtu.be/6U4KaA5cDU0 How about this one???!!!??? No one can dislike this!!
  11. In the middle of making a game for my fiance, tons of cameos she likes, not that hard though neither does the story line have depth...... Oh well :)

    1. Gleason


      I think it's important to have "that one person" in mind whenever you're creating. It gives you the drive to work on whatever you're crafting.

  12. HavenEdwards

    Mog's Animated Title Script

    Anyone help you yet?
  13. Finally, I have a new computer and all my software :)

  14. Photoshop, it's a way of life

  15. HavenEdwards

    Mapping...and Remapping. Oh the joys!

    got a shout out! xD and all the changes you keep doing to make it better will pay off and everyone will enjoy it
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