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  1. your username is a pakistani name, is that your actual name? I'm from Pakistan, are you from there too? :D

    1. Naveed_Ashfaq


      It is my actual name, but I'm actually from Bangladesh (currently living in Canada). Southeast Asian names tend to be very similar I guess, especially Muslim names :D

  2. Naveed_Ashfaq

    Twice Upon A Time (v0.1.1)

    Twice Upon A Time Latest Version: v0.1.1 Made in RPG Maker MV. Available for Windows. Current Gameplay: ~2-3 hours. Genre: RPG, Fantasy Download Now! Ending Notes: I appreciate your time for reading this thread, trying out my game, and any feedback you may provide. You're the best!
  3. Thanks for the great input! This will greatly help increase the quality of the project . As for the issues you pointed out: 1. Yeah, the forest map lagged on my end too. I just wasn't sure if the problem was local to my pc or it was a problem in general. Now that you pointed it out, looks like I'm going to have to break the maps down into smaller pieces . Thanks for letting me know! 2. Now that you mention it, I guess some of the maps are a bit off. I'll look into remodelling them a bit. 3. Ah, that puzzle. Rest assured there's nothing wrong with the puzzle. It just takes a little more thinking and reading the clues carefully. If you want, I can PM you the answer . Glad you liked the rest of the puzzles though . 4. I'll look into and change the escape rate formula if it seems too biased towards not escaping. Actually, the current formula takes the total troop agility and total party agility into account. And since you're currently a one man party, the ratio doesn't fair up too well. It should fix itself when you get more members, but Ill see if I can rework the formula. And yes, looks like I accidentally removed that file from the demo. I'll list that down as a known issue and fix it in an upcoming update. Thanks for letting me know . 5. I'll look into it. Thanks for your valuable input. This will surely help this project. Glad you liked it at this infant stage as well. The next major update will start getting into the meat of the story .
  4. @Meep007 Thanks for letting me know . I'll fix that issue in the next update. Hope you like the rest of what's in store .
  5. Bump. Was looking forward to some feedback. Otherwise, I won't know what's right or wrong about my project
  6. Updated the OP with an updated screenshot of battle, as I changed it but forgot to update the screenshot . Also, I apologise for a slight misinformation on my part. The Hiliga maps aren't available in v1.00. They'll be available in v2.00, but I forgot to mention this in the OP. So forgive me for that, and I updated it with the correct information @PowerBurger Glad you liked my maps. Appreciate it .
  7. Naveed_Ashfaq

    A Cool Name

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! They really helped set a base to allow me to think up a name better. Maybe slight edits to these suggestions to fit the tone of my game and I'll find that elusive badass name!
  8. Naveed_Ashfaq

    A Cool Name

    So in my game, I'm thinking of keeping 3 different skill categories, as opposed to the usual 2 (special and magic). One category which is purely raw magic, one which is purely raw strength, and one which is a subtle mixture of both (ie, the character channels his or her magic through his or her weapon and attacks the enemy). Thing is, I can't for the life of me think of a good name for this category. ("Special Magic" and "Weapon Magic" are a big no) So, what do u guys think cud be a good name for this skill category? Also feel free to tell me about the idea itself
  9. Naveed_Ashfaq

    Actor Enemy

    @Glasses thanks a lot! This is exactly what I was looking for
  10. @LordSquirrel Thanks for the input. I'll work on a new trailer, since this one was made a long time ago and so I wasn't really that good at this kind of stuff. I am better now, so hopefully the next one will be much better As of now, I temporarily took the gameplay trailer down from the OP. Will upload a new one soon...
  11. *UPDATE* Demo v2.1 uploaded! Added an anti-lag script since the game was lagging quite a bit. Also fixed some minor issues here and there. OP updated with new link.
  12. ***UPDATE*** So I haven't touched this project in a LONG time (9 months to be accurate) and thought of abandoning it. But then I realised I had most of the materials, maps, events etc done for the second demo when I last worked on it, so I thought of giving it that last push, cleared some major bugs, and basically cleaned up the whole game and added more story material. So, Ethereal Springs v2.0 has been uploaded! The OP has been updated with the link to the new demo. The game should be approximately 2 hours upto now. I'm open for any sort of criticism. Please feel free to say anything you want. Thanks
  13. Naveed_Ashfaq

    Generate Bank Interest (with Demo!)

    @AchedTeacher sorry for the late reply. If you look at it carefully, both variables are the number of steps. However, 'Global Steps' is the amount of steps you CURRENTLY walked. 'Local Steps' are the amount of steps you had walked THE LAST TIME YOU VISITED THE BANK. Thats why you first put the number of steps you currently walked ('Global Steps') and subtract the number of steps you had walked before ('Local Steps'). You then put the number of steps in the 'Local Steps' variable. So, lets say you had walked 500 steps the last time you visited the bank. 'Local Steps' = 500 Now you walk 500 more steps. So the total number of steps will be 1000. 'Global Steps' = 1000 'Local Steps' = 500 You subtract Local Steps from Global Steps. 'Global Steps' = 1000-500 = 500 'Local Steps' = 500 You then substitute Local Steps variable for total steps. 'Local Steps = 1000' So, as you can see, after the whole process, 'Local Steps' = 1000 'Global Steps' = 500 Thus Global Steps is not equal to Local Steps. I hope I was able to make myself clear. If you're new to the program, I suggest you practise with it a bit more before you attempt this banking system.
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