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  1. I am really excited about the RPG Maker IGMC game jam.

    1. Crescent


      me too. let's just hope I can actually "complete" a decent game v_v'

    2. Crescent


      me too. let's just hope I can actually "complete" a decent game before the deadline v_v'

  2. Recruiting for massive game project!

  3. THE MERCHANTS OF EVERLIVE Throughout the United Chiefdoms, it was known that Everlive was the city of opportunity. Exotic items and delicacies were to be found that were not available anywhere else. Merchant caravans ventured to Everlive hoping to sell cheap items the city needed, and also buy the quite expensive items the city offered. Back in other towns, they could make very high profits on the select items that they invested in. There also was a reason that the items brought such high investment returns. Only about one out of ten caravans, that entered Everlive, ever exited the city... The lands around Everlive were very hostile. Making the conditions worse was that the sole fresh water source had twenty foot high walls, with archers stationed on them to stop anyone from reaching the river. It was known as The Walled River. It was walled for over thirty miles, starting at Everlive Mountain, all the way to its mouth, at the ocean. Even at the mouth, archers and pikemen prevented access. The poorest and most numerous people lived from two to ten miles from Everlive. They offered cheap items. Food caravans could make a little profit from selling food to them. It was almost guaranteed. Water caravans could make more profit, but they were often targeted by desert bandits. The poor people were known as the Low Merchants. The people living closer to, but not in, Everlive were known as Mid Merchants. The soil was better than the Low Merchants area. Simple gardens could supply their food. Some specialized in growing plants that had very deep roots reaching an aquifer that ended about two miles from the city. The Mid Merchants tended better protection. They could afford better weapons. Those closest to the city’s gate could even afford a guard or two. To different caravans, a little more profit could be made trading with the Mid Merchants. The High Merchants lived in the walled city of Everlive. Little was known about them. It seemed as the few caravans, that exited the city, were sworn to some sort of secrecy. Everlive, itself, was near the top of the mountain sharing its name. One known fact was that very high profits could be made. Another fact was that food caravans were not allowed to enter the city. About two miles northeast of the furthest area of the Low Merchants, away from Everlive, was The Mount. To get to it, there was a path that forked away from the main road. Like everything else pf value, it was walled in. It was controlled by The Miner’s Guild. You needed to make some easy coinage, so you decided to be an escort for a food caravan heading to the Low Merchants of Everlive. It has been about two days journey across the desert, following the coastline. You hear camels grunt their complaints. Ahead, you see a cloud of sand, getting larger, coming closer. It’s desert bandits... RPG BIZ ​ Imagine a game system where what you do in REAL LIFE gains you experience within the game. Here are different areas in Real Life that gain you experience in the games. 1. When you submit an article for a magazine or write a story for a game, you get SCRIBE experience. 2. When you submit poetry for the magazine or a game, you gain BARD experience. 3. When you recruit new members to our community, you gain LEADER experience. 4. When you submit artwork, you gain ARTISAN experience. 5. When you submit music compositions you gain PERFORMER experience. 6. When you submit plugins, you gain BUILDER experience. 7. When you play one of our community's games, you gain WARRIOR experience. 8. When you financially invest in our community, you gain MINER experience. 9. When you submit puzzles, you gain MUSER experience. 10. When you financially donate to our community for another member to receive MINER experience, you gain GIVER experience. 11. When you submit an entire game, you gain ARCHITECT experience. If you look carefully you will notice the words "submit" and "play". You are reading correctly, you gain experience for submitting and playing. You get even more experience if your submission is used in a game or game supplement (example: magazine). You get even more experience for successfully playing an entire game. With submissions, you may gain a lot of experience for making a lot of submissions, but for certain level advancements, there will be requirements for submission to be used, or proposed to be used in a game or game supplement. The membership into the community is free. Members that have their submissions accepted in a game or magazine may receive compensation, when that particular game or game supplement, has made an income. With higher profits, bonuses may be given to members who have high levels of different game categories (bard, leader, artisan, performer, builder, warrior, minor, etc.). As you can see, there are a lot of positions available for this massive project. We need a large variety of writers and poets. We need artists to create enemies, 'museum' artworks, unique flora and fauna for the landscape, title screen, chapter screens, facesets, etc. We need music composers with different styles. Plugin makers can be a great asset in creating new experiences for the players. These and other positions are available. ​
  4. On the 8th month of indefinite medical leave...At least I can make games, parallax maps, an images. :)

    1. Cadh20000


      Gotta look at the positives!

    2. Chaosian


      Hope you're feeling well.

  5. MinisterJay

    RPGMaker MV

    I'll try it ans see how it compares to VX Ace and 2003.
  6. On medical leave without pay. If you can share on social media, I would greatly appreciate it. Also explains why I have not been around for a while. http://www.gofundme.com/medicalfundforjay

  7. I have finished the Beta version of "Books of The NEW TESTAMENT". Now time to test, test, and test. And of course, tweek the graphics.

    1. Chaosian


      Like, a Bible game?

    2. Necromedes


      I was working on a game about the Three Wise Men for Christmas. I never got very far with it though...

    3. MinisterJay


      @ Chaosian, yes. My first project, People of The Bible: Genesis is on this forum too.

  8. Going to do a whole bunch of alternative applications with RPG Maker in the next few days. Looking at diversified application to attempt to raise funds to move to The Philippines :)

  9. Getting prepared to raise some funds to go to The Philippines.

    1. Chaosian


      Wow! I had a friend that went there once, it's a really cool place!

  10. Family is praying about living in La Trinidad, Philippines. It is our plans to open a library, school, and game design company.

    1. Knighterius


      I wish you luck in your endeavor.

    2. MinisterJay


      Just thought about it Knight...It would be a little closer to your part of the world.

  11. I am afraid you are about 7 days too late this competition. I appreciate all of the contestants. it was a hard decision.... The competition winner, for this contest is DrDhoom.
  12. About 16 hours left/
  13. That is true and I can certainly agree with that! : ) Some artists are very nice and are willing to do things for free as well. I just wanted to let you know though my opinion on how you could see greater gains and better results in the future; because you do not seem to be completely satisfied with how many entries you have gotten. You can certainly offer however much you want. But just know that imo, as an artist, you may be losing out on more opportunities and bargains than you think. Thanks Bugs. I forgot, that others, like myself, also do most of our RPG work on weekends. I appreciate your opinion. @ everybody: BTW, I have contacted the participants, and since nobody had an official entry before the initial deadline, the majority have agreed to extend it until tomorrow night midnight CDT.
  14. I think if you want more success for something like this in the future, i'd suggest giving people both more time and more details. : ) I'd also suggest, possibly, offering a higher-valued reward, whether that is monetary or not. I say this because a week is pretty short considering that a lot of people may only be free on weekends. Another thing to consider is that the higher in quality something is, the longer it will usually take to make! Most art events i've seen, or have been in, typically gave a month or more. As for giving details, you should always remember to give the due date for contests. : ) You should also try to give people an idea of what you want. If you were given an assignment to design a book cover by your teacher, what would your first questions be? If I asked you to make me 10 plates of bread-- would you ask any questions before starting? If you saw there was an essay-writing contest in the newspaper, what would you immediately want to know? : ) "When is this due?" "What's the book about?"/ "What kind of bread?"/ "What does the essay need to be about?" My last comment is that $10 for designing a card for a contest might not sound very enticing to people. Here in Canada, minimum wage is $11/hour. : ) I don't know about you, but most contests i've seen online or in-real-life gave $20-$50 rewards. You do not specifically have to follow that, but know that in one way or another, you need high-value offers to attract high-value people. Thanks, I appreciate the advice. It has been about 10 years since I taught, and I initially forgot about the deadlines. In $US our minimum wage is $7, which is lower than the $9.16 (US) minimum wage in Canada. Both countries minimum wage is way higher than many of the countries out there. My commissioned artists get the compensation they request. Some entrants in the contest actually wanted no compensation. $20 for some is a lot, and for others it is trivial.
  15. There is still time...