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  1. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Requiem's Song- Amintirea
  2. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    I hath returned with arte. An illustration for personal project, Eternity: Innocenza And throwing in some game fanart. Hopefully someone is familiar with Galerians as it was a very intriguing, dark and neat game.
  3. BluMiu

    Hey everyone

  4. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Tulamar of the Moons Inheritance
  5. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Transition ALTER artwork and a full illustration at that. Somber Senza among the ghosts of naught.
  6. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    If it strikes the fancy of the gandering, probably
  7. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Dusk Merloci Illustration A GF's B-Day gift. (Persona-fied) she and her OCs to be like Phantom Thieves. A piece I surprised myself with, really.
  8. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Cerulean Sky- Sellah The Younger Kotoba KEN-TANA Very much my most anime styled works in a long time, and still trying to get the hang of it after working with more realism after so long (aside chibis :)) Rema II Princess Knight II An older and younger Rema, more than used to drawing her by this point to where it's comfortable. I'd love to feel that way about most of my characters, but given the sheer number and not making it to other projects because of so much to work on before that, just how it's going to be for now.
  9. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    ALTER- Nanashi First drawing of OC since her conception. Pretty bad when that was over ten years ago ^^; She's been in group pieces, but never solo or full body as Ive been very wary of drawing these characters (personal reasons), but finally settled on it. Threads of Fate fan art- Starlight Duke Lost Children Pt.I- Dark Goddess Charon One of my many early attempts at really learning to paint with light and shadow. I've been really hesitant to be heavy with shadows when necessary because of fear of losing detail, a very old angst that I've finally gotten rid of for the greater part. It looks nice here, but could be way better, along with execution; it's a start.
  10. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    NSFW Bone Factory 0 is a series of illustrations I plan on doing centering around the themes of post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, man's inability to control the force known as life, birth, death and renewal.
  11. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Past works... Hannah of the Rivers I'm happier with my improvement in digital colouring, but starting to realize the lack of shadow in my pieces, or rather dynamic shadow and lighting. I'm thinking this one is very possible to go back and apply such, but more than likely will only appear on my DA ^_^; Most recent piece of one of the Moon Clan, other than Tulamar. Gigan Doma: Furui Inu An old story I'd created (Gigan Doma) with an offshoot about aged tokusatsu heroes returning to save the world. More to the drama, but haven't fully developed it yet other than this piece for this conceptual piece. Beasts All Over the City Something I did for the October season~ No idea what it is, just an ugly kaiju lol
  12. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    So sorry for the two month delay on this ^^; Holidays came and was busy with life and work. Hope you're doing well, madam and thank you very much! Oh, I see what you mean with the eye. I'm not sure if I would have caught that anytime soon haha
  13. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Illustration for my OC project, ALTER. If I have not explained before, a good summary is that the story revolves around Jenin, a young man with D.I.D. (dissociative identity disorder). I am lingering on making two different variations: one more realistic and the style reflecting this, and a more animated style involving Jenin delving into his "mindscape" to and venturing the real world to recover his lost memories (if they really are lost). The other characters shown left, right and bottom are Nanashi, Senza and Mute, respectively; his alternate personalities.
  14. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Yes, indeed, it has been some time. Going to be a tad preoccupied from my passion these days, but will try and get as many mounting WIPs done and posted before posting anything current. This is an old character that came to mind in such fashion, so an idea that went down immediately, whereas I commonly delay ^^; Erthane Inland motif