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  1. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Blue Fire fanart Dame Merloci Castelvania: Harmony of Dissonance fanart Manifest
  2. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Aqualyte female design A Ultra Madam II fanart Duske Merloci concept IV Armored Core 4- Rosenthal fanart
  3. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Abomination concept- Saintgeist Within the death cults there are a chosen, special few ordained for the greater promise. None my covet the gifts they may receive which all the brethren strive for in life. Before they can claim the promise, a sacrifice for their devotion is required. To the flame, the rack, quartering or the Instrument will they cross the veil. For those marked, and they survive all sacrificial rites, a deity shall be born of a burning vehemence. Shiva Pathriser portrait The First Bite Food. It all comes down to food. She has never turned down a morsel. Sopped up the last of the soup with bread or a finger. Plucked up every crumb. Will lap with tongue if no one is looking. She also can't cook, so one can see this as a tragedy or balance at work. Lilliputian Knight and Great Talaaro
  4. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Dusk concepts I & II Ovara III Sorrow aside a pregnant Vetrise. In her gratitude for taking her in, much less giving her her name, Sorrow would watch over the unfortunate child from afar until the day they would meet face-to-face. Viktoria III (Act II) Viktoria II (Act III)
  5. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Lauro I Though he would not play his role on the stage of the world as of yet, his happenstance of being raised among those he did would lay the foundation for his and Nuefraust's future. If any of her demi knights known she had raised such an unassuming and coddled child, they'd bock with the contrast of her rigid training. Transient Ebersuil ~With mask version~ Transient Ebersuil, the assassin professing in silencing of Isalme's threats and those posing jeopardy toward the Cinqe Cattedra or Amaudio's interests. Not even he can see through the void in which he travels among the shadows, and so alongside Leien's training, his armour is enchanted to enhance the sensitivity of his nervous system. With this, he can feel out his environment better than with sight as well as project through the shadows, causing temporary paralysis. Viktoria~ Lingerie Lingerie was not typical in such times, yet one of the few instances Viktoria dared use the skills taught her by her mother, she boosted her appeal with such invention. Ovara III Sorrow aside a pregnant Vetrise. In her gratitude for taking her in, much less giving her her name, Sorrow would watch over the unfortunate child from afar until the day they would meet face-to-face.
  6. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Cachusa Gavrielle (Act II) portrait Mila I (Act II) Having been freed from Aggratbatmhalat and the Scarlet Queen gran glyph, Mila returns to Kolonia with all a gathered House Arcturus. The ordeal lives her with a sense of despair at the forces Bal Hora has amassed, both in the world and beyond, if not in the control of something far more harrowing. Through the hardship of those that risked all to rescue her, Mila dedicates her time to nursing a mortally wounded Rema. When her family prepares to topple Moon Sect from Kolonia, Mila and Sorrow seek out an antithesis to the abyss. Calamus Arcturus portrait Viennrose Calamus Arcturus was the first ruler of the Penumbra, Viennrose of the Monarchy of Lithavania. Myths stemming from Divina Godve says that he was either the son or descendant of Sun and Moon, the rulers of Altea revered as gods, Calamus descending from the heavens. The other is that a emissary from the heavens descended and bestowed Calamus with power over his enemies through harnessing the abyss as a weapon; magik. There were even rumors upon his final rest, obscuring whether or not the first Viennrose passed on. Other than his rise alongside the other Olde Lords, his history is obscured to myths the Penumbra generally do not keep. His legacy is enough to be content with. Miriam I (Act I) Cachusa had learned light-weaving from her mother, a rare memory of comfort concerning the stern woman. What had been a passing fancy for many youth in Kolonia, Cachusa discovered for herself the joy it could bring to a child. Miriam seemed enchanted by the creations formed from imagination and a light source. Cachusa was amazed to find the scale of invention she held in forming whole scenic landscapes. Out of all it was the small fairies that interacted with Miriam that she loved the most. Depth Fantasia- Reia fanart I came across some videogame artwork and fancied the colors and old style. Tried my own hand at one of the characters. I know nothing of the game as it was an MMO from when I was too poor to even have a computer. Plus, I don't think it made it out of Japan.
  7. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    DiBesto sketch Gang I The most resourceful collector, freelance agents of a sort, in South Saggio. He has formed a close professional relationship with Lady Merloci, as well as a good friend of her family. He fashions himself a male role model to Dusk, self appointed. Rema II Magnolia I
  8. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Miriam Gavrielle (Act III) portrait Viktoria Arcturus (Act III) portrait Miriam I
  9. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Cachusa I (Inn. Act I) Character design for Cachusa before the events of Innocenza. "New Start, New Home" Miriam I (Inn. Act II) Laluja Merloci~ Classical I Terzo DiBesto~ Classical I
  10. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Duske-Rema II Penumbra Hunters concept A Adriana II Cachusa I (Inn. Act II) Duske sprite practice Rema DiBesto designs A Cachusa-Miriam I
  11. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Vladmir Blair~Classical I Vetrise Cardinal~ Classical I Viennrosa Rosalba Arcturus~ Classical I [There was a light that shown through his mother, a beacon to be said rightly. She possessed a vitality reflected through her continuing the work of eldermother Jeneva, whom likened his mother to the flora; Transformative, persevering through the bitterest of season, alluring beauty, yet as alway, with it's dangers. He could not disagree.] Lorde Draken Dianisia~ Classical I If there was ever one to be called kin of blood, a brother to the Arcturus, it would be Dianisia. Whatever virtue dwells in their blood, it has been a constant since the time of Calamus. This loyalty has not faded with Draken Dianisia, the current Old Lord and master of the house. One could say it has grown all the stronger even when it was believed the royal line had fallen with Lithavania. Immediately Draken and Engel became brethren and would he known their bond would cost him all, it would not be remiss to say he would hardly count himself one so worthy. Lady Prominette Dianisia~ Classical I What a gift it is to see behind the pale between the flesh and ethereal. For the eyes that see, their blood has been touched most of all to discern and navigate the abyss. What is seldom ventured in discussion over the Serpent's Eye, is the curse. Prominette is the first of those to understand the ominous extent of her abilities.
  12. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    I had to look it up to see what you meant, but you're right. I can see a bit of it in aspects of the shape. Good to know I'm on the right track then!
  13. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Classical portraits Duske~Classical I (LC Pt.1) Rema~ Classical II (Inn. Act II) Rema~ Classical III (LC Pt.1) Engel~ Classical I (Inn. Act I)
  14. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    I don't believe I've uploaded these reworked portraits, it's been awhile and I've made changes to a number of them. Requiem Arcturus Sorrow Cardinal Charon Catheel Map Ys fanart- Adol Christin
  15. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Transient Notte concept A Finally designed the helm, at least partially. I've described Rema's Transient armor in another work, but I can add a bit more. Forged with marbut to give it additional affinity with magiks. It is light armor in density though being full armament, so it doesn't have as much as defense against physical attacks, but her preternatural nature negates this disadvantage (in most cases). Trasients were given the opportunity to contribute personal design choices, the addition of marbut, aesthetics based on Luna Sword and headdress a near original concept. GD-Yareankh 11T concept Model Name/Code- Yareankh 11th Type Classification- Prototype GiganDoma Omni-class Pilot- Mitch Or Height- 45.7 m Weight- 37 t (50 full armaments) Power Source- Shekinah Reactor Construction Material/Armor- Titan Alloy, CiNy Steel Equipment- Shoulder mounts: Hi-Compound Particle Cannon, Homing Clusters~Heaters, mini D-Boy missiles Head monitor: 2 Pulse chainguns Chest: SG Fail Switch, 2x alloy piercing gatlin mounts Right arm: ABR-12 Kaster Rifle, Pulse blade Left arm: Compound Gun Full-auto, SAM Shield Speed- 2x 5,000 kg 4x 20,000 kg 2x 50,000 kg