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  1. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    I don't know how I missed it. I looked years ago a couple of times and nothing. Try again out of curiosity and it's in front of my face. At least I learned how in Photoshop. It's a really nice program. You make resources, so you might be able to add yours to it as I've seen some on Reddit with customs in use. I should look if there are resources out there. And thank you!
  2. Payment Method- Paypal Contact for Inquiry- PM by respective site, blumiu7@gmail.com Additional Information- *Illustrations for Title Screens which may include additional characters and objects, will be discussed during inquiry *Any commercial work aside Cartography maps will be an additional $12 *Art examples can be found here: OR https://www.artstation.com/blutrance
  3. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Another step in actualizing my project. Found a cartography program called Inkarnate and just went at it. I've drawn maps by hand and made one through Photoshop years ago, so I had a good idea what I wanted and references. This still took a number of days to finish and likely isn't perfect. However, I think it shows competence for when I focus on regional maps. I might even make maps for other stories if the resources are there. This too will be a new commission offer for projects.
  4. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Oasis & Noesis weapon designs Noesis and Oasis are custom-made weapons designed by Crescen Voslam, Aerolite inventor and soldier of Gale. The original concept was a single multi-task weapon meant to combat dragyns. With no budget to manufacture the required number, Crescen streamlined the design and downsizing it considerably, splitting it into two component spears. Oasis retains traditional yet elaborate features, hiding it's functionality of mechanics; the main feature being able to detach spearhead into sword or its harpoon chain. Noesis dabbles in Gale's newest fyrepowder arms. As one of the innovators behind its utilization, Crescen had several cartridges made for variety and compensate for its capacity limit. Ansgar has yet to understand the complexity behind Noesis, grasping thus far it's the main component to combining the two spears into a dragynslayer. Dusk Merloci armaments Dusk's schiovona sword, cinquedea and wheellock fyrearm. Each was commissioned to Isalme's greatest smithy by Rema Merloci when he was admitted to Ematus Sercia as a Demi. In the case of the wheellock, parts of the design was by him while the majority was by Isalme military's engineers as this new technology was only distributed between Gale and Isalme, or as much the Aerolite were willing to share. The schiovona is able to be enchanted for offense and defense like most Isalmian weaponry, the cinquedea specifically for piercing through warding spells. The wheellock is a single-shot also capable of this to curb it's disadvantage, yet it was also fitted with channeling crystals to allow magik to be focused through it. This was derived from the old practice of using wands as a focal point before better practices were developed.
  5. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Thank you! I play with a few things I think I can pull off Yep. I wanted it to look to a degree practical that the Penumbra's wings could carry their weight, and that required at least a length of 30ft. I wasn't complaining. VERY hard. Especially if just winging it or not years behind you in fine art practice. I have two more pieces so far, the one of Adriana's huema form is probably the best. Ohhhh, I was about to use some choice words for you! You're one of THOSE people who go for that sort of mech. You have a black heart lol
  6. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    A bit of varied work here. GD Yareankh 11T concept, probably the one and only mecha story I'll attempt. At least for now. I'll be doing colored variations. [NSFW] Adriana Stella Arcturus, character design 1 Miriam Louisa Arcturus Gavrielle, chiarascuro portrait attempt. This was more a test of my abililties, especially with painting technique. It worked out overall, but as for making things defining like hair...no lol! This is as far as I get and I'm fine with that. Still practicing with it though. I love antiquity. Lost Children Pt.1- "Sliver Lining" short story illustrations
  7. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Thank you! I'm happy with how she turned out as well.
  8. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Posting some concepts, character designs this time... Magnolia Merloci Airship designs Moon Clan concepts
  9. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Duraturo Notte~revised Gang Fedice portrait~revised Viktoria Arcturus portrait Dusk Merloci portrait~Second Act Innocenza story art concept Older drawing for ORION, "The Enlightened Dragon". Innocenca character design for Ilinca Cardinal Runaway Carriage concept Wyvern Knight
  10. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Thank you very much! Plenty more to catch up with on here. Hmm, if they are a year or more older, I wouldn't doubt it. I'll go back and check which ones.
  11. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

  12. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Requiem's Song- Amintirea
  13. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    I hath returned with arte. An illustration for personal project, Eternity: Innocenza And throwing in some game fanart. Hopefully someone is familiar with Galerians as it was a very intriguing, dark and neat game.
  14. BluMiu

    Hey everyone

  15. BluMiu

    BluMiu Art

    Tulamar of the Moons Inheritance