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  1. Beware, this game may contain some vulgar language! Good day sir/madam! Welcome to my forum-thread to my RPG which is still WIP. My game is called Final Fantasy: Erik and Tai and the Others. As you can see, my game is mostly inspired by the Final Fantasy series from Square(soft)/Square Enix. But my game is also inspired by other games and several series I watched. Keep in mind that this is still a WIP/béta. I'm currently working on the game and I've fixed most bugs that already appeared in the demo. GENRE: Fantasy, Turn-based RPG ESTIMATED TIME OF GAMEPLAY: 1 - 2+ hours _________________________________________________________________________ STORY: Once you've waked up and sent to an errant for your sister. Things have slightly changed in the world of World. The flow of time is getting messed up and more evil has begun to show up. You, as the hero, travel in the vast world looking for an epic adventure to make friends, explore, but most likely, to fight the evil. CHARACTERS: Currently, the demo offers you 4 playable (main) characters. In the end game there will be 7-8 main playable characters and several guest playable characters. Here's a list of the characters that appears in the demo. Tai A young boy from the town of Hown. Tai is a very youthful and excited boy and spent his whole life inside the walls of Hown. Tai thinks on one day he should see World and set out on an adventure. Tai is also the character you start with in the game. Cas Tai's best friend and also Tai's neighbour. Cas is somewhat of a clown and can be very stubborn. He also doesn't mind his tongue and will say anything what comes up in his mind. Known better Cas is actually a caring boy and really nice towards people he feels comfortable with. Frank Frank is a Highwind Soldier, which serves the mighty King Cain Highwind. Frank is a really shy man and tend not to speak too much. But Frank is really a warm-hearted man when known better. But, this is also difficult for him, since he doesn't open himself to others. Jorinde Not much is known about Jorinde. Only that she has a weird ability connected with animals and creatures and that she is very reckless girl. Jorinde acts before she thinks, and because of that, she gets in trouble many times. Here are the main characters for the game _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CREDITS In the demo, I haven't used any scripts/modifications in the game yet. But in the end-game I've used many scripts of Yanfly and some moderated music of games, like Golden Sun. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ KNOWN ISSUES These are some known issues in the demo (which I still remember), but I've fixed them all in the end-game, though. Hopping in your bed will recquire to step next to your OWN bed. (fixed in end-game) When trying to enter Cas' house, you can face the bush and still enter the house. (fixed in end-game) When in the Popur Tower, once you've found the hidden room, the music will stop playing in the rest of the dungeon. (fixed in end-game) After the tower dungeon and when you return to the Soldiers Hangout, talking to the wounded characters, their sprite randomly changes. (fixed in end-game) After the soldier hangout event, the boss battle music remains instead of the main battle theme.(fixed in end-game) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DOWNLOAD Here's the download for the beta: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzDf5q1AfEvlVVVFMnFQeWNFc3M/edit?usp=sharing _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SOME SEVERAL SCREENSHOTS