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  1. Maker Ron

    VXAce Graphics

    Hey Nobody I'm a big fan of your work! Keep it up! Also, I was wondering if you ever have time if you might make a faceset for the dark and light soldiers. Only if you have some spare time and an urge of creativity. haha You did a really nice job here!
  2. Maker Ron

    KMS Minimap

    Now, I'm not sure if your still having this problem or not. But I believe I have a good understanding of both the scripts your speaking off. Although it might be something else if you have more than those two scripts intertwined in your game. Simple Troubleshoot Solutions : Place the script that is above the other, under the other. Ex: Materials (Insert Here) Free Movement Script --------> Mini-map Script Mini-map Script------------->Free Movement Script Sometimes scripts conflict with eachother if one of starts before the other and negates some of the scripts properties below it, so switching the placement of the scripts could resolve the negation because both of the them will go through their whole list. Unless of course, they both negate eachother. In other words, its a compatibility issue that would have to be solved by refined coding or an experienced scriptor who actually wants to fix this. Another simple solution is to simply read through everything on BOTH scripts. Make sure that you understand them, go to the Creator's website or link if you need further instruction, in case you do not fully understand scripts or uni-code formatt. Then, make sure that nothing conflicts with the other. Ex: Mini-Map Script: Free Movement Script: Actor_State = [4] > Event5_Minimap=[Nil] Event5_Movement=[10]_Route_[4] If the Mini-map script is processing first, the Event5 will become null and void in other processes so to speak. Therfore, Event5 cannot be processed by the Free Movement Script because it does not exist. This can easily cause errors and game crashed. Especially when calling mulitple scripts unaware of the order process. I hope this helped! If not please refer to video guides or contact the creators themselves or simply research script compatibility.
  3. Maker Ron

    KMS Minimap

    This is probably unimportant, but I see no harm in just saying this. After reading through the comments and seeing the problems few people have been having with this mini-map, specifically the "opening and closing the menu is re-opening the mini-map", and I think I've come up with the solution. So small and undefined that you probably wouldn't even realize this. But, by default, the toggle key for the mini-map ON/OFF is set to 'Z' which is the same as the open menu key. I believe that simply by changing this toggle key to something else, such as :M, would fix this problem completely. Even though, its technically not a fix, but a simple misreading of the script and game processes or overlooking.
  4. Maker Ron

    Unique Classes Script

    This has in fact answered my question about the whole class assigned equipment that I posted on the last page for custom item slots. Thank you posting such scripts and giving beginning scripters and makers a well instructed written demo.
  5. Maker Ron

    Custom Equipment Slots

    I'm not sure if this question will be answered seeing as though its been years since this post has been here. But still, here goes, I would love to be able to use this script to creat add-on's for classes, instead of the customs slots automatically being on every class. Is there a way to do this? E.G. I went to the notebox of the class I wanted to restrict/change and tried a simple test. Hide equip_slots = [4] This did not work, at all. So to get more in detail. What I'm trying to do is something like this. Lets say I have two classes. Class 1 = Vampire Class 2 = Man I would like there to be a custom slot(s) such as Fangs/ Claws , but only for the Vampire Class and NOT the Man Class. If this is not possible through the class tab in the database, then is it possible to apply this to strictly actors? I would love to apply it to classes for it would really make things go the way I want them to in my game. Or maybe there is a way to implement this in a way that adds custom equip slots to a class. That way I could go to the vampire class and like "add equip_slots [5,6]" that way that character would have access to those slots but not the man. If anyone has any questions about my questions I would love to answer them. If anyone could explain this in detail or even make a tutorial I would be extremely grateful. Feel free to email me a response to this. I'll be working on my game and on this forum everyday.