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  1. Is there any particular reason why you picked 12? as I said over pm, it doesn't seem to know Stype x.x http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/23368-determining-usable-skills/ Over here I found some more info on the topic it looks like. http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/20395-need-script-to-improve-enemy-ai/ and here I found a portion for usable actions action_list actually I'm pretty sure I could just get a script call for how many usable actions there are which could be found in "make_actions" but I don't know how to do it x.x
  2. I've found this script part that counts the enemy's total skills from the "Victor Engine - Basic Module" https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0cSp2lASM9wTEhkS3Jjc1N1NjQ/view "def skills (enemy_actions | added_skills).sort.collect {|id| $data_skills[id] } end" if I run $game_variables[X] = $game_troop.members[1].skills.size as a script call it calls that spits back out the number of skills a monster has. Now my question is, knowing that its grabbing from actions and not skills is there a way I can filter this number by skill type? I seriously need help I've been messing with this for like 7 hours Here is an explanation of what I'm doing I have all of my monsters tied to actors stats and skills using a doppleganger script This is so I can randomly generate their stats, skills, elemental weakness and attack element (thats all done) however by having the enemy copy an actor's skill the skills have no priories so I wrote an AI for all enemies It goes like this for every 10% health goes down the chance of an enemy using a skill thats the defensive skills type increases by 10% (this was done with states sealing skills and a common event) so then there was this glitch If there were zero defensive skills and it rolled an rng to do a defensive skill the enemy does nothing HOWEVER, I could check the actor template's ammount of a skill type and if it counted there were zero defensive skill type skills then I could get around this UNTIL, I found out that when a skill was no longer usable that would be their only option and they would still do nothing Frankly I might need to even filter it by both usable and skill type to get it to work I only 3% know what I'm doing here .-.
  3. yoshine

    Template Events

    Thank you, this actually will help my workload speed up like 10 times
  4. Removing the game save when you destroy the universe or decide to commit suicide
  5. DataManager.delete_save_file(0) "0" can be anything if I remember correctly you type "0..999" or "0...999" to basically set it to any possible save file CAREFUL WITH THIS BLACK MAGIC NOW this is the second most evil script call you can use ...which is exactly why its in my game
  6. yoshine

    Random access to skills learned

    so you're looking for a random skill cast Orrrrrrrrrrr a random skill select?
  7. Bro just set the values to variable script calls and then run the changes to the variables in a parrellel process common event OKAY I FIGURED OUT HOW TO TWEAK IT call a common event instead of a sound effect put the sound effect in the common event AND THEN, do what ever you want YEE
  8. yoshine

    [VX Ace] Centering text

    get a "use special text everywhere" script Make a character in your database for what ever word you want to toggle a censor for place \N[id] for the word change the character "name" of the word you want to swap out abracadabra EDIT: oh sorry I read censor not center ... I just woke up
  9. yoshine

    Need Unique Gameplay

    I did the button presses using skills with common events. It is better that way because you can customize what each one does THE PROBLEM IS YOU STILL HAVE TO SELECT THE SKILL AND CAN'T DO THINGS LIKE the JUMP AND HAMMER ACTION.
  10. So people would benefit from combo-ing opposite elements together. actually I kind of dig that its like a balancing act cause one weapon would control what your Job stats are and what your mean skill is and the other would modify what other weakness you have to balance it out and what other sub skill you're using is I almost want to add a multiplier if you have two of the same element but that could be heavilly abusable with additional things I think the only problem would be if you had two characters with each of the four weapons but that might be difficult to pull off weapons in my game are rng based so the stats elements and such are based off of a chance formula.
  11. Low key I figured it out I told it to load in the highest event's id loop and then destroy based off of a variable id then add one to the variable id and go back to the loop and do it 500 times .-. it only does it once a time on a map though I can't use it to wipe everything once again I just didn't know how to do it officially If I deleted them with a switch it wouldn't it would delete the new spawned ones two so that wouldn't work
  12. So okay, when you have two weapons it picks the one that the enemy is weak against? I never knew that >_> hmmmmmmm... well thats interesting so if I had two weapons (which is on of the main mechanics in my battle system) it could either be used as an advantage if I keep it that way or something that could be OP depending on the situation is there a way to effect how that formula works? like in my game each weapon type gives you a skill weapon one dictates what class you are and there is no level system rather after every fight you get to manually increase your class stats (think SMT) (so each class is what ever you wish it to be, its like a folder for your own customization) each weapon has an element type of four and each enemy has an element type as well and each has two they are nuetral to one they are weak to and one they are resistant to Do you think having two interchangable attack elements would be a bad thing? I guess I never had to think this over hand two was always supposed to be your lesser important weapon/skill Think final fantasy 5 with the Job system and how you can pick two skills its based off of that somewhat I guess I'd kind of like an opinion >_> My new idea is to make the name BOTH attack elements which I will do by repeating the first one with different values then saying variable + "/" + variable also if you'd like to make this into a script THE PROPER WAY, (I only know hacking tricks) I'd be glad if you would I wish I understood the code snippet you gave me more x.x
  13. I believe that the first one overrides the second one..? first in installed the script "Reader Functions for Features/Effects" which is made to add a bit of script functionality that didn't exist prviusly then I set the parameter "attack's" name to $game_variables[4917] then after that I ran this snippet of code every time my menu would update (I had to put it in multiple places) if $game_actors[@actor.id].equips[0] == nil then $game_variables[4917] = "Power" else $game_variables[4917] = $game_actors[@actor.id].equips[0].atk_elements[0] end if $game_variables[4917] == 1 $game_variables[4917] = "Fire" end if $game_variables[4917] == 2 $game_variables[4917] = "Water" end if $game_variables[4917] == 3 $game_variables[4917] = "Earth" end if $game_variables[4917] == 4 $game_variables[4917] = "Wind" end like when you changed weapons, removed weapons or swapped characters And walah. sadly with the "atk_elements" method you can't just type .name at the end to make it say your weapons attack element SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO half of the code was just to give the Ids names based off of my element database idk if that makes any sense. If the second hand does change the attack element that would be super useful to know >_> but yeah thank you for the interest
  14. Yessss sir! Glad you were willing to help out in general, you deffinitely made reading the script entertaining xD Sorry about the slow respond I just got back from a dentist appointment this morning >_> So in the addon script its running a term defined in the spawner script and its popping up with an error during the script call you gave me due to it not referencing where it was defined orrigionally, I think..? error: " Script: 'Game_interpeter' line 1427: NomethodError occured. undefined method 'set_intp_repr_ev' for #<Array:0xabca7f0>" lol I took a snapshat but didn't want to go through an image host
  15. yoshine

    erasing events does not stop frame rate drop...

    BUMP, just so you know this was updated >_> also I have put it into the game_inturpeter def command_214 and game_player def perform_transfer it is proven to work
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