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    all forms of art including games : )
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    Hi, everyone!

    Hello! I've already said 'hi' in the main RPGMaker forum, but since I'm using VXAce I came here, hoping to meet friends and learn stuff. Let's see, I'm an artist in life. I studied animation in arts academy, but lately work on illustrations and graphic design more. I loved RPG all my life and always dreamed of making one, so all the ways are open for that now- cannot be more excited! : ) I've already started with maps and characters for my game, hoping to make a prototype game and later on work on my own tiles for it. First- want to see how everything works and sort out problems. : ) so- fingers crossed, hope to make a lovely game. It's always nice to meet a like-minded people, so feel free to say 'hi'~ hope You all are having a great day~