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  1. Pokémon Trainer

    Hi Risk Transition Movie by DRC

    Ah, my mistake. I should've wrote "Hello World" or "Gyaarggh!" instead of "Loading" cause I have a very limited vocabulary.
  2. Pokémon Trainer

    Hi Risk Transition Movie by DRC

    Oh, I get what you guys mean. But I really intend to use this only when something like a new chapter starts. Something fancy like what they did with Breath of Fire IV (That green particle fountain). The image's title/tags may have mislead it's purpose but I'm not really sure what to call it. "New-chapter-loading-screen------thingy?" errr.... "Sup-bruh-I'm-just-a-fancy-transition-between-chapters-in-your-miserable-adventure?"
  3. Pokémon Trainer

    Hi Risk Transition Movie by DRC

    @KilloZapit Sorry to hear that. Well, if no one wants it, I'm totally cool with that. Everyone's got their own taste and opinions. I have zero aptitude in coding so this is what I do. I can't possibly hate it. After all, I'm sorta like it's parent. Wish I'd be there on it's 18th birthday! #iLoveMyKids
  4. Pokémon Trainer

    Hi Risk Transition Movie by DRC

    Movie transition for your projects. Best used with a fade in / fade out command. File is ready to be used on RPG VX Ace. Click image for small preview. File Type: OGG Vorbis (.ogv) File Size: 464 KB Resolution: 544x416 Download Link: Mediafire

    © DRC (Pokémon Trainer)

  5. Pokémon Trainer

    EarthBound-Like Animated Battlebacks

    Animated Battleback - Theo
  6. I was trying to make a Title Screen composed mainly of large events. I used: Skip Title Screen - JV Master Pixel Movement - Victor Engine (custom event collision) Mouse System Buttons - Falcao I thought the custom event collisions (Pixel Movement) would do well with the clicks but it didn't. Sigh. Both mouse system and pixel movement script don't seem to like each other. Problem #1 All I could click/activate is that exact tile where the event is. Problem #2 My character won't move at all whether WASD movement is ON/OFF (Mouse System Button). I've searched for something like a clickable-picture-script-activates-an-event-or-common-event. I guess none exist. Any help about this? (Oh, just make me a new script already! Haha!) Thanks.
  7. Pokémon Trainer

    Need Help With Detection Script

    Ah, no worries. I didn't took a hit. I'm thinking you should ask around script support and hopefully someone would be gracious enough to add a snippet to this script cause we both just run into a bit of a snag. My artistry doesn't do well with coding. I'll be looking forward to anything you find. This script isn't really on my main game. So, until then.
  8. Pokémon Trainer

    Need Help With Detection Script

    Sigh. If only it had a better pathfinding. Well, it's your game. Do as you please. Which could most probably mean that I'm the only person who won't be able to throw a pebble across the room and then sneeze right away; and let the NPC decide which one of the two noises he should follow if he's ever going to use a pathfinding script since he only has one darn caution switch without any further customization. Phew! That was a long outrage. You'll do fine. But me? I am so trapped on this problem. I'll have to work another way around with the script. Have a pleasant day. I'm out.
  9. Pokémon Trainer

    Need Help With Detection Script

    I'll let you read something. I'm also checking this one right now so don't ask me just yet about this. Stealth System Credits: Jet, TouchFuzzy
  10. Pokémon Trainer

    Need Help With Detection Script

    That's one flaw that I see on this script. It doesn't have a smart pathfinding. It just tries to "dislodge" the tracer from his position and then try another route via a dice roll. Going with a pathfinding script? Your call. I have a few here. Use whatever you deem good. cozziekuns Jet Karanum TheoAllen You may also want to ask script support. To make LiTTleDRago's script "co-operate" with another pathfinder script.
  11. Pokémon Trainer

    Need Help With Detection Script

    -Create a new event page on the tracer. He will use the caution self switch (script default = C). -Add the script call: tss_investigate on the tracer's Custom Autonomous Movement. -I also recommend using the Freq (Frequency) of 5: Highest.
  12. Pokémon Trainer

    Need Help With Detection Script

    When tracer is in caution, he will not move unless you use tss_investigate on his custom autonomous movement. This will make him approach the "noise". He doesn't really follow you. Yeah, you can use the Set Opacity command there. Equal value or lower. Alternatively, use the script's default switch 243 or set Transparent ON <- I wouldn't go for this last one unless I have some indicator where the player is like some character shadow. Since this script is using a self switch for disabling and you're worrying about the need to use more than A to D, this next script works well with the stealth script. (Place this above stealth script) More Self Switches Credits to: gameguy
  13. Pokémon Trainer

    Continuous moving on looping map problem + FPS drops

    2) Have you tried moving everything starting from: >Set Move Route: Player and place it on a different event page condition (switch 22 is ON)? I could be missing something, though...
  14. Pokémon Trainer

    Need Help With Detection Script

    I'll do any help I can. I wish you the best for your projects. Keep going.
  15. Pokémon Trainer

    Please arrange this short script

    I've moved two lines on top, now it works. Thanks for this, bro! I know very little of Ruby structures so this is really helpful for me. Thanks again. class Window_ChoiceList < Window_Command Horz_Choices_Switch_ID = 5 #<THIS # In game switch ID to make horzonital choices Choices_on_Bottom = 8 #<AND THIS # Will always show the choice box at the bottom I think it's good to close this thread now. (if applicable?)
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