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  1. The player escaped from the ghost and went into a room, there is a big crate that he can use to block the door. The problem is that I don't know how to make an event with the knoking sound activate when the crate event is on a specific tile. I know I could do set move route and "player: move up x4, move left x1" so he would be behind the crate and then somehow make him push the crate to the door,and after that event command put a switch, but I want the player to be able to control the character and be able to push the crate on his own. P.S. I already have the crate event that's pushable in all directions.
  2. There is a huge map that I'm planning to make the ghost appear on, but I don't know how to make the ghost walk randomly, but still walk "around the whole map". basiclly what happens when you set the ghost's autonomous movement to "random" all it does is it walks randomly, but sticks to the part of the map where is was activated on. If you still don't know what I mean then here's an example. Nightmare is an RPG Maker Horror game where you are mostly in a hotel haunted by a woman's ghost. The ghost walks in random directions, but still makes it's way around the hallways, it doesn't just stay in one place because that would be too easy to avoid.
  3. Denisowator

    How to make spikes kill only when not hidden?

    thanks for the help.
  4. Denisowator

    How to make spikes kill only when not hidden?

    sorry nevermind, it is working. I just forgot to put the "switch OFF" at the end of the custom move route.
  5. Denisowator

    How to make spikes kill only when not hidden?

    it doesn't work.
  6. I made a spike event that goes into the ground and back out again, but when the player steps on it even when the spikes are in the ground he still dies. here is what the event looks lke.
  7. Denisowator

    how to make events only activated by the player?

    Thanks that works perfectly. these complicated events are such a pain in the a**. xD
  8. As the player runs away from the ghost there are obsticles, the first one is 3 flying balls flying up/down from wall to wall. I want the balls to show the game over screen when they touch the player, but if I do "player touch" then it only activates the events when the player uses the arrow keys, so when the player is standing in the way of one of those balls and it hits him from the side nothing happens. But if I do "event touch" then when the ghost runs into the balls the game over screen appears. So how do I make it so that it's like event touch but only for the player?
  9. Denisowator

    How to make an interactive chase scene?

    thank you, this makes it a lot easier.
  10. Denisowator

    How to make an interactive chase scene?

    message for (Blu) You got me completely confused, because in the common event you said to do something with something and then you said I can forget about the trap and put directly a set value, what I don't understand is do you mean the thing above or below the message? Can you please post a screenshot of only one way of doing it. so: Common event screenshot Ghost event page 1 screenshot Ghost event page 2 screenshot Trap event screenshot or even better, if you could make the events and send them to me through e-mail, if the file is too big you can register on www.rapidshare.com. It's not that I'm lazy and I'm not, it's just It's really hard for me to make such complicated events. P.S. Just in case you didn't really understand what I was trying to make the events do I putted it below. When the chase scene starts and the player runs over an event, the flower pot will appear one tile down with the smashed graphic and the sound effect of class breaking called "Crash" If the Ghost touches the player it will activate a jumpscare and then the "game over" screen, but you don't need to worry about the jumpscare as I know how to do it and I have the picture for it. Next bit you can decide between 3 options, whichever is the esiest to make for you. When the ghost touches the broken flower pot he will either: Slow down and after stepping of the flower pot come back to his original speed. Step backwards 1 tile and then continue to chase the player. Stop for one second and continue to chase the player. I will be sooooooo greatful if you did this and send me the game project with everything in it.
  11. Denisowator

    How to make an interactive chase scene?

    I run into another problem as I solved this one. How do I make it so that the ghost event can walk over the flower pot event but still activate it. I tried to tick "through" on the flower pot event but then it's not triggered by the ghost, and if it's not ticked then the ghost can't walk over it.
  12. Denisowator

    How to make an interactive chase scene?

    thanks guys.
  13. I have this map and when the player gets teleported there he turns around and sees a ghost which start to chase him, now it's too easy if you just hold down shift to sprint and it's too hard if you make the ghost's speen on max, so I put it on max, but I want there to be a set of flower pots beside the player as he runs so when the player runs over the event the flower pots smash on the floor and slow down the ghost. If you can make it more challenging without scripting then tell me how do you would make it so that only when the player presses an action button when on that event, the flower pots will smash.
  14. So I have this square hole and a dresser next to it, when you open the dresser you get a "rope" item, now, I want to know how do I make it so that I can only item trigger the comment event that appears the rope if I'm clicking on that item when next to that poticular tile. If you don't understarnd any parts of the questions just ask me to be more specific.
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