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  1. Heartfeltcurse

    What are your unpopular videogame opinions?

    I don't like minecraft or runescape either. I used to on both accounts, but no longer.
  2. Heartfeltcurse

    What are your unpopular videogame opinions?

    My favorite smash game is *hides in a military bunker* Brawl. I also like the FF13 games.
  3. Heartfeltcurse

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) BOSS fight!

    it certainly is a more organized and coherent form of what we were doing. I suppose it could work like this, but I am of the opinion that 1000 hp for the boss is simply to high.
  4. Heartfeltcurse

    What are your unpopular videogame opinions?

    None of the GTAs are really worth playing without cheats. seriously, infinite health and a military jet fuck the world. easily the best part of the game (san andreas anyways. I'm not sure any of the others have cheats for jets. which was a let down.) but yea, I could spend hours doing nothing but flying around blowing things up and getting into fights with the military while in a jet. it was great.
  5. Heartfeltcurse

    What are your unpopular videogame opinions?

    I like the game Dark Cloud for the ps2. most people whom I have met did not.
  6. Heartfeltcurse

    Friend-zone? Relationship Standards?

    I tend to creep out people I'm interested in romantically (and only them). seriously, anyone I'm not interested in, its all good, i'm just another person, the moment that I feel any level of "above friend" attraction, I start noticing, without fail, that I make the other person quite uncomfortable. I'm not sure why. I just do. so as a result, I tend to get "friend-zoned" quite a bit. by the nice ones at least. one person decided to forgo the "friend zone" and outright called me a "creep". i laughed it off, but that hurt inside. I would have much preferred the "friend zone", whether or not it is an actual thing.
  7. Heartfeltcurse

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    *waits for a wish*
  8. Heartfeltcurse

    What are your unpopular videogame opinions?

    I like zubat *hides in a cave*
  9. Heartfeltcurse

    What are your unpopular videogame opinions?

    Nuzlocke? more like Nolocke. I hate Nuzlocke, because, while more realistic then having your pokemon be effectively immortal, it limits you on how many pokemon you can catch. like, seriously, what the hell? I can only catch the first pokemon I see on a route? I can't make a army of pokemon when any one of them can die from the slightest miscalculation? fuuuuuuuck that shit. Also, its annoying to spend forever training a pokemon and then have it die because you underestimated a npc or wandered into a area your pokemon aren't ready for ( which the game helps you avoid, but... still man.) and no pokemon centers? really? Free doctors aren't a thing? I mean,sure they aren't a thing in real life (sadly), but can't I come up with some other way of losing money or something every time I use the pokemon center instead of just banning it? like buying and then selling x amount of an item? the player would lose money from that. can't we use that as our pokecenter fee? anyways, nuzlocke rant over.
  10. Heartfeltcurse

    What are your unpopular videogame opinions?

    I've nothing against MMOs, but I've nothing for em either. there are good ones and bad ones, just like any other game genre. just throwing my two cents into that discussion.
  11. Heartfeltcurse

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish granted. But a local angry god of ugliness decided to make you ugly on a whim. so ugly in fact, that all people would shun you. even people in games would shun you. every single game would literally write in additional programming all on their own just for the sake of shunning you and your immense ugliness. Even your Unlimited 4g internet connection decided it could not stand your ugliness, and left you to go to the local connection brothel to sell itself to other men. I wish that someone would explain to me why my ps3 can have a internal ps2 memory card, but not support ps2 format games. what is even the point?
  12. Heartfeltcurse

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish Granted. You dipped, I dipped, we dipped, all into boiling lava and died. I wish that I was worshiped as a God.
  13. Heartfeltcurse

    What are your unpopular videogame opinions?

    This is UNPOPULAR video game opinions, not stuff everyone agrees with. Also, hard facts are not allowed here
  14. Are characters over sexualized? Yes, quite often. Do I think its a bad thing? Not really. I mean, like Kilo said, its annoying... REALLY ANNOYING, when its done just to draw in a specific audience with otherwise pointless boobs and strippers and other hotness and what not without actually going all the way, cause then, the game devs are really just wasting my time. don't give me only half of what I want yea? Assholes. But then when there's a purpose to it, even when that purpose is just to make the over-sexualized character in question the butt of a dirty joke (or even alot of them)then its totally fine with me. I'm just saying to make it purposeful. give it meaning. BUt don't just go and make the character in question a c***tease. that just is not alright.
  15. Heartfeltcurse

    Hiring a Bodyguard

    Grinding though. seriously, with enough grinding, anything is possible. Whatever the mercs give me, I'm sure I can do just a well sticking in a extra half hour or so to grind, and grind, and grind.
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