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  1. Greetings, friends. We are the "AgesOfAgony" also known as the Horrorpuppets. We are a group built by five sisters. Together we tried since 1999 to create a playable version of our oldest member LordBloodySoul's novel "The Ages of Agony". Since many moving and because of work and school, we had to stop the project completely. About 3 years ago, LordBloodySoul, our oldest member, brought the project back to live and tried to reconstruct it in RPG VX Ace. Since then we all band together once more to finally get this game on the run Now further to us. The Ages of Agony is built by us five people. LordBloodySoul (aka. LBS) - the story writer doing the mapping and events Lady_Lilith (aka. Lali) - main character-, faceset-, portrait- & Battler Artist SilentShadow1991 - Music & Soundeffect Composer / Trigger Setter TerrorFussel - Beta Tester & Voice Actor Marxolor2001 - Beta Tester & Voice Actor We all work on the project together, but we live in different places (beside LBS and Marxolor2001). And since those two have no Internet it becomes difficult to get the needed materials (like templates and system updates) Each of us works on different themes for the RPG, but we also cooperate to get the most of all We hope you all help us to achive a dream and finish this project, so the world can enjoy the wonderful Novel story of "Ages of Agony"