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    Aside from my game plans I enjoy working on tile sets for my uses, adjusting sprite or turning them into bases, making items for sims, knitting and crocheting, drawing, and a little bit of sculpting to try to make some dolls.

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  1. QuizicalGin


    I DID GOOD *does a little happy dance* Yeah I kinda depended a little too much on people being curious since i did leave a vague hint about the water. That might have been my problem though, vague. ; w ; As for the chase thing it is a thing that is set up. That one is just me being evil, mhuahahahaha.
  2. Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. QuizicalGin


    Title: Summoning Story: You're Ashley as you and your friends, Milly and Jill, decide what to do with your weekend. JIll wants to have a sleep over to which all agree. Once there however she has her ouija board pulled out and spookiness ensues and things quickly hit the fan. It's then up to you to save yourself and your friends! Genre: Horror Time: About 30 to 45 minutes or so Features: Dynamic lighting, Dynamic digging, Chases, Hiding mechanics, and mostly custom graphics! Characters: mediafire DOWNLOAD 4shared DOWNLOAD Screenshots: Known Bugs: Potential problem with windows 10 users in attempting to play the game. The only thing I can suggest is to maybe play the game in compatability mode for 7 if 10 has that. Edit: well there seems to be a new bug hooray. xwx For some reason when being chased the antagonist will get stuck in doors, pleh. Not sure how to fix it but i'm still gonna try. Oh I've also added an extra link since mediafire is being a butt to some people.
  4. For the game I'm workin on this is my title screen. I'm wondering what I would need to put in to make it look like the candles are "flickering". Is there a short script for that? I also want to know what I'd change in the script editor to change the font color for just the command options on the title screen as well as making the item id bigger for the font itself since in game the letters get cut off by about two or three pixels. Any ideas? ; w ;
  5. QuizicalGin

    Getting events to stay where they're moved

    Ok I'll explain it in full then. xD I made a dynamic digging thing for my game so that when my character digs a hole the event moves to the location to be the hole. but when i save then load in it goes back to the previous position.
  6. QuizicalGin

    Getting events to stay where they're moved

    I should have been more specific then. I'm not using the move route to do this I'm using set event location for this.
  7. QuizicalGin

    Dynamic digging! a video tut

    A video on how to make dynamic digging so you can dig holes where ever the player sprite is! You will need: 1 common event 2 terrain tags 7 variables 1 digging implement, preferably a shovel.
  8. Redrawing some artwork cause I wasn't satisfied with it for the 55678456 time.

  9. well this is great. my fave fanfics have been deleted ; x ;

    1. Necromedes


      That's why I make it a habit of copying them to a notepad file if its one I want to hang on to.


      I think what's worse is finding one you really like and it gets discontinued...

    2. QuizicalGin


      That's most of mine sadly. ; w ; its for an old game series i love but since almost no one plays it anymore most of the stories stopped being updated long ago and any good finished ones seem o be mysteriously vanishing. did fanfic take a not from youtube and just start blasting off different fics? TTwTT

  10. Anyone happen to know how to keep pictures being shown from being tinted as well with using Khas lighting effects

  11. This is the video version to Game creations original tut HERE You will need: 3 variables 1 switch 1 common event terrain tags a sound effect of your choice
  12. QuizicalGin

    Eventing a walking sound effects

    Heres a tut I did on how to do it from Gamecreations tutorial. :3
  13. This is just showing how to make it look like the sprite is holding the lantern. In this case the lantern is just an example and has no proper function. To give it function you could have it equipped to show a completely black picture with an opening in the middle for the "light", or alternatively use Khas awesome light effects for it as well. As for the item itself I made two seperate sprites using the one I made from Looseleafs generator. The first one is the regular walk cycle while the seond sprite has a lantern pasted over it. I just edited the base sprite a little to look like they were raising it.
  14. Thinking of trying to make the sprite baker again, but a recent convo with my friend has made me rethink how to tackle it. Exactly what kind of program would you classify the ace generator as. yeah it can generate sprites but you can directly input your design in a manner of speaking. so an image compiler maybe?

    1. philteredkhaos


      it is a generator/compiler. I mean, you COULD build the pieces in paint/gimp/ps or whatever, but it is still compiling the images and it can also generate them randomly.

    2. QuizicalGin


      Just needed the confirmation on the compilin thing. I've already got my resources for it I've just been struggling to get it actually made for lack of direction. ;w ;

  15. thank heavens for hydrocodone. I can move again TTwTT

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