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  1. That is so utterly patronizing and inaccurate. It's not that "I'm not ready to hear it", it's that your arguments are nonsense, for exactly the reasons I just presented. There is nothing TO understand to begin with. If you were making a legitimate point, then I would listen, but you aren't, so I'm not going to. I have no problem with critique overall, in fact I think there is nothing of greater value to an artist and there is nothing I would rather have as a writer, but I do when it is time-wasting nonsense that holds little actual merit. Which is exactly what a majority of your "critique" has been. This has nothing to do with "exercising my intelligence", and everything to do with you being completely, provably, wrong. On several points in fact. Not only do you ignore the counterarguments to your points to push the same narrative regardless of what is said to refute you, but you assume a far greater knowledge of the story than you actually have from what is presented. You even do it in this very reply, assuming that the plot isn't "suited" to alternate history when you have only a fraction of the details of said plot. And hell, even if you did know the big picture, your commentary about rulebreaking is completely a matter of opinion. One with which I happen to wholeheartedly disagree. In fact, I think even the suggestion that this is the case is an absolutely ludicrous underestimation of the intelligence of the people who will ultimately engage with any given written work. But I guess it's no surprise that if you're going to patronize me, then you probably wouldn't have any problem patronizing your readers as well. Me, I'm going to assume my readers aren't too stupid to parse the details of my setting and distinguish it from reality, I'm going to assume they're smart enough to pick up on the actual messages I'm trying to communicate with my writing, and finally I'm going to assume that they don't have such a weak ability to suspend their disbelief that they can't engage with well-written content despite minute oddities that are totally ancillary to the actual story. And none of that, none if at all, has anything to do with you in particular. I don't want to hear this absolute crap from anybody, and I'd reply the same exact way to anyone who tried to advance such an argument. There's no childish motive behind that action either. It's not a lack of maturity, experience, intelligence, or any other thing which you might feel the need to degrade from me in order feel better about yourself. It is the ability to think for myself and realize what is of value to me as an artist, and what isn't. What will make my work better, and what won't. And what you are advising won't, it would do the opposite. And now that that's nipped in the bud, I'm done speaking with you. But feel free to come and talk to me again if you ever happen to want to treat me like an equal. I'd be happy to have an actual conversation rather than this farce where you try to impress your vast knowledge upon the lowly peon.
  2. If I'm not getting the point, what am I supposedly missing? I mean, I know I'm coming across as defensive, but I'm not really. I'm just extremely confused that out of all the things you could talk about, that this is what you choose to discuss. It just seems bizarre. Especially because many of your complaints are not so much actual criticisms of the realism of my work, but are really out of left field moral judgments. I know I have to consider my audience as a writer, I've been doing this for quite a while at this point after all, but the kind of people who would react in the way you are saying are not my audience and my work is not and will never be catered to them.
  3. WORLD CHARACTERS That sounds like a cool idea, but considering this script is most likely going to be at least 500k+ words in length when it's done, kind of impractical. I'd definitely be open to it though, maybe in a story where the antagonist is a more prevalent part of the plot though. The antagonists will be rather distant for the majority of the game, this story is much more about the characters and world. The primary narrative goal of the story is also to be a character study on Bastion, which means that any co-writer would need to understand Bastion as well as I do, which is kind of impossible since Bastion is so thoroughly a representation of me. Though, I have to say, I'm not taking a dig at your idea or anything, it's neat, it's just... it kinda came out of nowhere.
  4. WORLD CHARACTERS Thanks a ton for all the feedback. I don't find a much of it very applicable, but it's always great just to have someone take an interest. Hopefully you find my explanations to be satisfactory.
  5. I've been stuck on working on database stuff for my game for so long that the opening for Log Horizon is my theme song.

  6. Why can't I view the post in it's code form? How am I supposed to adjust spoilers? REEE

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      Wow, how did I not notice that button was a thing... I guess I thought it did something else. Even so it's annoying that you can't edit in raw mode. Oh well.


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      Turns out I can use firefox's built in web development tools to mess around with the code? How much is the input sanitized I wonder?

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      @Kayzee Yeah, not being able to see the raw code was the first thing I disliked. 


      Chrome also has dev console, that allows to see the whole page's HTML code. However, the editor will ignore most of fancy things you put there. Haven't tested for long enough, but putting something you normally wouldn't be able to will not have any effect. It will render that as 'nothing' in the editor; as a blank space. Putting normal text and such will work though.


      V4 removed the ability to see raw BBCode format; but administrators (and chosen groups) can now view the 'source' mode and they literally can put HTML code, that will work. For example, working timers and such. With that option being available, the editor would read your HTML code; otherwise, it ignores it.

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  7. Okay so I'm going to need some help here, for some reason the spoiler tag for the stats section applied to the entire rest of the post, and the new text system doesn't seem to allow me to view the post in it's base code so now I'm kind of stuck as to how to make it NOT do that. Especially seeing as I can't even edit any of the text below that spoiler??? I'll keep trying, just know that if you want to view the entire post, you'll need to open the spoiler on the bottom.
  8. So I'm going to be up front with my motivations here and say that 99 percent of the reason I'm making this post is to see if anyone's interested in working with me on this project. I've had success in that area by sharing my ideas before, so I'm going to do it once again. If you're interested in working with me on this project, send me a PM. I'm looking for collaborators of any skill type (who are experienced at their craft) merely because working on a team project is fun, and I'm willing to change just about anything in order to facilitate that process because working solo is boring. I'm still open to feedback on my ideas of course, so if you have anything you'd like to say in that area, please feel free to share! This project will be non-commercial and for fun, but I'm open to doing more than that if any others desire to work together in a commercial capacity & assuming we have the resources to turn around a quality product. By the way, this post will contain enormous spoilers in the narrative section, so if you have no interest in working on the project but maybe still want to play it when and if it does release, you will want to avoid clicking the last spoiler in this post. If you decide to reply to give feedback, I would also really appreciate if you spoiler tag any narrative details which I reveal here. Now, moving on... Project (Working Title): The Code of Confluent Destinies BASIC OVERVIEW - Story focused, party-based, tactical RPG in the vein of Fire Emblem. - Time management driven High School life balanced with dungeons that all have a time limit within which they must be completed to advance the story. - Defined character male protagonist with dialogue options and three romance options. - Mostly self-contained, linear narrative within an extremely well-developed setting that is left open for an already planned sequel (while this stands on it's own, thematically it's meant as the first entry in a trilogy, I'm already halfway through writing a novel that ties into the second and third entry). INSPIRATIONS (if you're curious) - Code Lyoko for much of the basic idea for the premise and many plot details. - Muv-Luv for many of the ideas on how to approach worldbuilding and story structure. It also provided a whole lot of direct plot inspiration for the sequels. - Persona for the high school/time management structure of the game, as well as for how to structure my skill list. - Basically every tactical strategy RPG I've ever played strategy combat. - Trails in the Sky, which provided the idea for Overrides (called Crafts in that game) and how to balance them (Cold Steel also provides a bad example...). Also it's Orbment system will probably end up inspiring how I design my gear. COMBAT & DUNGEON CRAWLING Relevant Note: This game is set in the 2050's and involves the player exploring systems through a mental interface that allows party members to enter a digital world. - Turn-Based Tactical Combat: Combat is grid based where the player's party and enemy characters will take turns attacking. There are three active combatant characters for your party that are supported by one passive character (referred to as an "Operator") that can use a supportive ability referred to as a "Program" once per turn. Active party members can be swapped out with reserve party members during any one of their turns, resulting in a cooldown period before the switched out character can be returned to combat. Combat heavily revolves around striking weaknesses, with thirteen different damage types (3 which can come from weapons, and 10 which come from mostly other sources). Striking a weakness will inflict the "Vulnerable" State until the target's next turn, amplifying all damage against them by 25%. Significant Plugins (as in, the ones I find worth mentioning): Lecodes' LeTBS: https://lecodemv.github.io/leTBS/ Yanfly's Actor Party Switch: http://yanfly.moe/2016/06/17/yep-108-actor-party-switch-rpg-maker-mv/ Lunatic Pack - Skill Rewards: http://yanfly.moe/2017/11/03/yep-155-lunatic-pack-skill-rewards-rpg-maker-mv/ - Dungeon Crawling: Progression is done through dungeon crawling which can be accessed on most days during the player's free time periods. This works much like the Persona series, where the player will explore a dungeon with light puzzle elements, encountering (and avoiding) enemies along the way. Enemy encounters will only respawn should the player decide to leave the dungeon and take place on separate, specialized combat maps. The player will be able to discover "weak points" on each dungeon floor which function as safe rooms where the player can access special consumables, converse with party members about their current progress, and teleport between them all freely (allowing them to resume dungeon crawling from any particular point). They can also find loot in the form of Data Caches (chests) that can contain substantial narrative documents (that can produce interactions with party members), consumable items, or gear, and defeating enemies will reward the player with the "Bits" currency which can be used for crafting. As far as the ultimate goal, dungeons are progressed through by finding "Server Bridges" that let the player change floors, and then ultimately entering a "Boss" encounter, which is a large-scale puzzle-focused encounter that will only rarely focus on defeating a singular enemy. Upon completing the dungeon, the player is able to freely return in order to grind and find things they might have missed on previous occasions (there may be exceptions for narrative reasons). Significant Plugins: Yanfly Event Chase Player: http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/21/yep-20-event-chase-player/ - Operations: All party members have access to abilities which are called "Operations", which are executable skills that can deal damage, apply buffs or debuffs, heal, etc. Operations must be equipped to a character before they begin dungeon crawling, and in order to be equipped they must first be crafted or discovered by the player. Each party members has a limited number of slots, and this number can only be increased by deepening their relationship with the player character. (IE, increasing "Synchronization"). Operations require a channeling period before firing, where the caster is rendered idle for (usually) one turn before the Operation's use. Operations also require Load Capacity for use, which is a limited resource for each character with few methods for restoration other than leaving the dungeon and returning at a later date. Different abilities consume different "levels" of Load Capacity. Significant Plugins: Yanfly Equip Battle Skills: http://yanfly.moe/2016/04/08/yep-90-equip-battle-skills-rpg-maker-mv/ Victor's MP Levels: https://victorenginescripts.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-mv/mp-levels/ - Overrides: All party members also have access to abilities called "Overrides", which are executable skills for combat much like Operations. These are unique to each party character and are not required to be equipped. Also, instead of required "Load Capacity" to be casted, they instead consume "Override Points" which are generated during combat by individual characters and whose value is reset to zero at the conclusion of combat. Operations, attacks, and other Overrides can all generate Override Points. But there will also be OP Modes that will generate OP through other means. Overrides are unlocked by level. OP modes are unlocked through Synchronization. Significant Plugins: Yanfly Enhanced TP: http://yanfly.moe/2016/01/08/yep-55-enhanced-tp/ - Gear: Gear is split between weapons and armors. While weapons are restricted on a character-by-character basis (each party member can access a single melee weapon type and a single ranged weapon type, with some exceptions), armors can be equipped to any character and come with a large variety of powerful bonuses and drawbacks to be used to modify a characters base statistics and change their role/handling. Weapons also all handle uniquely and are good at different things, both between weapon types and weapons within an individual type. For example, Javelins are a weapon type with the unique ability to knock back the target on hit. And while a "Piercing Javelin" can do this to all targets in a straight line with mediocre speed, range, and damage, a "One-Ton Javelin" can knock back a target three spaces with high damage, mediocre range, and low speed. Weapons can also be modified through augmentations which change their handling even further. Also, there are only a small number of weapons, and they can all be used throughout the game should the player choose by consistently upgrading their "Class" (F- through S+) augmentation which determines their damage values. Note: The speed of a weapon determines the delay before the user can take their next turn after attacking. Significant Plugins: Yanfly Attachable Augments: http://yanfly.moe/2016/04/15/yep-92-attachable-augments-rpg-maker-mv/ - Stats: Each character has unique base stats, equipment tweaks them. Since stats are different from other RPG Maker games, I will put them within a spoiler directly under this for you, so as not too disrupt the flow of the overall post. Significant Plugins: Yanfly Base Parameter Control: http://yanfly.moe/2016/03/25/yep-86-base-parameter-control/ Yanfly Class Base Parameters: http://yanfly.moe/2016/04/24/yep-95-class-base-parameters/ Yanfly Extra Parameter Formula: http://yanfly.moe/2016/02/12/yep-69-extra-parameter-formula/ Yanfly Special Parameter Formula: http://yanfly.moe/2016/03/04/yep-78-special-param-formula-rpg-maker-mv/ SOCIAL LIFE & TIME MANAGEMENT - Day Stages: Each day will have Early Morning, Morning, Midday, Afternoon, After School (Afternoon II on Weekends), Evening, and Nighttime. Activities generally move this stage one step forward, but lengthier activities (such as dungeon trips) might move this even further. The player character also attends High School, which will automatically consume a number of them on school days, which are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday when not on an active vacation. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are all free days where the player can spend the whole day as they wish. In addition, during certain day stages, the activities the player character can perform will be heavily limited. The player cannot explore the school in the Evening or Nighttime, for example, as the doors will be locked. And when Early Morning is not consumed by a narrative sequence, the player character cannot leave the house without progressing to the Morning day stage. - The Player Character & Social Currencies: The player character can engage in a number of activities throughout the game, but almost all of them require that the player spend a certain amount of a particular "Social Currency". The social currencies are as follows: Ingenuity, Confidence, Endurance, Resolve, and Expertise. Ingenuity is increased by reading books or being successful in intellectual situations, and in addition to being spent on certain activities, it can also be spent on crafting. Confidence can be increased through a variety of activities and can be spent on engaging in daring activities that the player character otherwise wouldn't, but most importantly can be spend on progressing your relationship with party members through "Sync Talks". Endurance is unique in that it has a cap which can only be raised through the player character engaging in exercise and that it is required to engage in any and all activities. Endurance can be increased by engaging in loner activities that the player character enjoys. Resolve can be increased by a variety of activities and can be spent on compassionate activities. Expertise can be increased through a variety of activities and can be spent to speed up the completion of certain tasks or engage in activities which require Skill. - School: The player character must attend school and has a variety of classes to attend. These classes will be significant, with a single lecture every week for every class which they attend. The primary purpose of these lectures is worldbuilding, but the player will also be rewarded for paying attention. If they can memorize the information and answer correctly on multiple-choice questions and tests, this becomes easily the best way to generate Ingenuity. - Town: The player will be able to explore a few different town areas in addition to the school itself during periods of free time. This allows them to meet NPCs, visit stores, work a job, and engage in a variety of other activities. Working a job requires a large investment of a relevant social currency, and requires a social currency to produce good results. You can be fired and you must turn up to work in order to keep your job. Working a job grants you money which can be used to purchase important crafting materials and upgrade the facilities at your base. My crafting systems are currently my least developed idea (I'm still brainstorming, and in addition they are narratively tied to a specific one of your party members so I'm also being somewhat intentionally vague to avoid spoilers), sorry for the lack of description throughout this post thus far. - Synchronization: This is how the player will progress their relationships with their party members. Each "Synchronization Level" with a party member costs more Confidence than the previous one and unlocks access to special privileges. Specifically, each step of a relationship will unlock one bonus in the real world and one bonus for dungeon crawling. As an example, one party character unlocks a Battle Status menu during combat and the previously mentioned Cooking system. Each step after the first will generally be spent on expanding the base abilities you got in the first step in some way, either by providing other abilities tied to the same theme or by increasing the depth of the adjoining system which was unlocked. In addition, three of the party characters (which are all women, according to the main character's sexual orientation, sorry to anyone who likes homosexual relationships in their games, I feel you, but the main character is not a blank slate) can be romanced, and the player MUST pick one by the conclusion of the game or it will lead to a Bad End. Romances are unlocked by advancing the romanceable character to the final rank (each character has ten levels, and each level requires participation in a narrative event that deepens the relevant relationship) of their Sync Level and choosing to enter a relationship in their final Synchronization Event. After this, the romanced character unlocks five extra Synchronization levels that can be completed (though unlike merely entering the relationship, these are optional), and completing these events unlocks by far the strongest bonuses of any of the characters in the game, such as a character which becomes immune to all hostile status effects. A note is that the game will be structured around the player being able to complete ALL of these "Sync Talks" by the end of the game, with the more efficient players able to complete it earlier. Generally, the goal is that a competent player will be able to unlock every Sync Bonus by the time they reach the second-to-last dungeon (or at least this is the idea, none of this is built yet, obviously). STORY & CHARACTERS This entire section will be contained within a spoiler for the convenience of readers. And that's it! I had to rewrite a lot of the stuff I sourced from my design document, honestly 90 percent of this post isn't the copy & paste job you would expect... I hope it produces the results I'd like, but just having some feedback would of course be fantastic all on it's own. Thanks for reading!
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