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  1. try this http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/14111-graphics-states/
  2. markA

    Reduced or No TP on Surprise Encounter

    Ooops sorry I didn't have time to test it, and I just realized that I missed something. Try this one, module BattleManager class<< self; alias make_action_orders_mark make_action_orders; end def self.make_action_orders make_action_orders_mark $game_party.members.each {|battler| battler.clear_tp} if @surprise end end
  3. markA

    Reduced or No TP on Surprise Encounter

    Try this! module BattleManager class<< self; alias make_action_orders_mark make_action_orders; end def self.make_action_orders make_action_orders_mark $game_party.members {|battler| battler.clear_tp} if @surprise end end
  4. markA

    Indie in a Week 2!

    I finally have Idea that at least going to finish in less than a week. I think I'm going to make a standard quest based RPG. The story will be that there are a kids that have a very sad people in his village and the holiday is at the end of the month. And this kids is going to try to make everyone happy by finishing quest. I don't want to spoil anyone for the story. Well, there's nothing to spoil because that's all I can think of for now. I think I'm going to start going to the maker tomorrow. I will probably be using a lot of RTP. I don't care if it's plain/simple because my goal for now is just to finish it on time so I can at least participate.
  5. markA

    How does magic reflection work?

    What do you mean by #2? Do you mean by skill type? Because as long as the hit type is Magical Attack it can have any skill type so even if the skill type is "special" but the hit type is magical attack it will still be reflected.
  6. markA

    Calling the formation scene?

    As far as I know there is no formation scene in the game; When you select formation in the menu it just switch to the window in which you can switch actor formation. I think you need a new scene for formation for this. The only one that I found that make a scene for formation is yanfly with the yanfly party sistem menu which work almost the same as formation. The scene is called scene_party so you call it using SceneManager.call(Scene_Party).
  7. markA

    How does magic reflection work?

    Magic reflect work by canceling the target magic attack and reflecting that magic attack back to the user. Engine tell whether the skill it is magic by looking at the skill's hit type in the invocation settings. If it's magical attack then it can be reflected if it's either physical or certain hits it won't be reflected.
  8. I usually just use push without pull because it might be hard to event. To resolve the stuck problem I make an event with no sprite that can enable the player to cross but another event won't. And I put it in the place where the pushed object might get stuck.
  9. markA

    Increasing damage with each hit

    To reset a variable during battle you can use yanfly's base troop events and in the base troop events reset the variable with "turn No.0" as the condition. This will reset the variable every time a battle start in every troop events.
  10. markA

    Sacrifice skill

    I'm using Yanfly's Follow Up Skill. The first skill is to attack everyone which will be followed with the second skill that kill the user.
  11. markA

    Animated Battlers

    Have you tried Yanfly's Visual Battlers? I think it's the simplest one that I can think of that support front view. Yami Battle Symphony also support front view battle system.
  12. markA

    Need Advice

    Making it proportional from the inside and the outside will be hard to do with that roof tileset because of it's perspective..That style of roof is designed so the house would look as if it's being viewed from the front of the house, not from the top. My advice is to use the roof from the tileset C so the inside won't be too small and the outside won't have a weird looking roof.
  13. markA

    Victor's Scripts dead and gone?

    Hmm, I remembered asking him about one of his script in the comment long ago and he respond it nicely, So definitely no problem for me there. I think because I know a little about scripting I never actually ask about bug fix. Also his script is has a clear description so I usually just copy and paste so usually no interaction with him.
  14. markA

    Victor's Scripts dead and gone?

    I'm glad to have like half of his script. This is just very sad. His script is very neat not like any other script. I'm surprised that he's not well liked in this community. I wonder why? I'm definitely not one that are glad that his site is gone. For me his script meant a lot because I learned scripting from learning from the way he arranged his script.
  15. Just opened victor script's site and it's no longer on the web, noooo!

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    2. markA


      I learned a lot of thing from studying his script. More than half my script are victor scripts. So yeah!

    3. Saltwater Croc

      Saltwater Croc

      Whoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    4. Seriel


      Oh wow.

      I even llooked on his Google Drive where they were hosted.

      Everything's gone.

      Meh, I never liked his scripts anyway.

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