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  1. Nathan Pringle

    Random Encounter? Or see-able enemies?

    I tend to enjoy the random encounters, because it's much too easy to go into a boss fight underleveled with on-map encounters. That being said, as has been pointed out before, random encounters can easily take you out of whatever you were doing, and players can often find themselves forgetting what they were doing in a puzzle, or which direction they were going on the map. There's a few ways to get around both of the issues. On-Map Encounters: Find some way to make each new battle fun (which is very difficult to do for EACH fight) Find a way to force the player into some sort of battle (maybe with a bottleneck in your map, with an enemy inside the bottleneck). This allows the player to see the fight and they can approach the fight if they want to. Random Encounters: The best way that I have found to solve the issue of the player losing themselves is to not put encounters in areas where the player can lose themselves. Don't put them in a puzzle, and don't put them at (or near) crossroads. This is fairly easy to do and is quite effective. Watch how players play your game, don't comment on anything, but find out where they lose themselves and fix that area.
  2. Nathan Pringle

    Party Member Dies, Others Get Stronger

    I also put it in a blank project and it worked. I'll have a look at the scripts that I have on and play around to see if I can find which one is the issue. I should be able to solve the rest myself. Thank you very much for your help. This is the second time you've provided a script for me, I very much appreciate it. This thread can be closed.
  3. Nathan Pringle

    Party Member Dies, Others Get Stronger

    Hey Cookie, It doesn't seemed to have worked, unfortunately. Actor A is inflicted with with Avenge, and Actor B dies. Actor A is still inflicted with Avenge and has not changed to Enraged.
  4. Nathan Pringle

    leaveing debug items in game

    I'm not 100% certain what your question is. I believe you're asking whether it's okay or not to leave debug items in the game, so that the player can access them. My opinion is no, they shouldn't be left. Generally these items are game-breaking, and when given the option, many players go for those and don't generally get the full enjoyment out of the game because of it.
  5. Nathan Pringle

    Party Member Dies, Others Get Stronger

    If there's no other option, I'll end up doing that. I don't like having to copy and paste a page into every single battle, though. Only one actor will be inflicted with the "Avenge" state at a time. The "Avenge" state will only last until the end of the turn that it was inflicted on. So, we have a state called "Avenge". We also have a state called "Enraged". If the following conditions are met, the "Avenge" state will be replaced with the "Enraged" state: An actor is afflicted with the "Avenge" state. Any OTHER actor dies. If both of these conditions are true at the time of the death, the "Avenge" state will be replaced by the "Enraged" state. I think that makes sense. If it doesn't, please let me know Thank you for your assistance.
  6. Nathan Pringle

    Skill Creation - Transferring States

    This worked perfectly! Thank you very much, I appreciate it. This thread can be closed.
  7. Hello All! I have a feeling that this will require some coding, but hopefully not. I'm setting up the skills for my game currently, and I've run into a slight issue. The idea for the skill is this: When a character uses this skill, they will be inflicted with the state "Avenge" for a single turn. If a party member dies whilst another member is inflicted with "Avenge", the party member who is inflicted with "Avenge" will receive the "Enraged" state. Does anyone know some way that I might be able to go about doing this?
  8. Nathan Pringle

    NPC won't move through Transfer Event

    Simplest solution I can think of: Change their Priority from "Below Characters" or "Same as Characters" to "Above Characters".
  9. Nathan Pringle

    Skill Creation - Transferring States

    Very true! I'll update the previous post incase he only wants to check for states I think that should work. I'm not planning on using buffs or debuffs in my game (buffs and debuffs will be handled directly through states, so that rather than just giving a buff, I can control exactly how much the character will be buffed by). I'll get back to you on whether it works or not shortly. EDIT: So I removed add buff and debuff part of that script and this is the script that I'm currently using. In the skill that I'm using, I have placed a.transfer_cookie(a, inside of the custom formula bar. This currently isn't working. The User has two states applied to them (both of which have an ID above 1). After using the skill, the states haven't changed.
  10. Nathan Pringle

    made my final boss indsucteble need help

    A video of the battle itself shouldn't be needed. I understand what your problem is. We'll need to see your actual event page for the battle. If you navigate to the Troops Tab in the Database and find the battle you're having an issue with, you can screenshot the lower half of the screen (the area which says Battle Event) using a Print Screen key on your keyboard, and post the picture in a comment in here. That should be the easiest way to do it.
  11. Nathan Pringle

    Multiple actor graphics

    The way I would go about doing this is to have a variable which would hold their current mental level, as well as a common event for changing pictures (This is a bit of an expansion on the suggestion Rikifive made above^) Let's say, in this variable, 0 is fully sane and 100 is completely insane, and you have four different graphics for their face. Whenever the player encounters a part of the game that changes this variable (whether it be for better or worse), directly update that variable (either add or subtract from it), and then call the common event. Inside of the common event, perform your checks. If variable < 25 - change to face1. Else if variable < 50 - change to face2. Else if variable < 75 - change to face3. Else, change to face 4. (You can change faces by using the method that Rikifive suggested above) You should also have a boundary check inside of your common event (if variable < 0, variable = 0. If variable > 100, variable = 100). This is just to make sure values don't change too much. So long as you don't call this common event every frame, this should be a good way to go about it.
  12. Hello All, This should hopefully be a simple request. I'm attempting to create a skill which will take all buffs and debuffs which are currently applied to the user and apply them to the target. So, say the user is applied with the Strength and Poison states, and the Target is inflicted with Confusion. Once the User uses the Skill, the Target should then be inflicted with Strength, Poison and Confusion (The User should have no states after using the Skill). I may be planning on using Yanfly's State Manager in the near future, if this helps at all.
  13. Nathan Pringle

    made my final boss indsucteble need help

    We'll need to see a bit more details than what you're describing here. Could you post screenshots of your Troops Battle Events (preferably, a screenshot for each page)?
  14. Nathan Pringle

    Battle Tutorial

    Ah, yes, that makes sense! Thanks for that, I'll make sure to check that out!
  15. Nathan Pringle

    Battle Tutorial

    Bumpity bump bump