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  1. Shadow Fox

    Trick Or Treating with VXAN (October ReStaff 2013)

    Got a question about Cecillia's contributions to this restaff. Where is the sprites, as I see facesets but no character sprite.
  2. Shadow Fox

    September ReStaff: Fantasy In Flight

    Got a question about Cecillia's contributions to this restaff. Where is the sprites, as I see portrait, face and bust but no character sprite. I've now paid for the premium account.
  3. Shadow Fox

    Tidloc's Questlog

    Thanks for the demo. Just wondering about a couple of things. Is there a way to have a quest that has specific requirements to be done before the quest is completed? Requirements such as equipping specific equipment, fighting a set number of monsters, gather a set number of items? And second thing, is there a way to have repeatable quests that give rewards each time the quest is completed
  4. Shadow Fox

    Job Proficiency and Rewards

    Well, the number should change if you choose to have the job exp degrade. But I'm checking it out with testing as much as I can.
  5. Shadow Fox

    Event spawn randomly within regions

    There are a few other scripts that do similar/same type of thing. http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/14720-random-event-positions/ http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/8177-xs-random-event-positions/ http://diamondandplatinum3.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-scripts/rgss3-vxa/miscellaneous/give-npcs-random-positions-when-entering-a-map/ However I do not know if they allow the same event to be spawned at the same time.
  6. Shadow Fox

    Explorer's HUD

    I see. I wish there was a way to have that equipped item to be shown or nor shown via a switch, as that would have been perfect for my game.
  7. Shadow Fox

    Explorer's HUD

    I am thinking of using this script as it is awesome, but there is one thing I am wondering. Is there a way to have a switch to turn off and on the equipped item?
  8. Shadow Fox

    CSCA Quest System

    Got a quick question. How do you do repeatable quests with this quest system?
  9. Shadow Fox

    Class/SubClass Script question

    Big Bump. Need Help Guys.
  10. Shadow Fox

    XS - Menu Delux

    While experimenting with this script within my game I have come across something odd and am hoping someone can help me with my problem with this script. First off, I am using several several scripts that add new windows and menu selections within my game. Those scripts are as follows: Yami's Guardian system Modern Algebra's Quest Journal Moghunter's Music Box script, However this script I might change to just a script call and not a main menu selection. Now this problem is a doozy and I have no idea what to do to fix it. I have this as the menu list, in this exactly order And as you can see with the screenshot it works perfectly. And that is when I realized I needed to customise the menu list a little so I changed the custom menu option from FALSE to TRUE I then added this as a script call to test it out: And when I run the game, this is what happens So I have no idea WHY it would say the description of a different section in the list. Lastly I want the quit option to quit the game instead of going to the end game menu but everything I've tried didn't work... so I need help with that as well. Here is the demo having ALL of the scripts being used and some that aren't. http://www.mediafire.com/?1zr36krjf7z25au
  11. Shadow Fox

    FP Inventory System

    I too would like those two windows either removed fully or the opacity to 0 as well.
  12. Got a question. How would I move the choice bar location? Like if I want it to show on the right side of the screen instead of the left side? I'm asking as I currently have a HUD that is on the top left of the screen and the Large Choices is interfering with the HUD. I have to 'hide' the HUD whenever I want to have a large choice selection and there are a couple choice selections that are so far at least 9 choices long.
  13. Shadow Fox

    Monster Music Regions script

    It's working now. I think I might have had a , where there shouldn't be. This topic can be locked as I don't require a script anymore.
  14. Shadow Fox

    Monster Music Regions script

    I have tried that but the music does NOT play... even though I have this in the script I MAY be doing it wrong though.
  15. Shadow Fox

    Job Proficiency and Rewards

    I'm not sure why it would do that.Maybe I'm doing it wrong, or something. Emerald might be able to help.