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  1. Fleshport [Horror]

    Thank you, Shadow. I appreciate hearing that!
  2. Fleshport [Horror]

    Update: A new character profile ("The Realtors") has been added! Peoria's concept art has been remade. Please check it out under Extras > Concept Art. There's also an introduction video for her. Another fan art has been added under Extras > Fan Art. I'm still deciding what other screenshots I can include that won't spoil much. Upcoming Events: We're still on track to have the game in beta testing by mid-to-late March!
  3. Heck, I'm a little embarrassed I didn't think of that! Thank you so much, I'll give it a go and see how it does.
  4. Ah, no, it isn't an event. I am indeed creating the sprites within a custom script. I'm using a script because I wanted to "zoom in" on the puzzle and have the player see it up close instead of crammed within a 32 X 32 square or have it unreasonably out-scale the player's sprite. (Though maybe giant tiles that take up half the wall would be cool... ) Also, I didn't want the player to have to walk to and interact with the four different tiles, and instead went with having a command selection that would give you the option to rotate any tile within the puzzle. Here's an example of what I'm doing. (The graphics will be replaced shortly, I just needed some visuals to help make the script.)
  5. I can check which direction a sprite is facing outside of the map editor? =O I mean, I guess I don't see why not. Would I just covert the sprite into a 3 X 4 spritesheet and label it with a $? Hmm... I could try that. The goal is to just have one number to use to check if the tiles are facing the right way, instead of having four if/else statements. In fact, the more I think about this, I may be able to use local variables to get this done with. Ah, okay! Thank you very much, Traverse.
  6. Hello, everyone! I have a bit of an odd and rather complicated problem. I've created a puzzle that's activated in a scene. It involves rotating tiles resembled by sprites. There's a variable that resembles the position of the tiles as a whole. Since there's four tiles, the variable is set to having four place values. Ex: 1111. The ones place represents the first tile, the tens place represents the second tile, ect; If, for instance, 1 = left, 2 = right, 3 = up, and 4 = down, then the variable "1324" means that tile four is rotated left, tile three is rotated up, tile two is rotated right, and tile one is rotated down. The way this number is set is that 1X is a added to the variable each time the sprite is turned. If tile one is rotated, we add 1 to the variable. If tile two is rotated, we add 10 to the variable. If tile 3 is rotated, we add 100 to the variable. ect; The problem is that once any place value hits 4 (4, 40, 400, 4000) I want to change that specific place value back down to 1 (1, 10, 100, 1000). However, I can't simply tell the script that once 4 (or 40, 400, ect;) is reached to change it, because the variable will never actually be 4 (or 40, 400, ect;). It'll be a number like 2314. So, the question is: Is there any way I can write this so that the other place values are ignored except the specific one I want? That way I can write a line of code like, "if $game_variables[38] = 4 $game_variables[38] -= 3 else end" and use one variable to manage this puzzle instead of four variables. If worse comes to worse, I'll just use four variables to resemble each tile separately. Bonus question: Is there a way to tell the game to choose the last command that was selected in the command window prompt after it's been refreshed? I have a feeling the answer lies in line 19 of the "Window_MenuCommand" page, where it dictates something about "select_last". But I've tried fooling around with that to no avail. Thank you for your time!
  7. I almost have another script finished! It's for a puzzle that uses sprites in a scene. I've come so far. ;u;

    Or at least farther than I thought I would.


    After I publish my game, I may edit it and post it for others to use.

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      progress feels good :) keep at it dude

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      Cool. Sounds like things are going well on your end.

    3. Zen Blood

      Zen Blood

      Thanks, guys!

  8. Here's a few things that come to mind that could be causing this problem: In the move route action you may not have the correct event selected that you want to move. The ground that the event is on may not be passable. Try seeing what check-marking "through" on the event's page does. If the event that is controlling the cutscene is set to "parallel" while the event you want to move has it's own move route, that may cause conflict. Set the controlling event to "Autorun" and see what happens. Best of luck!
  9. Fleshport [Horror]

    Update: I remade the pixel banners! I think they look a little more neat now. I also added an "Extras" section, which showcases concept art, fan art, and has a link that accesses my discord group. Upcoming Events: About two to three months from now I'll be looking for play testers. Feel free to give me feedback on this page! I want it to look snazzy and interesting, but organized.
  10. Character Comics

    I've been making one-shot comics for each of the characters in my game. Each comic will feature two characters! You can see more about them here.
  11. Stitched

    Congratulations on publishing your game! The art is nice and the story sounds interesting. It's definitely a horror game I'll look into getting once I have some spare cash on me.
  12. Burger Blip Concept Art

    (original post) That burger looks very happy to see you, I'm sure he won't mind if you take a bite out of him! --- This is a sketch of the inside of Burger Blip, featuring Bo and Sadie. For now, I won't be posting any pictures of BB, but I have indeed finished the BB map and the character sprites that are within it. I just need to fix the lighting a little!
  13. What Have You Gotten Done Today?

    That doesn't sound like a bad way of doing it, honestly. I should try doing it at the beginning of the day. I may try the first one at some point. I'm 8 years late on it though. I suppose this is why I like indie games: I can afford them when they're released.
  14. After about 4 years, I'm finally retiring the picture of Tara the android as my pic and using my logo instead. RIP.

    Time to move on!

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      Either way, I bet you feel fantastic. ;)

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      @Kayzee Hehe, yeah, she's pretty creepy.


      @Purple Phantom Hey hey heeeey. ;) 

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      Purple Phantom

      This is my jam. XD

  15. Fleshport [Horror]

    by Website ❧ YouTube ❧ Twitter ❧ DA-Group Abstract: Macabre, Profound, Stylized Genre: (Pixel) Horror Adventure Specs: Windows 7+, 35MB free disk space Rating: M 17+ (Violent References, Blood and Gore) Game Progression: 95% Recruitment: N/A Demo: [No Demo Currently Available] One dreary day, a girl and her family are going to visit her uncle in his new house. Somewhere along the way, the directions mislead them to a house far away from town. In the front yard is a "for sale" sign. This could be the right place, couldn't it? Maybe he hasn't taken the sign away yet. They knock on the door. Nothing. They enter the house. Something changes, they're not where they just were, they're now outside of a worn, cobblestone mansion. Unbeknownst to the child, she and her family have stumbled into a parallel dimension where human flesh is a commodity and all the citizens are raving mad. Character profiles are intentionally vague. More profiles will be added. (concept and design) Zen (artwork and animation) Zen (music and sound effects) Zen (scripts) Zen (script resources) Shaz, Melosx, Traverse, Khas, Galv, Yanfly, TheoAllen, DiamondandPlatinum3, and Victor All of these screenshots need to be updated! ❧ Various locations to explore ❧ Puzzles ❧ Chase sequences where the player can hide, trip over objects, and misdirect their stalker ❧ Intricate lore about the characters and the world of Fleshport ❧ 100% original images ❧ 100% original audio ❧ Easter eggs and references ❧ Shaz, Melosx, Traverse, Khas, Galv, Yanfly, TheoAllen, DiamondandPlatinum3, and Victor, for providing the community with wonderful scripts. ❧ All the helpful and supportive users in the RPGMaker forums. ❧ My fans, who have supported me from the start of this project. ❧ My family and friends, who are supporting me through this long, intimidating project. ❧ The people who created the games I love. Known Issues: [In Alpha] Thank you for reading!