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  1. I'm so happy to have a demo of my game out for people to play, after all this time. 😵 It's gone through so much beta testing to get to this point. Not that it's perfect, but I feel like I'm almost ready to finish this project once and for all. I've got to let it go and let it be what it is.

    1. Arrpeegeemaker


      It's my project, and you know it. Go ahead and tell people it's yours, I'll allow it. But you all should know that @Zen Blood came to my home, punched me in the stomach like the beginning of a double dragon game, and then one of Zen's goons picked me up, slumped me over his shoulder and then carried me away. Help me, Bimmy, you're my only hope. 


      Also congratulations! I guess technically it's your achievement, now, so I hope people love your demo!!

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