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  1. Have anyone checked the new GG Maker?

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    2. TBWCS


      I'm waiting for the free version.

    3. Nocturnic


      Excited, I might actually get that sometime soon but I gotta finish Project So first. XD


      If I could; I'd just transfer all the work to another engine, RPG or shooter.

    4. TBWCS


      I am using a different engine when it comes to shooter games myself. Well, there's a script I use to make rpg maker into a shooter but its definitely not that good.

  2. It's so hot here, the ice map in my game is melting. And by melting I mean it (the map) magically corrupted as my computer did the emergency shutdown.

  3. Everyone are talking about E3, and I just sit here playing RPG-Maker game.

    1. SEJordan


      I think it was something related to Fallout 4, lol.

    2. Seriel


      Same here :P

      If theres something important, i'll hear about it... somehow.

  4. Demintika

    Stories of SHEIDH IV - Oracion Memoirs

    What's the different between the Demo and Full version?
  5. I like it when someone have a logical explanation for a "Game's Logic".

  6. Instead of "NULL" damage, why not "NIL" damage? xD

  7. I want to make an idle game, but RPG Maker doesn't run when on background.

    1. Hikitsu


      Yea, I wish there was a way too.. I had planned an AFK Training Grounds feature for my game.

  8. Never cheat in MY game! I made it so that if your character is overpowered, you might kill someone by accident and leave you stuck! Mwahahaha

    1. LordSquirrel


      Break out the Game Genies!

    2. jomarcenter


      Let me guess. One of the boss battle you have to literally lose to advance in-game.

  9. If you're going to kill off my favorite characters at the end of your game, please at least mark a "Game of "Throne" tag! Now I'm broke.

    1. jomarcenter


      Game of throne cliche *Ding*

    2. LordSquirrel


      Well. It isn't much of a surprise when a character dies then is it?

  10. Playing a RPG-Maker games is no longer the same when you know how everything in the game work...

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    2. seita


      until you find an rpg maker game where you don't really know how they made that work ;p

    3. Cait


      The truth is that the more active you are with a subject the less sensitive you are about that subject. Other people will be amazed while you might not. It's a curse and a blessing at the same time, because something needs to be amazing in order to be impressed. It's just the way the humans work. I heard that from someone who made lots of music and found themselves less awe stuck when they listened to music.

    4. Loriesquare


      Personally I think it makes me appreciate RM games more. Lol


      Mainly because you know the "limits" of it, and not try and compare it to "other" non-RM commercial RPG games. And instead compare it to your own RM gam mak skills (usually).


      And what LS said.

  11. Demintika

    Move sprite in specific angle

    First, the lines I wrote doesn't "move" the sprite, it "teleports" the sprite to its new location. Second, @sprite1 and @sprite2 in your example won't collide. Even if they do collide (using a more complicated script that checking the sprite's size), @sprite2 won't move because @sprite1 teleported to it. What you want is probably an entire dynamic system, not a simple few lines of code.
  12. Demintika

    Maybe an odd request...

    Easiest solution would be making a msgbox appears. msgbox "Pre-Caching Image, please wait."But here is some rough script, placing it above the loading script: def waiting_sprite $waiting_sprite = Sprite.new $waiting_sprite.bitmap = Bitmap.new(Graphics.width, Graphics.height) $waiting_sprite.bitmap.draw_text(0,0,Graphics.width,24,"Caching Image, please wait.") 60.times {Graphics.update} end def dispose_waiting_sprite $waiting_sprite.bitmap.dispose rescue nil $waiting_sprite.dispose rescue nil $waiting_sprite = nil end waiting_sprite class << SceneManager alias run_dispose_waiting_sprite run def run dispose_waiting_sprite run_dispose_waiting_sprite end end
  13. Demintika

    Maybe an odd request...

    Well, I think it would be annoying since it would take 30~40 seconds each time the player press F12 Or that unless $@ thingy prevented that?
  14. Demintika

    Please help. Can't figure out error.

    Your error means: def some_method(a, #Need 2 arguments end some_method("stuffs") #Wrong number of argument, need 2, have 1
  15. Demintika

    Transparent Objective HUD

    Which screen do you want your scrolling text to be? Only on Map or everywhere? Ps: How do the text appear? Typing in effect then move up for next line or Scrolling in from the bottom? Pps: What to do with the empty spaces since "objectives" may not fill all the lines?