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  1. Silenity

    Item Limit Break

    Just need a simple plugin that allows the max items to be way above the normal x99. Like x9k or x1billion dont matter. But definitely prefer 9999+
  2. Silenity

    Item Limit Break

    Tonight. We make love.
  3. Merry Christmas noobs!

    1. Crescent


      Merry Christmas! :3

  4. Silenity

    Salvage Items

    Sweet! Love crafting plugins.
  5. Silenity

    Missing plugins?

    Go to your folders: RPG Maker MV -> dlc -> RPGmakerWeb_plugins -> Yami -> Yami_8DIR.js
  6. Silenity

    Luminus Status Screen

    Seriously sick plugin! <3
  7. Silenity

    Element Naming Aid?

    Could use Tempestas means storm
  8. Silenity


    Very cool plugin! Definitely trying this out after work.
  9. Silenity

    Element Naming Aid?

    Idk about Latin but you could always just change them slightly. Fire could be pyro, flame, flare, scortch, blaze, etc Ice could be crystal, snow, frost, etc Thunder could be spark, lightning, electric, etc Water could be aqua, liquid, marine, etc Earth could be nature, Gaia, rock, ground, etc Light could be divine, holy Dark could be evil, demonic, death, unholy Wind could be air, zephyr, gale, etc Whatever fits your game and your liking should be fine
  10. Silenity

    Conjure Weapons

    Thanks babe!
  11. Silenity

    Conjure Weapons

    Another question: If I were to use this plugin along with your skill level plugin and my conjure weapon skill leveled up when I used it: would I equip the new weapon or the old one?
  12. Silenity

    Conjure Weapons

    Does this add the weapons parameters to your current weapon equipped? or does it replace the weapon entirely?
  13. I believe he's talking about to Sci Fi resources which came in the base resource folder for MV. These came in a separate folder I believe because new MV projects were already super huge to make and they didn't want them to be bigger. The only paid DLC are the cover art characters and essentials add-on packs, I believe.
  14. Silenity

    Custom Party Leader

    Sweeeeet. Good plugin for those looking to make those Pokect Men games. Kappa. +1 :]
  15. Silenity

    What's the origin of your username?

    Being young and edgy and whatnot I combined the words Serenity and Silence to make Silenity. I liked the way it sounded and have been sticking with it for 5 years now.
  16. Silenity

    Super Mario Maker

    1. Have you guys purchased and/or played Super Mario Maker? 2. Opinions on the game? (Is it fun, challenging, cancerous) 3. Would you like to see more maker type games in the future? If so, what kind? Personally, I haven't purchased a Wii U therefore don't have Super Mario Maker either. However, over the past week I've watched countless hours of Trihex and PangaeaPanga play and create Super Mario Maker levels. It looks really fun and can't wait to save up money and buy a Wii U and SMM. My opinion of the game comes solely from watching Twitch streams. The game looks very interesting and quite a lot of fun. Users create Mario levels and some have very deep level design. Levels with a narrative or multiple goals are really cool. The levels that are pretty bad are the ones with just a shitfuckton of enemies and trolly mechanics. Also auto-scrolling levels and levels where you have to beat the clock seem annoying. I would love to see more maker type games in the future. With Mario Maker out I hope Nintendo or other game companies release these types of games. Perhaps with Zelda, Pokemon, etc.
  17. Silenity

    "Art" by Sality ^ ^

    Awesome work. Boobies are nice too.
  18. Sweet progress! Backed you guys on Kickstarter. Can't wait for release. >_<
  19. Silenity

    Paladin/Cleric Argument

    Paladins could be able to self-buff with things that aid in covering their allies. Like a self buff that sets his counter rate to 100% if he covers an ally for 3 turns. Or a shield buff that reduces the next incoming attack by a flat 100 points. Or a debuff to make enemies who aren't normally weak to holy, weak to it.
  20. TSM vs CLG HYPE

    1. Novem


      That series was so funny. I think FNC vs OG was more exciting though.

    2. Nwhyce


      What's that?

    3. Nwhyce
  21. How do you guys stay motivated?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Kayzee


      I don't! *lazily yawns and gets distracted by a youtube video*

    3. magic2345


      PSSSHAAAWW who needs motivation anyways.




      I do. *cries*

    4. Arrpeegeemaker


      I'm motivated most when I hold myself accountable to others. One of the many ways working together with people can be beneficial ^^

  22. Silenity

    Enemy Death Rewards During Battle

    Yes! <3 Waited 3 months for a response and it paid off. (:
  23. Silenity

    Enemy Death Rewards During Battle

    Thanks a ton! You're a beast.
  24. Silenity

    Enemy Death Rewards During Battle

    THANKS! Working great so far! Is it possible to make the screen stay in battle until the messages are completed? After winning a battle the victory messages show up but the battleback and what not go away right away and the victory music cuts right off.
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