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  1. Seiryuki

    [VXA] Categorize Item Scene

    I don't have any current plans to add that feature (although I would love to) primarily because I'm too preoccupied with school and work. However, please take a look at modern_algebra's script here: http://rmrk.net/index.php/topic,46516.0.html
  2. Seiryuki

    Magic Junction System

    Is there a possibility for an "Optimise" option where that would automatically assign the magic to the stats that where it has the best affinity? If I remember correctly, Final Fantasy VIII has the AUTO feature where you can choose from a few algorithms: Health, Attack, Defense e.g. selecting Health would mean the magic would be junctioned to the stats so that the HP has priority over the other stats.
  3. Seiryuki

    Draw Magic

    This is nice. Do you plan on doing a Junction system with the Magic Units as well? The Junction system, from Final Fantasy VIII, allows the player to junction (attach) magic to parameter slots such as ATK, SPI, Mag-ATK, etc. altering the value of the parameter based on the affinity level of the magic to that parameter.
  4. Seiryuki

    [VXA] Categorize Item Scene

    I don't quite understand. Do you mean like a "Skills" category where you can select it and a window opens with all the skills/abilities in it? If so, then you can do already do that in the Database under the Terms tab. Create your Skill-Types (you can just create one: "Skills") and then under the Skills tab you would assign the Skills-Type "Skills" to each skill that you want in that category (skill-types are basically categories). Then make sure that the actor or class has that Skill-Type added under Traits. Now when you go in battle you would see the "Skills" category and you can select it to open up a window containing the list of skills, assuming that the actor has already learned some of those skills. If you want more control over Skill-Types in a similar way to the Categorize Item Scene script above, you can make use of this script by Kread-Ex: http://grimoirecastle.wordpress.com/2012/01/17/multiple-skill-types/ or a similar script by FenixFyreX: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/964-multiple-skill-types-per-skill/ It allows you to assign a skill to multiple skill-types. I use this script to have more behind-the-scenes power over what the player sees in the Skill-Type categories. I also created a script that makes use of the Multiple Skill-Types script above: http://rmrk.net/index.php?topic=44946.0 It is called: Skill Menu With Horizontal Skill-Type Commands, and it overrides the default Skill Menu to have horizontal skill-type list instead of vertical (because I like it like that).....but.....it also has a neat feature that allows you to specify what skill-types you want to hide for each actor. Very powerful.
  5. Seiryuki

    VX -> Ace Conversion Program

    So that's why it worked for me...
  6. Ah, I made a mistake when writing the examples above . I wrote <name 1><name 2><name7>...<name n> when I should have wrote: <name 1> <name 2> <name 7> . . . <name n> I accidentally left out the space between name and 7, and I meant to say that the code uses multiple lines like shown above. But! Your input is helpful. I don't understand most of the regular expression codes and I just watch what others do and try to pick up a thing or two. Very informative, thank you Zeriab. I think I understand most of what you said. Maybe I should hug you back *hugs*
  7. Seiryuki

    VX -> Ace Conversion Program

    Well, I inserted the script into the VXAce project after conversion but I get an error after selecting New Game: Script 'Game_BattlerBase' line 187: TypeError occurred. can't convert RPG::BaseItem::Feature into Array I'm just stating the error as it might help with fixing the software. I never intended to run the game anyway. Once the project could open in RMVXAce with some things like the list of Skills, Items, Maps, then I'm fine because all I did was copy-paste the maps, skills, and items over to my real RMVXAce project and tweak them back to how they should be. That's enough for me and I'm happy. Thanks FenixFyreX.
  8. Seiryuki

    VX -> Ace Conversion Program

    It works. Thanks. One minor, minor problem though . My VX project's name had the character "½" in it and so the converter was unable to generate it as the folder's name and it crashed. I simply changed the name of the VX folder and it worked. But I had to do a quick print-screen of the command prompt before it disappeared to figure out what the problem was. This software saved me doing over my world map!
  9. Seiryuki

    KMS Cursor Animation

    If the line is to be read as it is stated, I would support him. If, on a personal stance, KMS doesn't support such mature activity and takes pride in the scripts he does, then it only makes sense that he wouldn't want it seen in such types of games, media, etc. That type of behaviour is perfectly understandable where I come from,...if that is what the line says. Anyways, I'm really glad he did this script; It was a neat nice-to-have for VX. Thanks for translating.
  10. Seiryuki


    Thanks for the scripts, but, why leave so soon??? Farewell. Maybe you'll be back for the next RM?
  11. Seiryuki

    YSA Battle System - Classical ATB

    It has the same height with other gauge. Oh, okay. What I decided to do was copy-paste YEA's draw_gauge into your script and rename it draw_catb_gauge and call that method instead with the changed height. I managed to get it to work like that. Thanks anyway I like this script! Especially the lunatic addon.
  12. Seiryuki

    YSA Battle System - Classical ATB

    How can I adjust the height of the CATB gauge?
  13. Seiryuki

    Khas Awesome Light Effects

    The way the shadows change are so cool. This is a neat lighting effects script.
  14. In a notetag, I want to do <name 1, 2, 7, ..., n> But, the code below uses multiple lines of one value only like this: <name 1><name 2><name7>...<name n> Here is the code: How do I modify the code so that I can use <name 1, 2, 7, ..., n>? EDIT : I manage to find one of YF's code and used it like this (sorry for the bother):
  15. Seiryuki

    KMS Minimap

    Issue solved. I opened it with notepad and the Japanese characters showed up instead of the question marks. I'm assuming that there's no simple way to pre-draw the "other side" of the map when doing a vertical/horizonal map loop? I also had this problem with Woratana's KGC MiniMap for VX. It's not a big problem, but I think it would appear funny to a typical end user.
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