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    NEW screenshots of my game (Project Platypus)

    thnx very much for your comments I will upload some videos of my game later
  2. I hope you like it... pd: Thnx to moghunter by his scripts
  3. Hello i'm new on this forum... i want to share the screenshots of my new first game... it's called "Platypus Project"... by the way... I'm trying to use the amazing schala battle system by mog hunter... Sorry for my bad english hehehe ... I want to make a game like Mario Rpg for example... colorful and funny please tell me your suggestions
  4. lobitogajardo

    Maps Graphics from the XP to Ace!

    Hello everyone, i'm new in this forum, and i'm from chile so my english is bad hehehe but i want to share with us the first screenshots of my new first game called "Platypus Project"... it'll be like mario rpg or something for these style... i'm not using Photoshop for the screens and i hope u enjoy my screenshots..
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