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  1. The new version 20.10.14 is now available! :) - After Lili's events from last update, you can now recruit her in the squad overview screen. (The screen where you can change their equipment and upgrade their skills) Lili is the first healer, and can heal one ally each turn, but uses all of her remaining AP in the process. - Training your squads at the academy will now give all squads experience (until they reach the level limit) instead of allowing only to train one squad each turn. - A defeated squad will now show the damaged full body CG of the squad leader and give a short message about him falling back with his squad. - During the quest to unlock the strategy battle system, player will now see the CGs of the squad leader during their introduction. - The character sprites and face images of Fang, Magdalene, Ailluin and Bristol were changed to make them fit to their full body CGs. - You can now continue the events with Lielle! You need to finish her and Tsubaki's previous events, then Lielle will appear at the magic shop in Newkungu in Dorgania. Finishing the events will reward you with a new CG scene. Downloads: Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ Other news: My Patreon page was suspended because of a violation of the community guidelines of Patreon. After a short discussion, it became apparent to me that I won't be able to solve the issue. As such, I'll most likely have to leave Patreon. This won't stop the development of the game, but might keep me busy for a bit, while I sort out things.
  2. The new update 20.09.21 is now available for all systems! Changes: - The story of the half angel/demon Lili continues at our castle now, after you had her previous events at Pumumu to get her to Central. After training each of her categories at least twice, and when you've unlocked the strategy battle system, you'll get an event with the mage Bristol, which'll be necessary to unlock her as a new squad leader. [But she can't be used as a squad leader in this update yet. That's for next update.] - You can now unlock the CG scenes of the water lamia, raijuu and cowgirl at the big farm in Central. - The reset of Moriko's events was added to all systems to the book in your bedroom in Aldlyn. (The bug in the update files, which made you unable to get her good scene when you did the assassin dungeon before reseting her events, was also fixed) The girl on the right on the title screen is the female dwarf paladin Adrianna. It's a preview for her character. She'll serve under Queen Apelia in Begus in the near future. A "non-human" servant for the Queen will certainly make things interesting in Begus. :) Downloads: Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
  3. I uploaded new "update files only" for version 20.09.05. They don't add new content, but fix some spelling mistakes and add a reset option for Moriko's event back to the point where you make the choice for her good or bad path at the police HQ. https://mega.nz/file/foA0QYSD#WFBfZJWv-xrXNJZfn1SeFxDVfa4wGatTeOEN-R3lCfQ
  4. The new version 20.09.01 is now available for all systems! Changes: - New events for the Thremten thieves guild. It starts at the guild when you talk with Flaire. It requires that you advanced the main story to the point where you talked with commander at the Whitestone Citadel to get access to the Dhranholl mine for Katryx Ore (during the events to defeat Lace), you need to be either on Moriko's good path or when you raped her you need to have her second sex scene (which happens at the thieves guild), and you need to finish the events where Jenny was arrested and you investigate with police officer Nori to release her. - After the events with the thieves guild, you can find Nori in Aldlyn for a new CG scene. - Choosing the bad path for Flaire will give you a CG scene with her in your secret prison. - When Moriko is on her good path, she'll get her first good CG scene after the events with the thieves guild. - During the events with Queen Apelia of Begus, you went to Pumumu and talked with their leader Rutia. You can now find the girl Lili in the village after that event is done, and after a short introduction, Lili will move into your castle. Her events currently end when she moves into your castle, but more events with her will be added later. Download: Hi-Drive: https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
  5. The next version is ready! The update advances the events of the Orchel refugees, and you'll be able to finally help them out of their misery. At the end of the event line, you're rewarded with CG scenes for Sariandi and Lymseia. The event line will start when you talk with Maescia in Orchel now, while Kayelinth is in your party, and when you had the initial dialog with the twins Rina and Rena. Download: Hi-Drive: https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
  6. In order to fix the bugs from the last version, I made a quick update with a bit of new content. New content of version 20.07.19: - A new event and CG scene was added with the elf Allisa from Orchel in Dorgania. - CG remake of Mirel's first blowjob at the comming of age ceremony. - CG remake of Leneth' full body and sex scene CGs. - CG remake of Mira's cunnilingus scene. - CG remake of Vampire's scene with female Ryen in the bathhouse. - CG remake of the double blowjob with Mira and Vampire. - CG remake of Vampire's footjob. - CG remake of Grey's first sex scene (All changed CGs and their scenes can be seen via the CG room) Bugfixes: - Initial dialog with Bristol was changed and should now display properly. - Squads that were defeated will now be "alive" again in the next battle. - Defeated squads won't cause an invisible barricade anymore. - You can now upgrade the blacksmith in Calbridge Stronghold on the overview map to produce steel once you have a mine to produce coal. - The problem of black icons above enemies for android might be fixed, but I have to check if the fix actually works when I make the apk file, as the issue did not appear in the windows version. - Barricades don't drop loot anymore when you defeat them. - The squad leader Fang can now act with 4 APs. - The "Academy upgrade" research option was fixed. - The message talking about an Iron Spear when you want to craft a Steel Axe in the armory was fixed. - Changed the location of the treasure chest in the bonus battle, as it was unreachable in the previous spot. - Price of "Special Arrows" in Ebron was changed, to ensure you can't sell them for more than you pay for them. - Lind will appear properly in the CG room again now. Download: Hi-Drive: https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
  7. The update of the strategy battle system is finally done! First of all, let me say that this update took waaay longer than I expected. Almost two month for an update is far beyond my normal schedule, but it was a rather complex system with many issues, instead of the normal events that are often pretty straight forward. The next time I'll work on such a large change, I'll try to post more in between to keep you all up-to-date, and maybe squeeze in a little update in between, to make sure people stay busy. ;) Changes in update 20.07.14: - Skip and hide buttons were added to the dialog box. The skip button can quickly advance you through dialogs, and the hide button will make the text box disappear until you click or press something again. In the options, you can bind a specific key for the skip and hide action as well. The strategie battle system on the overview map was almost complele re-made. Changes include: - New event and quest at the repaired barracks (where you met Mira), which will unlock the strategie battle system after you finished the quest. - New overview of all squads of the vanguard forces. Every squad now has a unique leader and abilities, rather than a class based on it's weapon. - Squads can now change equipment, and use abilities and items during combat. - Base movement for all troops is now 3 tiles. It can be increased up to 5 tiles by equipping a horse. Every squad that uses a horse takes additional damage from enemies with lances. - All squads heal automatically after a battle now. - Squads gain stats when they level up. - New research options for the army section of the laboratory. - Enemies have a chance to drop loot now, and every map gives you loot for completing it. - New arena function to fight up to 5 1on1 duels with one of your squads. - All battles now start instantly, without having to wait for your vanguard to move there for several turns, and they can be repeated endlessly. Only exception is the bonus battle, which has a small chance to appear every turn and will disappear when you advanced a turn again or fought the battle once. - Destroyable barricades were added. (You don't need to destroy them to win the battle) - Enemy cavaliers will now walk a set path until they an enemy got in range, to simulate a patrol. - Agility, crit chance, and evasion were added to the stats of the squads. - Moral now affects the crit chance of your squad instead of the pure damage. - Damage is not a fix value anymore, but has a range of +/-20%. Together with the chance of critical strikes and misses, this makes the result of the attack less predictable. - Added a low chance each turn for a caravan to appear, which sells items for the vanguard forces. Notes: - Two squad leaders introduce themselves with full body CGs. The artist is already working on the other 4, but they were not done in time for the update. - Due to the complexity of the system, I'm almost certain that some bugs still hide in it. I'd appreciate every help to find them, so please don't hesitate to report any bugs or issues you find. I'd also be happy to hear your opinion on the balancing of the new enemies, to improve it some more. - Currently only 6 new squad leaders can be played, but the system is made for up to 20 unique squad leaders. They'll be added step by step in future updates. - The focus for the next few updates will be on the main character(again) and the sex scenes for the Orchel elves. Thanks for your patience and enjoy the new update. :) Downloads: Hi-Drive: https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
  8. Small update to version 20.05.17: -> This update only fixes bugs and spelling mistakes, it adds NO NEW CONTENT. <- - For some people the Wind Spirit did not appear in the top left of Aldlyn even after getting all requirements. There is an option in the book next to your bed in the castle to fix this issue now. - Fixed the bug of your party disappearing when you asked Lady Akira to change you into a girl at Witton. - Fixed the bugged treasure chests in the fire raid of the Spire of Courage. They don't freeze the game or give you multiple items anymore. - Fixed several issues with the new skills from the skill tree update. Everything that was reported should work as intended now, but please let me know should you still notice any skills that don't work as described. Downloads: Hi-Drive: https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
  9. Update 20.05.09 changes: - New event with Vampire and the Wind Spirit. It's starts in the top left corner of Aldlyn when the main story events and Vampire's events are advanced far enough. - Added the solo CG scenes for the hellhounds Xyani and Liu. Skilltree - New skilltree pages replace the old skilltree, and can be accessed from the menu, same as before. - Each party member received a unique skilltree page, which adds about 100 new skills into the game. - The old skills and points you've invested remain, on the pages of different party members. - All skills can be reset to regain the skillpoints now. Feedback about the new skilltree system would be highly appreciated. Mostly about the balancing, if some skills are overpowered or not worth the skillpoints, and if the new skills made you change your previous party formation. Since I got asked a lot about how to get to the hellhound village after the last two updates, I thought it might be best to explain it again: You need to get the wyvern Leneth pregnant to have a chance to meet Hellhound in a maid uniform in your secret bedroom. The trigger for this is a randomly generated number and can be re-rolled by using the teleport stone. After the scene with Hellhound in the maid uniform, you can find her in the volcano in Amagal in front of a hole in the wall which leads to the hellhound village. In order to enter the volcano, you need to advance Vampire's events. For the next few days I plan to bring the walkthrough up to date and take care of reported spelling mistakes, which have been piling up a bit. ^^" Downloads: Hi-Drive: https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
  10. Changes for update 20.04.18: - A new quest starts when you talk with Grey at the sleeping chambers. Requires the previous event (Grey going drinking with Elly and having the three/foursome scene), the event with Scarlett making your portrait, and the first CG scene with Lady Akira at the brothel. - Added the CG scenes for Dai-Xinyue and Shui at the hellhound village. Dai-Xinyue requries the relationship at 100+ and Shui requires that you sleep with Dai-Xinyue first. - New event with Lind, which starts at the sleeping chambers when you had her thigh fuck scene, repaired the old barracks, and allowed female soldiers in the law and finances screen. The price for upgrading your units during Lind's event was reduced from 1 million gold to 500k. Downloads: Hi-Drive: https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
  11. RyenSaotome

    Dwarves generator parts [Face,TV and Variations]

    The battle spirits weren't part of the commission and therefore were never made. Sadly the artist had no more time soon after making these dwarf parts, and as result I never got any more.
  12. The new version 20,03.30 is now available! Changes: - New event line with Mirel. It starts at the sleeping chambers and requires the previous events and Mirel at level 25 or higher. - Changed the special arrow item. Instead of being used as requirement for certain skills, it can now be used in battle to give Mirel a temporary crit chance bonus. - The hellhounds Luoyang and Yimu have solo CG scenes now. You need to get the relationship with them up to 100 by bringing them items from the hellhound dungeon in order to unlock the scenes. - Fixed a bug with a CG of Lace, which refused to disappear after the scene was done. Downloads: Hi-Drive: https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
  13. The update 20.03.02 is now available! Changes: - If your quest with Sandra for Bob didn't finish due to a bug in the last update, talking with Sandra will mark the quest as done now. - Removed the Christmas elves, but you can replay all Christmas scenes at the note in the sleeping chamber. - The CG scene for the weak mummy was added to the CG room. - Added a reset option for Lace to bring her back to the start of the secret prison events. From there you now have the option of her good path. There are no CG scenes for her good path yet, nor does she get out of the prison yet. - New event with Hellhound. It starts in the volcano in Amagal where you find orangium for Vampire, when you have Hellhound's and Vampire's events advanced far enough. --- Downloads --- Hi-Drive: https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
  14. The new update 20.02.08 is now available at MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ The main purpose of this update is to fix bugs during the events with Naevy and Moriko. If your party disappeared after the events with Naevy, you can enter and leave the bathhouse to reset your party back to normal. As little extra, I also added the CG scene for the weak mummy girl.
  15. The update 20.02.02 is now available! Changes: - Akai got a new event. It's a short scene that start when you talk with her at the workshop after having her first scene and when you were at the beach at Amaranthe before. (This requirement was taken away from Grime's event with Akai. I originally wanted to combine them, but that would mean you only get the scene for Akai when Grime is on her good path, so I changed it.) - Kurohime got new CGs for her first and third scene (both sex scenes). The second scene, the blowjob, has not been changed but due to the huge difference in art quality, I'll probably replace it later as well. Her first scene got slightly adjusted to fit the CGs better. - New CG for the earthspirit sex scene in the forest near Ebron. [The CG remakes can be seen at the CG room!] - The cowgirl Maxine appears at the Whisperwind farm after you've captured and released at least 3 cowgirls. She only has a short dialog so far. - The book next to your bed now has the option to reset Irinlia's events (the Millwater murder case). The option for a "good path" was added to the end of these events, which happens when you give her to the soldiers rather than throwing her into your dungeon to rape her. Currently this only brings her to the Ironholm prison, but I want to add more "good path" events for her later. Also, Tsubaki's wound during the event with Irinlia isn't permanent anymore. Instead it's a debuff that reduces her max health until you removed it, for example by sleeping. - The player now has the option not to rape Moriko during the chase of a criminal with her. (There is no reset for her events, as they don't change the outcome). The choice, whether to rape her or not, at the end of the chase now determines whether you leave her on the good or bad path. It's not possible to rape her anymore after making the choice to let her be. - The CG scene for the custom girl of last years Christmas special is now done! Enjoy having fun with the girl of your dreams~ - I made a new system to save the party formation whenever the party is split, for example at the bathhouse. I had to manually apply it everywhere, so hopefully I haven't forgotten any places. :D - I added a kiss during the dialog with Sandra before her first time events. - Fixed some bugs, including problems with the butcher and research on the overview map. - Fixed spelling mistakes. Download: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ