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  1. Update 18.04.10 content: - New event with Kayelinth in Lalizan (Dorgania). Starts when talking to the the guy in the top right area, inside a fence and near a new chest. Requires Kayelinth in your party and 1500 gold. - New grey Imp battler images and slightly changed dialog at the monsterhall. When you give the Imp at the monsterhall Iron with 80+ relationship, you'll unlock a second CG. [Red Imp also has a new CG, but it's not in the game yet.] - New warmap battle after the forth battle where you capture Lind. It can be repeated endlessly and gives a bunch of supplies and resources. This is supposed to help the lack of resources due to the limited battles so far. The 6 enemy troops have exactly as many troops as your first 6 units. But you can still overpower them easily either by taking advantage of unit classes/bonis, by having 7+ units, or by having the better upgrades to make your units stronger. Please let me know if you think the amount of resources obtained from a victory is worth the fight, or if it needs to get increased. - I added a book at the entrance of your castle in Aldlyn, which allows you to set the message text to appear immediately instead of slowly appearing letter by letter. You can see the book's location in the screenshot above. I'll make a poll on patreon and gamejolt later, whether you would like to have this as default for new games, or keep it the current way. Known warmap problems: - The HP/AP bars sometimes don't update themselves to show the correct amount of HP and AP. - Enemies occasionally attack units in wrong locations, outside of their reach. I think I know where to find those problems, but couldn't find the issue itself yet. About the long delay: The last updates have already taken longer than the planned 2 weeks between updates I used to have, but this one has been especially slow. The reasons are a mixture of different things. I know that I was working too relaxed and little right after the last update when I had enough time, not getting much done, and then I had less time and cursed myself for not using my time better before. That lack of time management due to stuff like flexible working hours and other obligations have been bothering me for a while now. On the other hand, I was also having a hard time bugfixing the warmap. Players won't see a difference, but a lot of the system was re-worked to make sure the future battles can be added quickly and everything will work flawless. But even after many hours of work parts of it are still bugged, which was incredibly frustrating to me. And that frustration caused me to spend less hours working on the game than I usually do when making normal events, since I „gave up“ and did something else when I hit a dead end again. I'm personally very dissatisfied with how long this update has taken, and how little new it gives to the player at the same time, even if the content itself turned out well. That's why I'll aim to get back to the bi-weekly updates and push myself some more again. As I've already proven by doing so before, it's not a matter of „rushing“ myself or anything, but a realistic time frame if I take things serious enough. My apology to all the people that were patiently waiting for this update for so long. Download: ---- Stratos ---- ---- MEGA ---- ---- Mediafire ----
  2. The new update 18.03.06 is online and contains: - New CG scene in Ebron. Requires the main story to be advanced to after the new dialog with Varea, and the event with Phraan picking flowers. Then you can meet Eloen outside at Ebron with a male elf in front of her. After the dialog there, you need to leave and re-enter the map to continue. You can then find her west of Ebron, where the path leads to another small forest at the storage building. - Varea has a new dialog after you found the empty chest in Sunee. She'll give you two new quest. - Lalizan, the poisonwood keep, the El Arma Gravesite, Lualombo and Sinasoka in Dorgania are now all accessable. The last 4 of these 5 have dungeons for the new main story events. [Riddle solutions in the walkthrough, if needed] - The second quest of Varea brings you to the Yang Tower. If Chiyo's Magic Knowledge is high enough, you can repair the teleport. The event there include a part which requires Mirel and Elly. - The NPC's in the new areas have mostly nothing interesting to say yet. They'll receive more dialogs and quest in the future updates. - Several new enemies were added, the most interesting one should be two Salamander girls, which change to their nude version when you've done enough damage. Give some special love to the artist of the new monstergirls shawn1013 at https://shawn1013.deviantart.com/ ! - [The new quest "Fragment Hunt" can't be finished yet, since the events at the capital of Dorgania Kagabanghui aren't done.] - [If you downloaded the version 18.03.05 yesterday or the day before, please update your game. The files were buggy, that's why I made another upload with the version 18.03.06 with all necessary fixes.] Upcoming changes in the next updates: - The warmap is still bugged and will receive some special care from me now. - The new areas still need dialogs and events to fill them with life, so that will be a priority. - Finishing the new quest by adding the events at Kagabanghui - Continuation of the events in Amagal with the King and the Earl. Download: ---- Stratos ---- ---- MEGA ---- ---- Mediafire ----
  3. The slaves at the thieves guild were originally created as "decoration" for the guild, since a slave trader seemed very fitting there. But since I added them to the game, there were a lot of people asking when you'll be able to buy or free them. And now it is finally time for them to shine. Sadly the CGs for their "good" path aren't done yet, but you can get their "evil" scenes by sending them to the brothel or into your secrect dungeon. The content this update is solely those CG scenes, but I'm planning to put a more focus on story content and the main characters in the next few month. Which means you can look forward to more events in the next updates, to give you a break from the constant sex. Update Content: - New CG for Hellhound sex scene added - Christmas event removed - You can now buy the four slaves from the thieves guild either at the guild, or at the brothel if you set the law for to allow them. - Slaves send to your secret dungeon can be raped. - Slaves send to the brothel can be fucked hard (which are only slightly changed versions of the rape scenes.) and it'll become possible to fuck them gently at the brothel as well in the future. - Slaves send to your castle will appear at the sleeping chambers in maid outfits. They say one or two lines to thank you, but else don't have any additional content on this path. - Slaves freed or send to another country for better political relationship disappear for good. They can't be found anywhere or brought back. Download: https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our (Uploads to MEGA and Mediafire will follow tomorrow) Other stuff: I asked about game merch in the last poll on patreon and gamejolt, which will likely become available in the next few weeks. I'll first put some more effort in designs to make something good, before ordering a single of each item I could imagine selling. If the quality of the print and the design looks good enough, I'll post images of them and further information about how to order them.
  4. Update 18.01.08 content: - The snow effect and presents of the christmas special are removed with this update. The christmas CG scene will be removed in the next update, as I forgot to do so before uploading. - The brothel can now be entered. It doesn't have any whores yet, but you'll be able to purchase the slaves from the thieves guild later to change that. Other planned options for them is to send them to your dungeon, free them, or give them as presents to other countries to improve your relationship with them. - A new event with Lady Akira at the brothel. You'll need the event where you could pick to change Grey back or not before you can meet Lady Akira there. - Cumshot edits have been added for the new CGs of the headmaid's scene and Elly's titfuck scene. - The capital of Dorgania, Kagabangui has been added. You can explore the city and each building, but there are no events in the city yet. As with previous updates, it's only uploaded to my server at stratos when I make this post. The uploads to MEGA and Mediafire will follow tomorrow. Download: https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our
  5. After several delays, the christmas update is finally done. Content: A change of the tilesets to make everything in Central and Amagal covered in snow and ice. [Will look strange at places, since not everything was changed and the maps were not made for it obviously.] Presents were placed all over the world, mostly outside but in a few rare cases inside. Special CG scene, which can be slightly altered by two special presents. If you can’t find where the CG scene starts, maybe sleep a night over it. The new warmap system is working but not bug-free yet. I’ll continue to work on it and take care of all problems in the next days. My apologize for the inconvinient in the meantime. Elly’s titfuck CG was updated with the new CG version. If you already played the scene, you can check it at the CG room. The changes for christmas, including the snow, presents and special CG scene, will be removed in an update early next year. Make sure you get everything while you can. ;) Download only available at https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our for now. Upload to Mega and Mediafire will follow.
  6. Windows version and Update files only for version 17.11.29 are now online at https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our Mac and Linux version will follow tomorrow. Changes: - Continuation of the main story line! Talk to Varea for the new quest. - The dialog of Varea was changed. Instead of having several choices, she'll now tell you about Lace's location immediately and the main story will only proceed after defeating and capturing Lace. - Additional floor for the secret prison. A guard there will give you a quest, which is required to get a new CG scene with Lace. - 2 new cities, Minsk and Sunee. - During the ship cruise to Minsk, you can talk with each party member privately. The dialogs with party members you don't have yet can still be obtained by repeating the cruise later. - A new dungeon, which includes the new enemy Anubis and Big/Small Spidergirls with placeholder sprites. The character sprites will change once I have an artist for them. All three new monsters are not catchable with Soul Lanterns yet. - Several important characters have been added in the new content. - The old CG of the head maids blowjob has been replaced by a remake from Mirayna. - Corrected spelling mistakes in several old areas. - Added new music. The new enemies all have different music playing for the battles with them. I might make similar changes to existing enemies, to make the battle music more varied. - Improved the overview map tutorial with images for the stength/weakness of unit classes, and a legend for the resource images. - Increased starting resources on the overview map. The new bonus can also be obtained in save game, by going to the overview map from the dialog option of Sir Edward in your throne room. I gathered a bunch of new assets, which will give me many new options for new maps and characters. You won't get to see everything immediately, but it should add some nice details every now and then now. My thanks goes out to the artists, who allowed the assets to be used for free. You can find a list with all of them and links to their posts in the game credit page. The warmap was not changed yet. I'll re-write the system for movement and properly test them in the following days, in order to make sure it'll improve things and not make it worse. Other bugs in the warmap will also be taken care of along the way. I'll probably release these changes in a few days as a "mini" update. An update of the walkthrough is also on my list for the coming days.
  7. - New finances, laws and policies system. The system allows you to make several choices on how the country will be governed. The choices will affect 7 new variables of the people in your country, which will increase or decrease in the background while you do other things. There are no new events based on these numbers yet, but will be used in the future updates. - New event with Vampire, starting at the Aldlyn city board with a new bounty quest. - New event with Sia, starting at the sleeping chambers. Requires the Aldlyn bar upgrade from the overview map. - New Icons at the CG room will now show which girl´s can get pregnant and if they are already impregnated. - Changes to the option menu, allowing you to change the window color, and switch to wasd control or change the keyboard config manually for each key. General notes: - I've pushed back the bug fixes for the warmap again and again for several weeks now, so I'll put a focus on it during the next few days. Please let me know in details about any problems you have or had, to help me get rid of all problems the system still has. If it's a longer description of a bug, at best with screenshots, please send it to Naughty-Netherpunch@web.de instead of making a mess in the comment section. Thank you! - I've recently posted the update files for new updates first in discord, while the full version uploads are still on the way. If you want to get the updates faster, and see information about the ongoing development of the next update ahead of time, make sure to drop by. You can find the discord channel at https://discord.gg/A79WrBq Changes to the patron rewards: The full size CG previews will now be available for +5$ patrons as well, rather than just the game size version. Download link: https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our [MEGA and Mediafire uploads will be done tomorrow]
  8. The new version is up! Content: - The big farm, which you can build on the overview map, is now accessable. It'll also allow for small and big harpies to be released now. (No CG scenes there yet.) - New event with Jackie at the herbalist, after her previous event are done and you've build the monsterhall. - Secret CG event, which will require you to find several dialogs with hints while the necessary characters are in your party, and some other requirements to be met, before you can get to it. (And no, I won't give more hints/tips. And yes, I expect many people to go crazy about not finding it.) - I've also made a change to the warmap pathfinding, which might reduce or even fix the movement problems. But it'll require a bit more work and testing, to ensure everything is bugfree in it. Currently only the update files and windows version are up, Mac and Linux version will follow. Walkthrough will be updated later as well, including the solution for Lielle's dungeon. Things planned for the next update: - The "second" CG scene for Vampire. (She already has some more due to bonus scenes, but this is the original second scene for her.) - Changes in the kingdoms policy and law system. - New CG scene with Sia - And some other stuff, should there be enough time. Download: -- Download from my own server -- -- Mediafire -- -- MEGA --
  9. New content in version 17.10.09: - Changed catching system for monsters. Alraunes, Mummies, Thunder kitties and Harpies can now be captured with the soul lanterns. The soul lanterns need to be used in battle now, and have an increased chance when the enemy's HP are lower. - New dialog at the Whisperwind farm when talking to the Soul Lantern woman, in which it'll be mentioned that you can ask Sir Edward in your castle to build a monsterhall, which'll allow for more monster races to be released after capture. (Dialog unnessecary to proceed, if you already had the previous dialog in a savegame.) - Using the "Talk" option with Sir Edward after the dialog at the whisperwind farm, the Monsterhall will be available on the overview map. - After building the Monsterhall, it becomes available from a stair on the left side of the sleeping chamber. The maid Vivian will allow you to release monsters there, transfer them to other locations, and check how many monsters you currently have in all locations. - Each monsters has a relationship variable, which can be increased by petting them or giving them the item they request. Both option are usuable once for each monster, until you re-enter the room. Requested items change at certain relationship levels. - Blue, Red and Green Slimegirl, Ice Harpy and Thunderkitty have CG scenes at 90+ relationship, being available after giving them the item they request. - Thunder kitties can now be found and catched at the dungeon below Crysthaven in Amagal. - More green slimegirls can be found at the swamp below the bitterroot farm and at the forest near Ebron. - Alraunes and Mummies have no CG scenes yet. - Each monster you capture and release to the monsterhall will give you it's drop on a "harvest". Monsters with 50+ relationship have an increased output. The timer to re-harvest them is set to 10 when harvesting, and is reduced by 1 for each requested item you give to a monster and by 1 for each time you pet a monser. The amount is doubled for monsters you had the CG scene with. - The "big farm central", which can be seen in the monster list, will be added in a similar way as the monsterhall with the next update. It'll be the only place for small and big harpies to be released. - New drops for Thunderkitties and mummies has been added. - In the first dialog with Vivian in the monsterhall, she'll give you a recipe for powerful weapon and equipment, which requires the drops of monsters to be crafted. This'll give their drops more value and the yield of the monsterhall as well. - New events and CG scene with Ariana, when you picked to help her before ("Good" path events). If you did the previous quest and she is now at the sleeping chamers, you can find Mekboss Mashgul and continue her events at the dungeon below Crysthaven. - New nametags for locations on the worldmap. Fixed bugs: - Sia event shouldn't advance in savegames from before it was added anymore and become unplayable. - Replaying Sia's scene will send you back to the CG screen now. - Replaying Bess' CG scene will send you back to the CG screen now. - Fixed the Naevy+Demoness replay to bring you back to the point you started the replay and not sometimes to the other character. - Fixed spelling mistakes in Moriko's and the thieves guild events, and in Sia's event. - Lielle's new scene can now be replayed. Known issues: - Warmap still has some issues. Due to the complexity of the system, I could fix these "at the side" during this update. But I'm aware of them and will take care of it! By chance, all 5 new CGs in this update are from different artists: Ariana CG by Scarlett (https://twistedscarlett60.deviantart.com) Red Slimegirl CG by Mirayna (http://mirayna.deviantart.com) Green Slimegirl CG by Karis-coda (http://karis-coba.deviantart.com) Thunder kitty CG by Burbur (http://burburart.deviantart.com) Ice Harpy CG by Stewcow (http://stewcow.deviantart.com) Stewcow was one of the artists I contacted when going seperated ways with Karis-coda, but in the end I went with Burbur and Grigorart (http://grigorart.deviantart.com). The costs to fund all artists is currently exceeding the gain from patreon, but hopefully that won't be the case forever. Downloads for Linux and Mac version are delayed until tomorrow again, due to my internet connection. My apologies! Download: --- Download from my own server --- -- Mediafire -- -- MEGA --
  10. The update files and windows version for the new update 17.09.24 are now online! (Mac and Linux version, as well as the walkthrough update will follow) Content: - New cagefight system for Brad, including a training system and 2 new battles. - A new event with Lielle, starting at the Aldlyn city board after the first encounter with her, and when Ryen is level 30 or higher. - The new event with Lielle will bring you to a new dungeon, with new enemies, riddles, and a special bossfight. - Finishing the dungeon will not only reward you with some powerup items, but also with a CG scene. - Maid Bess is now available at the headmaids girl selection screen. The amazing CG is done by the artist burbur. Make sure to check out more of her work at http://burburart.deviantart.com ! - Mira can now learn a group healing spell at level 25. In savegames with her at level 25 or higher already, you can learn the spell by entering the CG screen from the main menu. - Due to constant problems with the turn-system of the overview map, I changed the switch necessary to start the system. In savegames where you already had it active, you need to enter the overview map through the general (or Lind) at the sleeping chamber once to re-activate it. - New pregnancy animation and trigger was added to all girls with internal cumshot, including: Grey-f, Maid Linda, Maid Mary, Maid Flore, Sia, Lace, Irinlia, Kurohime, Ariana, Demoness, Naevy, Moriko, Zady (the dark sorceress), Millaine, Earthspirit, Firespirit, Leneth and Hellhound. Aleah has a pregnancy trigger, but no animation since it's a text only scene. Every girl has only a certain chance to get pregnant, but it can also be triggered during the replay of the scene. The impreg animation can only be triggered once per girl, for hopefully obvious reasons. Download: -- Download from my own server -- -- Mediafire -- -- MEGA -- Things planned for the next update in about 2-3 weeks: - Change of the monster catching system - Building option of a monsterhall, in which you can interact with catched monstergirls - CG scenes for some captured monstergirl types, which unlocks after getting along with them well enough - New main character CG scene
  11. The windows version and update files for the new update are up! Mac and Linux version are being uploaded as well, but might not be finished at all places before tomorrow. New content: - New character with events and CGs in the top right corner of the worldmap, in the igloo. - New events with CG scene starting with Naevy in your bedroom. - New unit "Healer" in the warmap system added. They can be recruited at the Command Center building, or else you can change an existing unit to become healers. - Fixed several bugs and spelling mistakes. - The planned addition of the impreg image to all scenes in which a character can get pregnant was delayed for now. Due to some feedback, I decided a simple picture poping up in a corner is not good enough for something so major. That's why it'll be improved first. Things planned for the next update: - New cage fight system for Brad. - Patron reward scene with two main girls. - New events and scene with Lielle. - Should I have enough time, I'll also add the CG scene for the maid Bess. The previous Naevy image and the new ones are all done by the artist Grigorart. I think I forgot to give him credit before, when his first image for Naevy was added to the game, so here you go now: https://grigorart.deviantart.com/ https://www.patreon.com/grigorart Download from my own server at: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our Or download at: -- Mediafire -- -- MEGA --
  12. The new update 17.08.16 is up and has the following changes: - Rework version of the standing CGs of Mirel, Elly, Kayelinth, Ryoko, Sandra and Tsubaki. - Skilltree and CG selection screen are now available from the main menu instead of the bed in your room. This option will bring you back exactly where you were before after you leave the screen, also with the "look" you had. For example, you should stay as the selection icon on the warmap, or in the uniform of Amagal while you're in their secret dungeon. - New quest and a follow up event with Flaire at the thieves guild. - After the event, you can find Moriko in the bar of the thieves guild and have the second scene with her. - A new image will show when the impregnation of the Maid Mary was succesful. It's a 1/4 chance, even when you replay the scene. A succesful impregnation will trigger a switch for the game to remember it, but it has no effect as of yet. Overview map changes: - Fixed the south farm, to allow it to stop production now. - Fixed a bug, where the logistics upgrade would only give you +20 instead of +30 supplies per round. - Your own ranged units can now attack over other „events“ (which means over other units and some barricades). This change hasn't been applied to the enemies yet. - Higher base income for Stone, Wood and Iron. - Fewer units in battle 4 - Higher mine production for resources (you have to re-select it in save games in order for the change to become active). This change doesn't affect the gold income! - You can now recruit new units at the Command Center building. The entire vanguard forces are limited to a max. of 15 seperated units. - Lumberjacks can now be upgraded. - Replaying battles at the arena now saves your HP before the start, sets every unit to full health, and returns it to the previous amount after the battle is over. - Units HP and AP bar will now refresh properly after ending your turn. - Vanguards on the overview map now stand in a special area, rather than in the middle of the worldmap. Overview map bugs not yet fixed: - Unintended long range attacks by some enemies - Range attack on an enemy two tiles left with an event in the way doesn't work. I couldn't figure out why yet. Chances are other spots might be bugged as well. - Occasionally wrong movement of the AP/HP bar, having it go to a different place than the unit. Plans for the next update: - Warmap fixes. Once the system is running smooth, I can finally continue the battles. - Events with Cgs for a new character in the Igloo at the top right corner of the worldmap. - Adding impregnation image and switches to more characters - If I have enough time, CG scene(s) with Lielle, the maid Bess, Demoness or the Ice Harpy. Else they'll be part of the next update. For the following update I currently plan to also add a new system for Brad's cage fights and a yuri scene with two main character. The upload of the Linux and Mac version aren't done yet at the time of this post, due to my slow internet connection. Please pay attention to the version number before downloading, to make sure you got the right version and it's not still the old one. Download from my own server at: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our Else you can also download from: -- Mediafire -- or -- MEGA --
  13. The new update is online! It contains: - 2 new Harpy enemies with new CG battler images - 1 new map, when you go up north next to the fort in Witton - Ariana's event in the Spire of Courage was reset and now enables a new quest at the Aldlyn city board when you wake her up instead of taking her prisoner. New !-symbol events on the overview map including: - One-time complete heal of all units (appears after first battle) - Merchant selling 500 Supplies once for 20k gold - A feast for Bread, Fish, Meat and Supplies to raise the moral of your troops by +50 - Option to sell Meat to Amagal with a relaxed trading policy (More trading of resources with other countries will follow later) - Tutorial added to the overview map, to clear the confusion about the turn-system. - Some warmap bugs were fixed, but some movement and attack range bugs are still in this version. - Starting attack stats of enemy units are now lower, but increase in battle 4. - New upgrade for each class in the warmap laboratory, which requires the class at level 1+ and silver to buy the upgrade. - The arena on the overview map now has the option to replay previous battles. If you lost battle 4 before, you can now redo the battle and capture Lind. - Added reworks of the CGs of Tsubaki's titfuck, the blue Slimegirl, and Chiyo's standing image - New CG scene with the maid Linda, starting at the Headmaids selection screen. Download from my own server at: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our Else you can also download from: -- Mediafire -- or -- MEGA --
  14. The new update is now available! Changes include: - CG scene for a new character near Ebron, when you talk to the elf on the path west. - CGs for Naevy's scene added. Scene and replay option added to the CG selection screen. - Bar and Logistics buildings on the overview map fixed. Logistics will now add +10 supplies for each turn and can be upgraded up to 3 times. When you already had the Logistics build, you can build it again. - "Other none hentai CGs" option added to the CG selection screen. Currently it contains the 2 versions of the chibi CG from the encounter with Brad. - Demoness from the Spire of Courage added to the CG selection screen. - New events and scene for Lind, which includes the first animated CG! - The amount of new characters in the CG selection screen also resulted in a new page at the CG selection screen. So make sure you don't miss the events on the new page. Everyone playing from savegames should start the new content with Lind's event, as there is a 15-20mins waiting time after you paid her 1,5 mio gold. (If you don't have much money, build both mines and don't forget to get the tax money at the throne room.) Known issues: - Phraan doesn't appear in the town hall after the events near Ebron. - Sara's face does not disappear when going to the last CG selection page. Both issues were fixed after the upload, therefore the changes will be in the next update. Download the new update files at: -- Mediafire -- -- MEGA -- From now on, you can also download the game from my own server. The download should be faster and completely without ads. Download at: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our
  15. Changes from version 17.05.31 to 17.06.15: - You can now exchange Stone, Iron and Wood items at Sir Edward, to turn them into warmap recources. (Wood is not the same item as Logs) - The "stone seller" in the bar of Aldlyn now sells "Stone" items. This does not affect his role in the quest to reconstruct the old barracks. - You can buy a limited amount of Wood and Iron on the trade map of the merchant Darude in Aldlyn. - You can gather Stone similar to Iron in some dungeons. This does not require a Mithril Pickaxe. - The turn-based system on the warmap now stops at the end of the last deadline (now turn 60), instead of stopping directly after the last battle. - Warmap battle 3 and 4 added. Battle 4 introduces the first boss battle and a one-time full heal for a unit. Winning the battle 4 will bring the enemy commander Lind to your dungeon. - Windmill/Bookbinder fixed. - Changed the cost for lumberjacks/mines. - New events with Naevy, which includes a new floor in the Spire of Courage, and leads to a sex scene with her (CG is not done yet, so it's text only for now. That's why it's also not in the CG replay screen). - New CG for the first encounter with Brad General news: I made some changes to my patron rewards and stretch goal. Feel free to take a look at www.patreon.com/naughtynetherpunch for all changes. Download the newest version at: -- Mediafire -- -- MEGA --