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  1. Version 21.05.02 is now available! It's mostly for bug fixes, and a new feature for the anvil in the fire raid: - Fixed freezes with the orange chests in the ice raid. - Fixed the message about missing fertilizer, even when you have some, in the nature raid. - Improved Kayelinth' playlust and hunger system. - The whetstone drop in the fire raid was bugged and only dropped in the group raid. It's now also available in solo raids. - Fixed a bug that caused the Wind Spirit to skip the event with her at Aldlyn, where she appeared at Ebron instead. I added a re-play option for the event with her, and Ryen and Mira, at the cheat book in your bedroom. - Added full body CGs of Ryen and Tsubaki at the start of the game, directly after the titfuck scene. - Weakened the fire raid bosses a bit. - Kurohime is a bit stronger now when you play as her. -The anvil in the fire raid can now be used to disassemble weapons from the fire and ice raid, for weapon parts. You can use 5 parts to craft 1 weapon of the next higher quality, including legendaries. You can only craft weapons from the ice dungeon when you defeated Tiena or the Frozen Queen at least once. In the solo fire raid, you can find an orange chest on the right side, which gives you the "Dusty Crafting Book," which is required to assemble weapon parts at the fire raid anvil. A similar option is planned for armors at the nature raid dungeon. Downloads: MEGA: https://mega.nz/folder/CpQXwBDS#wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our
  2. Update 21.04.24 is now available: - The CG scene for memory orb 1 from the Spire of Courage challenge floor has been added. You can start the scene by interacting with the orb in your inventory. The scene requires only the orb, nothing else. - The brawl battle system for Brad was changed. It uses the normal battle system now, but you fight only with Brad. The first victory against an opponent gives you a new skill and training points. With the training points you can increase Brad's stats by training with the orc Uruk at the academy. Due to the changes, the brawl battles will now make Brad stronger for normal battles, which makes more sense than a separate battle system. The changes will also push Brad a bit more into his new intended role of the more evasive tank with debuffs, while Trey is the main DEF tank, and Kayelinth will be the M.DEF and regeneration tank. If you already had the first three brawl battles with Brad, you can use the cheat book in your bedroom to learn the new skills. - The elf Zaleria is now available as a brawl opponent for Brad in Orchel. The events will also lead to a CG scene with her and her sister Ashryn. - After defeating Seiho, Uruk, Aika, and Zaleria in brawl battles, you can challenge the martial artist master Ash and her student in Kagabagui. Winning this fight will change Brad's class from an "untrained" brawler to a martial artist. The class change will increase his base stats. - Tsubaki's and Trey's base AGI stats were increased, but heavy armor reduces the AGI more than before. - Tsubaki's base hit% chance was increased. - A new legendary whetstone can be obtained from the metal chest in the fire raid. Tsubaki can use this whetstone at the fire raid anvil to upgrade her Setsuna to legendary quality. Setsuna+ will allow her to use the skill Bright Whirlwind, which does light element damage to all enemies. - Ryen's Fire Recovery was bugged. It healed 25% of his current HP instead of his max HP. It's fixed now and should make it more valid as a healing option. - Ryen's Flameblade and Dark Blade skills now add 20% crit chance additionally to the change of element for his attacks. - The cost for Mira's Recover Energy skill was reduced from 300 to 100 MP. - Chiyo's knowledge skill was weakened a bit, the cost increased from 40 to 45 MP, and it can't crit anymore. - Increased the chance for Memory Orb 3 to appear in caves from 2% to 10%. The chance for the CG scene events to appear was also increased. The chance to receive green chest loot from a cave was removed. - Fixed a bug where the Frozen Panties of Frozen Queen wouldn't drop when you had Tiena's Panties in your inventory. - Kalia, the water mage of the raider group, now gives you the option to trade 5xWater Bottle for 1xWater Bucket when you have at least 5 bottles in your inventory. - It's not possible anymore to plant seeds in the nature raid area when you don't have fertilizer. This'll fix the bug of planting spots to become unavailable when you put a seed in without fertilizer, as it wasn't possible to add the fertilizer later. - The damage of Chiyo's single target spells was increased. The Ice spell reduces AGI now, but does less damage than the Water spell. Downloads: MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our
  3. Version 21.04.06 is now available! - The memory orb 3 and 5, which you can get from the ice raid, can now be used when you also have the frozen panties. The scenes are shown from a different perspective, with a different writing style, and more story heavy than most other CG scenes. Please let me know what you think of this different approach. - The solo scene has a small animated internal penetration image. I'm considering to use this image in multiple scenes, where the CG itself is static, but the picture-in-picture is animated. I'd appreciate feedback to this new feature as well. - The nature and ice raid were added to the walkthrough. - You can now access the building of the military academy at the start of the game. Inside are several tutorial books, to help new people learn the different systems of the game. I plan to add more tutorials in the future. The main part of the update is a big balancing overhaul. A lot of stats for characters and enemies were adjusted, and some skills changed. Feedback is badly needed, so that I can fix and fine tune the balancing changes! - The HP of all party members was greatly reduced. I think most battles become more interesting this way, but even though I reduced the damage of the raid bosses, it's hard to say if that doesn't make things too difficult now. - Most enemies have lower HP, but increased AGI. - Healing spells now include the max HP of the target in the calculation, to make sure the spells are always efficient. - Skills that damage all enemies were weakened, so that they do less damage against single targets than normal skills or attacks. - Ryen's "Combo Attack" is now a single target skill. - Sandra can now steal fertilizer from bosses in the nature dungeon, when the previous battle was won. Some other main character changes: - Ryen's stats were greatly increased. - Mira's M.ATK was significantly increased. Her holy attack spells are stronger now. - Sandra's ATK was increased - Vampire's life leech skills are stronger now, but her max HP is lower. - Tsubaki's ATK and AGI were greatly reduced. - Chiyo's damage of AoE spells was reduced. - Most weapons with elements were weakened, to be worse than normal weapons against enemies that are not weak to that element. - The element strength/weakness system was changed to be clearer. Downloads: Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
  4. The public release 21.03.14 is now available! The update introduces the nature themed dungeon raid. You can enter it from the same map, where you start the fire or water/ice raid in the Spire of Courage on the challenge floor. The new raid will introduce some new features, mainly that you have to farm and craft in order to get the equipment from it. The raid has exclusively armor (including shields, accessories, and gun attachments) as loot, no weapons. Explanation for the raid: - Step 1 is to go through the dungeon and find the "supervisors." They drop the seeds and fertiliser you need to grow crops. - Not every fertiliser works with every seed, so it would be smart to take notes. - Some crops work as bait for fishes, but not all. You'll have to try and take notes again. (Crops that can be used as bait work 100% of the time. If something doesn't work as bait, you don't need to try it again.) - To try to craft something at the anvil, you require 3 different materials from the crops or fishes. Here you'll have to try out what combination works for what armor class again (take notes?). The bosses give you hint about what combinations work after you defeat them. Other changes: - The bosses in the ice raid don't drop orange keys anymore. The drop was not worth enough to replace a legendary, given that you get enough keys in the normal dungeon. - Fixed a bug, due to which you could get the broken grip of legends again, after crafting Excalibro. - I reduced the character icons in the top right of the battle UI. This will reduce the cases of the icons going over the faces of enemies sometimes. - Added a CG scene for Aelynthi in the nature raid dungeon. The events require Mirel in your party and that you own the legendary bow "Molten Fury" (found in the fire raid). - Added the new full body CG for the succubus Nemelphia. Downloads: Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
  5. The new upload 21.02.11 fixes several issues of the previous version: - To fix save files, in which people got their stats boosted due to a bug during the ice/water raid, the cheat book in your bedroom now contains an option to lower your stats. - The collapse effect of the boss enemies were removed, as it seems to have caused issues for some systems. - The rate of orange chests to appear was increased in three spots. The top right corner has a 30% chance for an orange chest now. - The DEF and M.DEF of the dragongirls was increased. Their mana burn spell was buffed as well. - Legendaries can't be sold any longer. - The anvil in the fire raid map is now usable. Includes the fixes from the previous hotfix: - The buffs in the ice dungeon are now be removed after the dungeon. - Fixed two cases of dragongirls not being visible in the ice dungeon - Fixed cases of softlocks, or where you were able to walk around freely during the ice raid. - Fixed the spear Celastris Downloads: Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
  6. Version 21.02.09 is now available and contains the following changes: - A new event for the angel/demon mix Lili. [If you don't have her in your castle yet, check Pumumu in Begus.] After Lili's previous events, you can now unlock a visit to the Amaranthe beach. The event requires that you have all 12 party members, and that you rented and visited the Amaranthe beach before. - The ice/water raid in the challenge floor of the Spire of Courage is now open! It contains a completely new system and a bunch of new epic and legendary items. I'd be very grateful for feedback on the new system, especially the balancing. - The auto-save is disabled for raids, so make sure to save before making a run. - In the ice/water raid, you have the chance to get a CG scene with Kalia or Firah from the raiders when you explore one of the three caves in the dungeon. - The Blue Flower Crystal now removes burning debuffs, same as water bottles. - The Red Flower Crystal now removes "frostbite" and "wet" debuffs. - The walkthrough was updated to show the side characters in order of the new CG room pages. Downloads: MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our If you like my work, feel free to check out my SubscribeStar page at https://subscribestar.adult/naughty-netherpunch
  7. Happy new year! The first public release of 2021 is now available! Changes: - Added a full body CG for Kurohime and Trey, and upgraded the full body CG for Nemelphia (the half-deer girl from the Spire) - Upgrade to the CG room. You can now select groups in the bottom instead of toggling through mixed pages. - Moriko, Mai, Ariana, Miyako, Chieko, Grime, Glyntris, Aleah and Lace now unlock their CGs and scenes for both routes on the CG room when the events of either path are advanced far enough. - The pregnancy heart icon in the CG room now gives you the option to abort a pregnancy. - The new item "Fertility Potion" gives a 100% chance to impregnate the next girl during a scene with internal cumshot. The effect can stack and is not used during scenes that have a 100% chance by default, for example main characters. The potion can currently be bought in the herbalist store in Aldlyn, but that is likely to get changed later. - A present icon on the CG room page for the main characters now gives access to the Christmas specials, including a re-sized version of the 2020 Christmas wallpaper. Downloads: Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
  8. Happy holidays! The Christmas update 20.12.24 is now available! - As a Christmas present, you can find a NSFW wallpaper with all 9 main girls in the download folders in different sizes. - Upgrade to the skilltree: Left/right arrows were replaced by the names of all characters, to allow to get to the page you want faster. Skilltree pages can now be saves, reset, and loaded. - New event with Lace on her good path. - Added events and a CG scene for the elf Maescia at the Bitterroot farm. (CG room replay option was not added yet, but you can talk with her again to replay the scene.) - Added a small dialogue to Lili, after her squad reaches level 3, to prepare her future scene. - Added water fairies to the dungeon in Siriveta, in the area where you find the Water Spirit. This allows to obtain water bottles and buckets outside of the Spire of Courage challenge floor. - Added a 250,000 gold cap to the income from mines and taxes. - Added a gold cheat into the book in your bedroom. - Fixed a bug, where Elly would appear as Adrianna during the training of her last events. - Fixed the group healing spell, which used the current HP instead of the max HP value by mistake. Downloads: MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our
  9. 20.11.30 is now available: New event for Elly, which starts at the sleeping chambers when her previous events are done. Also requires the events with the Queen of Begus to the point where she is ready to sleep with you. [You don't need to sleep with the Queen to unlock Elly's event.] After the events with Elly and Adrianna, talk with Elly again at the sleeping chambers for a new dialog and CG scene. Talk with her again afterwards for another new dialog. The CG scene requires a relationship of 100 or more between Ryen and Elly. Downloads: MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our
  10. The update 20.11.09 is ready! Content: - After helping the tribe elves at Orchel, you can now get a new event with Rina and Rena. The event requires that you have all party members. - After around 10 years of development, I figured it'd be time to change the title screen music. :D - Fixed the bugged fight against Radaghast. The transformation should now always happen as intended. - Changed the end of the "Open your eyes" quest, so that the quest will finish even when you advance the main story before going back to the Fision Tower to finish the quest. - I added the item "Riddle Key". This key can be used to skip riddles in some dungeons, but it's consumed in the process. I hope this helps people that get stuck, but since the item is limited, it should still give people a reason to try the riddles first, instead of skipping immediately. These keys are currently limited to 4, and can be found at South Dungeon in Central, Manastyr in Amagal, Dhranholl mine in Begus, and the Newkungu dungeon in Dorgania. - Skillstones are now all used at once, and show a message which explains that the skillpoints are shared between all party members. - A cheat option for skillstones was added to the book in your bedroom. - I changed the app icon for the mobile version. The new version shows an image of Mirel. The old icon was simply Ryen's face. - The walkthrough was updated and is now included in the zip files of the full versions, apart from the android version. As the game was suspended from Patreon, I migrated over to SubscribeStar and added the link https://subscribestar.adult/naughty-netherpunch to the main menu screen. Contrary to patreon, the pledges are not flexible but limited to existing tiers. I made a $5, $10 and $25 tier for now, but I'm not certain about rewards for it yet. I'd appreciate feedback on the matter, to make sure I can repay my supporters a bit. :) I'm also aiming to get on steam within the next few month. Downloads: Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ ----------- I decided to make the Christmas "gift" a group CG wallpaper this year, and made a poll to decide what kind of image it shall be. Please keep in mind that it's for a wallpaper, not an in-game CG for a scene. Poll options: POLL: https://linkto.run/p/BVC54V5H
  11. The new version 20.10.14 is now available! :) - After Lili's events from last update, you can now recruit her in the squad overview screen. (The screen where you can change their equipment and upgrade their skills) Lili is the first healer, and can heal one ally each turn, but uses all of her remaining AP in the process. - Training your squads at the academy will now give all squads experience (until they reach the level limit) instead of allowing only to train one squad each turn. - A defeated squad will now show the damaged full body CG of the squad leader and give a short message about him falling back with his squad. - During the quest to unlock the strategy battle system, player will now see the CGs of the squad leader during their introduction. - The character sprites and face images of Fang, Magdalene, Ailluin and Bristol were changed to make them fit to their full body CGs. - You can now continue the events with Lielle! You need to finish her and Tsubaki's previous events, then Lielle will appear at the magic shop in Newkungu in Dorgania. Finishing the events will reward you with a new CG scene. Downloads: Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ Other news: My Patreon page was suspended because of a violation of the community guidelines of Patreon. After a short discussion, it became apparent to me that I won't be able to solve the issue. As such, I'll most likely have to leave Patreon. This won't stop the development of the game, but might keep me busy for a bit, while I sort out things.
  12. The new update 20.09.21 is now available for all systems! Changes: - The story of the half angel/demon Lili continues at our castle now, after you had her previous events at Pumumu to get her to Central. After training each of her categories at least twice, and when you've unlocked the strategy battle system, you'll get an event with the mage Bristol, which'll be necessary to unlock her as a new squad leader. [But she can't be used as a squad leader in this update yet. That's for next update.] - You can now unlock the CG scenes of the water lamia, raijuu and cowgirl at the big farm in Central. - The reset of Moriko's events was added to all systems to the book in your bedroom in Aldlyn. (The bug in the update files, which made you unable to get her good scene when you did the assassin dungeon before reseting her events, was also fixed) The girl on the right on the title screen is the female dwarf paladin Adrianna. It's a preview for her character. She'll serve under Queen Apelia in Begus in the near future. A "non-human" servant for the Queen will certainly make things interesting in Begus. :) Downloads: Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
  13. I uploaded new "update files only" for version 20.09.05. They don't add new content, but fix some spelling mistakes and add a reset option for Moriko's event back to the point where you make the choice for her good or bad path at the police HQ. https://mega.nz/file/foA0QYSD#WFBfZJWv-xrXNJZfn1SeFxDVfa4wGatTeOEN-R3lCfQ
  14. The new version 20.09.01 is now available for all systems! Changes: - New events for the Thremten thieves guild. It starts at the guild when you talk with Flaire. It requires that you advanced the main story to the point where you talked with commander at the Whitestone Citadel to get access to the Dhranholl mine for Katryx Ore (during the events to defeat Lace), you need to be either on Moriko's good path or when you raped her you need to have her second sex scene (which happens at the thieves guild), and you need to finish the events where Jenny was arrested and you investigate with police officer Nori to release her. - After the events with the thieves guild, you can find Nori in Aldlyn for a new CG scene. - Choosing the bad path for Flaire will give you a CG scene with her in your secret prison. - When Moriko is on her good path, she'll get her first good CG scene after the events with the thieves guild. - During the events with Queen Apelia of Begus, you went to Pumumu and talked with their leader Rutia. You can now find the girl Lili in the village after that event is done, and after a short introduction, Lili will move into your castle. Her events currently end when she moves into your castle, but more events with her will be added later. Download: Hi-Drive: https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
  15. The next version is ready! The update advances the events of the Orchel refugees, and you'll be able to finally help them out of their misery. At the end of the event line, you're rewarded with CG scenes for Sariandi and Lymseia. The event line will start when you talk with Maescia in Orchel now, while Kayelinth is in your party, and when you had the initial dialog with the twins Rina and Rena. Download: Hi-Drive: https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
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