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  1. Aurumlamina

    Seduction Technique!

    Mantis' last post is true. I have an actor that is immune to sleep. Features makes it possible if you give them 100% resistance to that state.
  2. Aurumlamina

    So I Broke Stealing...

    Thanks for the advice! I actually haven't been home yet since I had posted this, I've just been checking in and giving information if those more talented than I needed it! I'll give Galv's method a go as soon as I'm able to -and- move the core to the top. I'd assumed (apparently wrongly so) that the core was like a "fix" of some sort and that it would go below the original engine script. Edit: After putting the core at the top of the scripts the situation is still not resolved. I'll keep playing around with the scripts in the hopes that something happens.
  3. Aurumlamina

    So I Broke Stealing...

    The stealing skill now continually fails. There is no crashing, no freezing, just failing and the game continues on.
  4. Aurumlamina

    Map Pack 1

    Very nice work! You're clearly talented at making maps. I'll be taking a page from you when I create maps in the future.
  5. Aurumlamina

    Basic Attack Unique Effects

    The animations aren't really what I'm looking for. I believe what you're describing (if I'm understanding correctly) you can do without any additional scripts at all. I think what I'm going to do is use the Features to 'Add Skill Type' where the weapon is the name of the skill type and then 'Add Skill' for the unique effect. I'll leave it with a cheap TP cost. The basic attack option will be the same, but the "unique" ability I wanted them to have will be readily available as well. Though I'm still open to further suggestions.
  6. Aurumlamina

    Character Leveling

    Amateur mistake on my part. Completely overlooked that. Thanks!
  7. Aurumlamina

    Character Leveling

    http://imgur.com/Gr2N9R7 Any thoughts on why this wouldn't be working? I'm trying to have the character rejoin the party at the same level as the main character, 'Magda'. He joins at the exact same level as he had been when he left the party no matter what level she is. I've looked over this several times and have no idea why it wouldn't work. Do you -have- to initialize the character?
  8. I'm thinking I'm going to try my hand at an Ogre Battle/Final Fantasy Tactics-like game after I finish my current project. Granted, that is the distant, distant future.

    1. magic2345


      Yay tactics!

    2. SpookyMothman


      Hooray for easy minmaxing! 99 Brave Blade Grasp! But seriously, that sounds cool.

  9. Aurumlamina

    Parameter Reduction Surprises

    I could kiss you right now, Selchar.
  10. Aurumlamina

    Yanfly Engine Ace Battle Engine v1.22 - Enemy Fleeing

    The core script worked! Thank you very, very much!
  11. This would be my method, though there may be others with a better solution: 1) Have the heroes obtain the item as a Key Item without that has no traits of any kind. This will be what the player sees in their inventory. "Excalibur" 2) Create a skill that will be used in the battle behind the scenes without the player knowing. "Excalibur Skill" - When this skill is used it will execute your action text. Under Using Message in Database/Skill, "(User name) rushes forward with Excalibur in hand!" 3) Set a condition on the Database/Troop screen for your battle with the boss. After the boss reaches a certain amount of health, or an amount of turns that you find acceptable pass, use the Force Action command and make your hero use the Excalibur Skill. "King Arthur rushes forward with Excalibur in hand!" 4) Once the skill goes off, just after the forced action you can use a Show Text command, choose a picture and put in your dialogue. "King Arthur: Take this, Mordred!" 5) At the end of the condition, select change enemy HP, select the boss, and then subtract whatever amount you see fit as long as it kills them. Make sure to check the "Allow Knockout" box. This will give all xp, gold, etc. that would've gone with killing that enemy. 6) The same event that linked to the boss fight can be used to continue on to the rest of your cutscene. After the "Battle Processing" event that started the fight, just continue directly below it on the same event page. The game will run right through them. I think that was clear enough, but if it wasn't I'd be more than happy to elaborate. Good luck!
  12. Aurumlamina

    Yanfly Engine Ace Battle Engine v1.22 - Enemy Fleeing

    Absolutely! Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine v1.22 Yanfly Engine Ace - Enemy Target Info v1.02 Yanfly Engine Ace - Party System v1.08 Yanfly Engine Ace - Steal Items v1.03 DP Core (Controller Editor) Galv's Visibility Range v1.0
  13. I'm dying to get an answer for a topic I posted a few days ago. I unfortunately lack the skills to figure it out myself, though it's halting progress on the game I am creating. I have no idea what could be causing the issue. http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/20862-yanfly-engine-ace-battle-engine-v122-enemy-fleeing/

  14. You've got to love when you're debugging your game and you temporarily break it entirely!

    1. estriole


      ALWAYS keep backup :D.

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