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  1. erichermit


    Hello! I haven't been very active in monitoring the threads for Enex2 as I've been pretty involved in some new projects, but the link should be perfectly fine! I'll take some time today to reupload the screens to a more secure host.
  2. erichermit

    Demon's Revenge

    Hey! This looks very compelling. I love all the custom spritework. Good luck!
  3. erichermit


    Sorry it's taken me so long to get to responding on this topic. Classwork has become really stressful for me lately, especially when combined with developing my next game in parallel. (Which, as a commercial game, comes with about a million extra things to be stressed about.) I'm really glad you played and liked my game! Optional content has always been a huge thing for me when playing games. For some reason, the sense of agency involved in "I discovered this and could have missed it!" or "I chose to do this!" ends up giving me a lot of satisfaction and extra enjoyment from the activity. @Grizz sorry you didn't like the fairy forest. Are you still stuck there? Keep in mind that each room is differentiated by the number of fairies in it. With that in mind it should be easy to discover the correct pathway. Random wandering will not get you through it, you should attack it intelligently. If it's really a huge blocker for you, you can send me your save file and I'll run you through it, but I trust that you should be able to complete it with the extra information I have given you.
  4. erichermit


    Sorry for taking so long to respond! What you need to do is mirror the current set up across the Y axis (so flip it from left to right.) Then you need to turn all the ON torches OFF and all the OFF torches ON. This counts as "reversing it twice, in two different ways."
  5. It seems that we recently had an unexpected big boom of popularity on IndieDB For a while there, we were top 8 on the entire site. I think at the time of posting, we're something like top 10. It's pretty much nuts and net us over 800 views on our game. In any case, today has been VERY exciting.
  6. Thanks! By the way, that altar comes from the RPGXP RTP. He recolored it, though.
  7. erichermit

    The Reverse RPG

    From what I've seen you post so far, you appear to be a fantastically creative person. I love the idea of the game starting at the "Final Boss." Have a bit of dialogue that seems to have been taken from the end of an adventure. Several of the heroes comment on how bonding their experience is. Collecting the four elemental orbs certainly was difficult! Then they go into the final boss room and he dies instantly. I don't like the party about the "Tutorial NPC" from the start being the boss though. This game sounds very humorous but there's no reason why it absolutely must be a "joke" game. Performing his heroic duties can have very real negative consequences in the world that can form a real struggle.
  8. I only used the base RPGXP RTP. I combined the Lava Cave and the Ice Cave tileset, and also did a little bit of recolor. Then I applied a light purple screen tint to the whole think. That is Lava. There is some special magic going on in that cave.
  9. @Lihinel I love that screenshot. Your addition of lighting effects really brings out the true potential of the map. Everything just seems deeper because of it. As for me, I decided to post two screenshots. One is of my already-released game Enex2. The other is of my upcoming game Luminux, which has a web-player demo available. Both of which have topics which can be accessed via my signature.
  10. Hello! We've just finished a demo available in web player! You can try it out here: http://www.pelagicgames.com/luminux/luminux-demo/ Edit: We've also just finished adding in High Score support to the demo, so please come and compete!
  11. erichermit


    At a certain point in the game, you might start encountering some creepy crystals that make an awful howling noise. In these are the absolute most difficult bosses in the entire game, given as optional bosses. I will be quite curious to see when somebody defeats them, and encourage any such people to post here. If you beat all of them, I'll add you to a list on the front of the topic that details people who have been able to do so.
  12. erichermit

    A game idea (not possible on RPG Maker)

    With a bit of scripting, this could be done in rpgmaker. After all, I've even seen a Bullet Hell made in RPGXP. Learn how to make ruby code, and you can do just about anything in rpgmaker, though there certainly reaches a point where all you're using rpgmaker as is a ruby compiler, and there are better options around in that case. There are also a myriad of other game engines you could use to make this game you're imagining. For example, Unity, or one of the many other free game development engines around. (You'll probably want to stick to a 2D one, however.)
  13. erichermit


    There is a GAMEFAQS style walkthrough I wrote in the folder, by the way. It doesn't go all the way to the end of the game, but it goes really far. If you get stuck, it should help you. There is no bug there. Fortunately for you, it seems you found the optional combination, haha. Anyway, perhaps you are being too strict in your interpretation of the "reverse" hint. Eros was a mighty wizard, big of tricky thinking. The hint isn't as direct as you might think. Looks like you're getting pretty deep in the game! How many optional things do you think you've completed so far? Off the top of my head, I think you probably have been able to do Metal Crafting, Wood Crafting, Fishing, and kill the Pegasus up to the that point.
  14. erichermit


    Okay, I'm going to give the answer in two parts. The first is a hint, and the second is the answer. HINT
  15. I was a little unsure if it was going to be allowed at first (due to the different engine) but I am glad it is. I'm not necessarily looking to stick to the mobile industry. Luminux will be available via web player for free (probably full game, but might have Challenge mode missing) so technically it'll be a PC game too. However, the controls are definitely built with a touch screen in mind, so while the mouse will work, you'll lose a lot of the intuitive feeling that is the swiping of your finger to move a block around. I wanted to ensure that people had an easy way to try it out before making a purchase, however. Since it is being based around mobile, the idea was indeed to make it a pretty casual game. It can be very rough and skill-challenging if you're aiming for a high score or the earn the final titles (essentially our version of levels, achieved only by meeting certain high-scores.) What are people looking for in a game on their phone? To me, answer to this question is something to play when I'm sitting on a bus, waiting in a line, or generally just stuck somewhere for 5 minutes or so. Or maybe I just need a quick break for a second. Luminux is designed to take around 3 minutes or so to play a game (in normal mode, at least) and be very intuitive. Just because it's casual, though, doesn't mean there is a lot of room for challenge though! You'll see what I mean when we finish our website and stick the in-web player game up for you guys. Certainly we have no chance of overcoming Candy Crush and Angry Birds etc XD, but we do hope to be moderately popular! I truly believe that the product is fun enough to make it pretty big, but there is a lot of marketing skill and luck involved and this is our first commercial release. I'm sure we still have much to learn.