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    Hello!<3 English is not my mother tongue, so don't be harsh if I’ll make mistakes. Title: Mommy Author: ATTA Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace Genre: horror, fantasy, puzzle Average Game Time: 2+ hour Story: Katira is a little girl who lives in the woods in a small house with her mother, who is a babysitter. Katira’s father and sister were killed by wolves, and Katira is still upset about their demise. They are not so wealthy so Katira’s mother works even at night to afford her daughter normal life. One day Katira wakes up later than usual, but her mother is still not there, although she should’ve come back from work hours ago! Katira is worried so she goes on a journey to find her mother. But when she arrives at house her mother should be in, strange events are starting to accrue. There is nobody alive at the house, there are corpses and blood everywhere and there is no way out. As Katira walks around the house looking for clues, she is starting to have weird hallucinations about little girl who has powerful magic powers within her. Who is that little girl? Why does she want Katira’s mother? Are they so different or actually have a lot in common? Help Katira to save her mother! Characters: (Game contains many characters but main ones are following:) Katira: “You can't replace something you haven't lost.†“Please, Mommy! I'll do anything! I'll be good and I'll do whatever you want me to! I'll clean the house every day and I'll even learn how to cook. And I will never ever ever be jealous of the children that you babysit. I promise! I promise! I promise!†Main character of this story. She is cute little girl who loves plants and gardening, her favourite flower is Love flower. She loves her mother more that anything in the world. Being happy, carefree and kind she is everything a child should be. Will experience in the scary house change her or she’ll remain the same, innocent and pure? Kolea: “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!? YOU LITTLE BRAT! I'LL KILL YOU!†“But I like you. You're cute. And really persistent. And hardheaded. But most of all...you're weak!†Main villain of this story. Having a dark past and holding a lot of grudge and guilt, she is psychically unstable child who needs help to put herself back together. She has magical power which she was born with and which also brought her a lot of sadness. Will she ever be happy again? Katira’s mother: “Hello, my dear. How can I help you?†“Dear Katira, I am working right now. I am looking after one girl on address 1a. I will come back around 10:00. Love you, mom.†Victim of this story. She is good mother to Katira and she is ready to do anything for her daughter. She is very nice and optimistic person, stereotype of a caring mother. Credits: SCRIPTS · PabloNeirotti GRAPHICS · SPM · sanggameboy · Dog pictures free · HDWallpictures SOUNDS · sreylas666 · Bad Ice-cream · Soundsnap · SoundsBible · GreenBird · Audio Productions · Freesound · theworkingbamboo · klankbeeld · maerkunst · lemoncreme · foolboymedia If I’ve forgot someone I’m really sorry…Please point it out to me and I’ll fix it right away! Screenshots: Features: · Over 150 maps. · Over 80 original pictures. · 8 different endings. · Backstories for many characters. · Story-oriented game. · Original puzzles. · Bonus room. Download: with RTP Data: http://www.mediafire.com/download/alffe07l9qn8xb5/Mommy_0.2._%28with_RTP_Data%29.zip without RTP Data: http://www.mediafire.com/download/swxp1wwd1zw2vp8/Mommy_0.2..zip Walkthrough: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fj22jzwy6w9v6t6/MommyWalkthrough.docx Known Issues: There aren’t any as far as I’m concerned…Please report if you have some problems. Personal comment: I put a lot of effort in making this game, so I would be really happy if you try it! This is my first game ever, which I started to make two years ago and then I completely stopped at one period ‘cause I didn’t have enough time to finish it…And now I have finally done it! Please tell me what you think about my game honestly, but please don’t be to harsh because I’m very bad at taking bad critics and I’m too sensitive to what other people think so...be gentle, please! Thank you for visiting this topic! Bye.<3
  2. Hello! I want menu on title screen to have transparent background so only words can be visible but limits around it to be invisible... Do you know how do do it? Please help me...
  3. Paprika

    Left Right Up Down

    Than you very much! You're great and you helped me a lot!<3333
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    Hey,there! I made this account year ago (at least I think so...) but I saw this topic just now... So, hello everybody! I hope we'll get along! See you...Maybe...
  5. Paprika

    Listen - Just a game.

    I tried to download it, but somehow i can't. I don't know why, my computer says it has been damaged or not working in a first place. Please help me 'cause i would really like to try it. Thank you!
  6. This looks nice! I'll try it. Can you be my friend?
  7. Paprika

    Horror resources by Blackxwolf

    This is great!!!! Can i use this?-I'll put you in credits!!!
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    Help problems with ctrl

    Oh really ? Thank you very much! You're great! Thank you!
  9. Don't start the book before you learn how to write Don't start the race before you learn how to walk Don't start the business before you learn how to work and Don'start the relationship before you learn how to love

  10. This looks cool! I love horror games(i'm making one myself) so i'll gonna try this! By the way please accept my friendship quest!
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    Ravenwood Horror

    Sorry... :wacko:
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    Ravenwood Horror

    I know that this question is little stupid but i am totally new here and i need help. How did you put these screenshots ? I can't download it. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? I played it! Maps are great. Puzzles are pretty difficult. But I don't really get a story.
  13. Paprika

    The Warriors of Solian

    This is cool! How did you make this Underwater Palace Entrance moving water? Can you tell me that?
  14. Names of your characters are very nice. (Kai is name of your main character and he's male and one of my female characters name is also Kai!) Story and characters are good, but your maps are little empty (Hey, how am i to say you that I am totally new here and I haven't even finish my first game!) I'll play this demo and the first part so I'll tell you what am I thinking about that. But this look very good!