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  1. So I noticed that a new RPG maker is coming out with some nice new features and I'm kinda thinking about giving game creation one more shot. I already accepted that this game isn't very good, so I'm considering making something brand new when the new engine comes out. At the same time I also don't really want to just throw away what I have already done so my question is this: Would it be better to 1 Make a sequal with the new engine and try to improve what i did wrong. (or remake this one from the ground up). 2 Make a psudo sequal with the same chars in a new but similar world and setting. (So it won't be a fan game this way). 3 Make something entirely new. Any feedback or reccomendations would be appreciated, especially from anyone whole played my game. Thanks.
  2. Looking back the first 3 or so dungeons are pretty weak. I just did not have time to go back and completely redo them with all the other things i had to deal with in the ace version. And yeah, engine limitations are why there are no demon conversations, and I can't see anyone making that kind of script. Like I said in a previous post, I could not find a decent face maker that made good male and female faces (getting very little feedback from the original version didn't help either). I didn't think it would be that distracting, but I guess I'm less picky about that. I'll keep the bit about the introduction in mind though. Edit: The side story has demon recruitment but because of said limitations, it's closer to pokemon....
  3. Same site I got the Devil summoner and soul hacker sprites from. Not sure how I missed it, but I might use those for part 2. Let me know what you think if you decide to give the game a try.
  4. graphic wise, I had to work with what I could find, as that is not my forte. This was also a 1 man project. I had 2 different face makers since one of them made decent male faces but bad females, and the other was the opposite(i hate the ace facemaker). The teddie face was intentional
  5. Note that Shin Megami Tensei is owned by ATLUS. I Take No Credit or Profit for ATLUS owned materials used in this FANGAME. This is an enhanced version of a game I made under the original vx, remade in ace. Changes Include: 1. A new side story added with demon recruitment. 2. Alignment system and 2 alternate endings added. Original extended. Various dialogue changes. 3. Most maps have more detail. More non RTP content used. 4. Optional limited save mode for classic feel. 5. Balance tweaks to make the game a little more challenging. 6. New sound effects added. 7. Phys skills are now have weapon based affinity. 8. Karn spells now work as intended(reflect). Tetraja(insta death null) added. 9. Different HUD and battle interface used. 10. Various left over bug fixes and text errors fixed. Story: It has been 50 years since the great destruction brought by the nuclear strikes. Despite the catastrophic damage and death, mankind has somehow managed to survive. After the war between the forces of Law and Chaos, one hero managed to unify the survivors and bring balance to Japan. The survivors finally began to rebuild. However, all was not well. The demons were still a threat to humanity. Japan's new found prosperity also caught they eye of other surviving nations. The European Federation and New Soviet Union, both had their eyes on Japan and its resources. 7 Years ago, the hero was killed while fighting the demons. All priorities were then focused on finding a replacement leader. However, no one could agree on who should lead and soon Japan fell into a state of pseudo feudalism, with the hero's former subordinates becoming warlords, fighting for power and territory. The Federation took advantage of the chaos, and launched an invasion of Japan's mainland. While the Federation was busy with this, the Soviets captured the smaller islands. The Federation then offered regional lords some autonomy in exchange for driving the Soviets from the islands. In just one month Japan was conquered by the Federation. With most of its troops fighting the Soviets in Europe, and the rest keeping Japan under its rule, the Federation gave the warlords the task of keeping the demons under control and recovering pre destruction technology. Rather than risk their own resources on these tasks, the lords created new mercenary groups to do the work for them. These were called hunter clans. Recently, the Federation began hearing rumors of an artifact that could grant its user powers that could rival God or Lucifer. The Federation ordered the lord of Okinawa to begin searching for this artifact. Unconcerned with the demands of the Federation, lord Takuya gave the job to several freelancers, whom recently left the Black Cat clan. Their search has led them to a a small island cave off the south shore of Okinawa..... Setting: the game will take place between the original smt and stmt 2, and will take place in the wastelands of Okinawa. Knowledge of these games is not required. The story will fallow a group of freelance Hunters, who merge with a dysfunctional hunter clan. The new side story will feature the ability to recruit demons, and add them to the party. Both stories will feature fights between demons and other survivors. Dungeons will take place in both natural formations, such as caves, and ruined buildings and other man made structures. Game time: Around 20 hours. The new side story is about 4-6. Characters: Screenshots Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jbwkm3masqf3jzl/SMTRWACE.exe Credit: Custom Scripts Used: Yanfly Ace Battle Engine & party system. KMS Minimap Awesome Light Effects by Khas Word Wrapping Message Boxes by KilloZapit. Monster Hunter by Tsukihime Resources Used: IceDragon, Soruve, & nicnubill modern tiles sets Avadan & SirCamelot future soldiers and robot ~Qtpi's kids simonboxer background RedxWhirlwind Faries resources taken from smt games owned by ATLUS Other custom chars and faces made with: CharCreator, FaceMaker, Famitsu Char generator. Another face maker that I'm not sure who to credit Kuzunoha faces take from the anime's they were based on. Neko face taken from Disgaea 4
  6. Chigger

    VX -> Ace Conversion Program

    I just bought VX Ace and tried using this to convert a project from normal vx. I hit convert and the program just hangs up and says not responding. Tried converting a new project and it converted fine. Any idea whats causing this? Edit: Nevermind. Seems the fact that it was a large project made it take a long time (about an hour) and it just looked like it crashed.