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  1. marierock13

    Story Idea - Feedback Needed

    Wow! It seems like you've got a very complex setup all worked out here, and it's pretty impressive. You've provided a pretty general plot overview, but are there any more detailed elements that you want critique on? It seems like a standard good vs evil plot right now, though I do like the custom cosmology and element system. It's also neat that you have an opposing general for each hero (or at least that's how I understand it). You've got a lot of interesting structure and characters. Also, remaking seven games - wow! Good luck, Marie
  2. Hi flarify, I wanted to thank you for posting this excellent tutorial - this is a great guide to helping beginners get started with sprite modification. I'm definitely going to be trying out these techniques - this goes beyond what I've been doing (mainly recolors), and seems like a great way to create something unique. Thanks again, Marie
  3. marierock13

    Help with "Show Animation over Picture" Script

    Sure thing, sorry! So, here's the "combat control" event that runs this particular evented battle. Page 1 is the picture setup, and Page 2 is one of the pages handling branches of combat. It's on page 2 that I play my first animation, and all animations within the event are set up very similarly. Hope this helps a bit!
  4. marierock13


    The trailer showed off some really beautiful atmospheric effects, so I'm definitely going to give this game a try soon! It helps that the story synopsis is so vague and mysterious - I want detail, and I'm going to get said detail by giving this game a good playthrough. Congratulations on a finished release!
  5. Feeling pretty frustrated with a persistant script issue. Wish I understood Ruby to fix it myself.

  6. marierock13

    Would you event a scene, or use a movie?

    This made me smile, and is very true. I certainly agree with using evented cutscenes rather than movie cutscenes, and the above reason is my primary argument. It's not fun as a player to be misled as to the art style of a game. Still, it ends up being your personal preference. If this is a fan-game, then a video clip from the game(s) it's based on might actually be helpful and/or fitting.
  7. marierock13

    Weapon effects

    Heh... a little bit back to the question of the OP, I'd just like to share that I think staffs would be good either as tools for healing (like Final Fantasy), or possibly as weapons that have a lower attack power but slightly heal the user upon use. The second option is a little odd, I know, but it's a personal complaint of mine that spellcasters tend to have very little HP - having the ability to consistently restore it without needing to waste every third turn on healing seems kind of nice.
  8. marierock13

    Be able to save anywhere?

    I'm not able to cast a vote, personally, because I think the answer depends on your intentions. If you like the idea of the game as a challenging one, save points are a good option. If you'd like to decrease the difficulty a bit, then saving anywhere might be better. A compromise might be to put save points directly before some of the tougher sections of the game, so that the player doesn't loose too much progress in the event of a Game Over. Hope that helps, Marie
  9. marierock13

    MASSIVE lag

    Hi, I'm no expert, but something you might want to check is this: Did you add any new scripts to your project before the problem started? Some scripts, like lighting scripts, can cause a lot of performance issues. Other things might be having too many parallel process events running at once, or too many events in general. Also, overly large maps can cause problems. Hope this helps in your search for a solution! Marie
  10. marierock13

    Help with "Show Animation over Picture" Script

    Hi, I hope that this doesn't count as a "bump", because I think I'm posting additional relevant information. (Sorry if I misunderstood the rule at all). I managed to get a few screenshots of the problem that the script is causing with my images. This image shows the image prior to the animation playing: And this shows the image several text-screens after the animation has played - the image remains the orange color that it was tinted during the animation, and does not return to normal. I hope that this additional information can help in solving my issue - it isn't game-breaking, but it's unappealing, and isn't quite working as intended. Thank you for your time, Marie
  11. Popping back in for a short while, mainly for a little script help.

  12. marierock13

    The Ring of Storms

    Hi, I thought I'd comment, mainly because I'm surprised that there's another FrostIron fan on this website. Never thought I'd meet a fangirl so committed that she made an RPG of her ship! (I don't tell most people about it, but it's way too cute of a relationship.) Just wanted to say that I'll be DLing and playing this game later today, when I'm not at school. It sounds like fun. I'll let you know what I think. Have a nice day! ~ Marie
  13. marierock13

    Problem with Victor's battle script

    I ran a little test to try and help you out - at least with the original issue; the new one isn't something I'm going to mess with. I've found that the freezing error you had happens when more than one "show text" screen is used during a battle under Victor's Active Battle System. I searched the forums a bit, and found an answer, courtesy of Artemis_Dreamer. It seemed to work when I tried it, so why don't you give it a shot?
  14. marierock13

    High quality parallax mapping in my game

    I personally like the contrast between the RTP and the very natural backgrounds that you've created. The elements of RTP really go "pop", and it's very distinctive and appealing. This is a great style, and it would be lovely to see a full game made this way.
  15. marierock13

    Author Surrogates

    I think an author surrogate as the main character in a game is quite okay. If your knowledge and worldview as an individual fits into the world of the game, or is how your would like the character to be, I don't see a problem with "you" being the character. Life experiences shape our way of thinking, and writing from what you know tends to be both natural and believable in tone. Er, that's what I've noticed, anyway. Besides, the point of an RPG is to live out a fantasy - It makes perfect sense to want to be a part of that fantasy when you create it.