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  1. nash004

    Character Design/Concept Feedback

    Thanks for the comment guys! @Eien: I thought the idle stance is quite off as well. I'll work on that next~ Thanks for the input! @Dainiri: Thanks Dain! Yes, I'm going by 1-2-3-4-1. I actually want to give the character a "collapsing" kind of animation as she tries to get back to her usual stance. I tried to make her body motion more fluid. I hope that somehow relieves your eyes. If only for a bit.. new** old
  2. nash004

    Character Design/Concept Feedback

    update! idle attack weak I want to give up...But if I don't finish this, I won't be able to finish a game in my lifetime. Well, here goes my progress. Signing off. comments plz.
  3. nash004

    Modifying the maps!?

    It looks way better now.
  4. nash004

    Character Design/Concept Feedback

    progress! idle attack The idle needs polishing, like seriously. The hand movement on the left side is off.. I'm pretty happy with the attack frames, though. I'll probably stick to not changing her hand and foil position. Comments? Edit: Modified the poses a bit.
  5. nash004

    Modifying the maps!?

    You're welcome. I'm glad I could be of help somehow. Oh, that explains some of those issues I pointed out. Sorry if I went overboard with suggestions from what I saw.. Anyway, I can't wait to see how this map would turn out. I'll be looking forward to it.
  6. nash004

    Modifying the maps!?

    Great job! I like how you did the lighting for the outside of the house/building. It does give a night-like feeling. Version A is quite plain. But it's good, aside from the light sources emitting a non-realistic lighting area. Version B clearly shows the light sources. And I think adding shadows is a nice touch. But I think the lamp on the left room shouldn't cast a shadow of itself in that way. It should be a circular shadow below the lamp. Also, if the lamp really has a bright light like so(which, in my opinion, should just cover like half of the room, maybe?), the lowest half of that room should be well lit, because the lamp's design makes it look like it lights up an area equally around it. The kitchen/dining area's wall lamp shouldn't have that bright light on its sides and on top of it. Follow the light source of that graphic. Maybe dim the surrounding area that is outside of the light source. Next is the aquarium. I think it's emanating a light of its own. You don't need to put a shadow on that one. Or if you don't want it to emanate a light of its own... just make sure it doesn't go against your light sources. From the screenshot above, the shadow coincides with the light from the 2nd room. -- I could be wrong on some points, though. I'd love to provide an edit to show you how I would do it, but I'm busy making character sprites for my game. :I
  7. nash004

    Charlesthehurst's Mechanics Demo

    Thanks for this! I'm certain this will come in handy with my game.
  8. It's nice to see your sprite moving, although I've a long way to go. ^_^

    1. Nekotori


      I know that feeling~ ^~^


    2. nash004


      It's a very rewarding feeling. :>

  9. nash004

    Character Design/Concept Feedback

    >> >> >> / Final(I hope) Made the hair movement more relevant. Boy.. I finished the attack frames for the UPPER TORSO. Next up is the LOWER TORSO movement. I'll polish it when I finish the whole body for the attack animation.... I have a lot to go. But it's nice to see my work moving. Edit: Which of the two animations above is better? Edit2: Attack Animation Done! Next up is the idle pose. Edit3: Deleted the earlier GIFs
  10. nash004

    Character Design/Concept Feedback

    Thanks! I liked it much better than before, too. Thanks for your help. Ah. That's actually a great idea. I'll see how that looks like once I finish this sprite.
  11. nash004

    Sprite edits.

    Your sprites are looking great! Although one thing bothers me... Billy's sprite, from your first set, when he looks from left to right looks awkward. Maybe adjust his other eye a little bit further? Anyway, that's it. Good job with the edits. :thumbsup:
  12. nash004

    Character Design/Concept Feedback

    Progress! >> This is a good attack frame, isn't it? I was aiming to replace the original... But, yeah. It doesn't fit the idle pose. /facepalm I'll just rework the original pose that I made, transfer the saber(foil?) and adjust the toes/leg length to fit the animation. Darn, this is hard, with no base to work on.... I should have done the overworld sprites(thinking of using pokemon style sprites) first... But I'm afraid if I stray out, I would lose my tempo and temporarily give up again. (Happened with the first character I made here. I was stuck at the sprite, and now, I lost my tempo permanently)= =;; I wonder if it's okay for players to have the enemies just standing still without any movement? I'll do them down the line but... just thinking about it makes me tired.. Haha. Yeah, any suggestions guys? Edit: Added a few minor details. Made the leg for the idle/walking pose more "true" to the attack pose.
  13. nash004

    Character Design/Concept Feedback

    Thank you for your input! Yeah, I shouldn't have been cocky and revised my trashy own stance... I'll revise it ASAP. Thanks again.
  14. nash004

    Character Design/Concept Feedback

    Wow. It has been a while since I last posted. Well, a lot has happened... Serious stuff. I can't work on art for months, but I did try to work on the story of my game. And now, I'm working on the battle sprites. So.. yeah. This is my first time trying to do a battle sprite from scratch. (First frame of the idle pose) This isn't done yet, though. But once I'm finished with this, every other pose will follow. Comments are appreciated. Edit: Did I mention that I hate the boots? And that I suck at color palettes? :I
  15. nash004

    Art dump of the Bizarre Monkey

    Just a tip: Even with different art styles(chibi, standard anime characters), anatomy is very important. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it should be at least not awkward. Sketching is one way to improve the anatomy of your characters. Now, a tip is to use guidelines. I didn't use it before, but when I did, the proportion of my character sketches became less awkward. I did a quick sketch of Fyori as an example.. (please don't mind the seemingly a bit longer than proportionally accurate arms) See those circles? Those represent the joints and also represents the start of the other half of a limb. It makes the process much easier as you can estimate if this portion is longer or shorter than the other, and prevents you from drawing awkward feet/hands position/pose.(which is definitely not a problem for you) Ultimately, though, mastering anatomy comes with practice. And that takes patience and passion for drawing. I hope you never cease to want to sketch. More power to you.