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  1. Got My Game Officially On Steam! http://store.steampowered.com/app/448570/

    1. _____


      Cool! That's the goal i'm working towards, glad to see others have achieved it.

    2. Takeo212


      Your trailer gave me a migraine and I couldn't read any of the flashing text, but the screenshots and reviews look pretty good. I'll try giving it ago when i get some freetime :D

    3. raymi100
  2. CloudTheWolf

    Lock Save Slot 1?

    Ahhhh, was looking at that but didn't want to break it again xD will give it a try
  3. This game has been approved for Steam! Thanks for all the support by the community! Here's a link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/448570 Beta Testing is closed at the moment but if you would like early access let me know
  4. CloudTheWolf

    Listen - Just a game.

    This is awesome! found a bug though If you talk to the trap door from above when it's open you get an error (Maybe a translation bug) I was playing in English
  5. CloudTheWolf

    Music Loops & BGM Collection - Free Commercial Use

    Mega links are dead =(
  6. CloudTheWolf

    Change Details on Save/Load Screen?

    Ok, so here's a bit of a simple question... Can i have the Save/Load Screens to display Map name and not the Game name... because showing the game names kinda useless really. Any thoughts on any plugins that do this?
  7. Thanks for some awesome feedback The whole Jessie and James thing just happened and i didn't even notice until someone pointed it out! I can't really say much else as it would give away the master plan but I can say the following: When I release Chapter 2, it will not only extend the story line (Who would have guessed right?) but also adds a bit more back story to he characters as well as the overall game world. Oh and it will finally add more people to play cards against
  8. CloudTheWolf


    Welcome have a cookie
  9. CloudTheWolf

    RPGMaker MV

    I think until there are a good number of plugins I will stick with VX ACE. Looking around it seems to be switching from Ruby to Javascript so someone might be able to use RubyJS to port VX-Ace scripts but will have to wait and see
  10. Sorry guys, I've been forgetting to update you here. Chapter 1 has now been complicated and can be downloaded in the OP. Also chapter 2 is almost here! With new monsters and areas it will only leave you with more unanswered questions! Thanks for all the support, I am still pushing to get this on steam and will keep you updated.
  11. Chapter 1 has been officially been released thanks for all the awesome feedback by everyone