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  1. I just have an idea on combining DDR played with keyboard, and typing speed exercise.
    Basically, you need to type a document in English, but each character's typed with the timing in sync with the music used.
    Maybe with the aid of fast paced music, one's typing speed can reach unprecedented levels :)
    I'm gonna make a proof of concept when I've tons of free time :D

    1. Kayzee


       That sounds like it would be crazy difficult (unless maybe if the player is allowed to skip beats between words). I donno about anyone else, but I rarely if ever hear anyone type with any kind of steady rythem. It just seems to take longer to do the mental rejiggering between words then it does to type any given word.


      Also,  while we are on the subject of speed typing, is it just me or is speed typing is a sort of overrated skill? Unless you are taking direct dictation I guess. In my experience all but the slowest of typists can type fast enough that they are going to run out of things to type long before they are done processing what they should type next. Maybe it's just me, but whenever I reply to something I often find myself staring at the screen for minutes without typing a word because I am too busy thinking about what exactly I am saying. Even if I am just reading something and typing it down word for word I keep having to look back and forth anyway and my memory is much slower then my typing speed. And I don't even home row, just pick! I think I am pretty fast for a picker though.

    2. PhoenixSoul


      There's already an Initial D speed typing game that does this. LGR covered this a while back.

      By the by, home row typists have rheumatoid arthritis now.


    3. DoubleX


      @PhoenixSoulI've checked that game and I don't think that's what I'm thinking, and I think I've to make that proof of concept to really elaborate my idea :)