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  1. So, I'm not dead. At least last time I checked.

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    2. Kayzee


      Yay the cuddly squirrel is back! *snuggles*

    3. PhoenixSoul
    4. Rikifive


      Oh why, hello there! 😁

  2. When you start wondering if you're a lunatic because you came up with devil whale people that sing show tunes.

  3. That moment when the entire story makes sense, but then goes back to being confusing in five seconds.

    1. lonequeso


      Moment of clarity?

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Yup, been there...

    3. Strisk


      Even now when writing, i tend to forget the Character's Backstory and rather make a new "memory" outta nowhere.
      Like "Ah i was once in this village gathering apples" in the flashback, then "Ah, i remember the good ol' times in this village where i was fishing."

  4. The abandoned one who is loyal beyond doubt http://i.imgur.com/9xLg44o.jpg

  5. The one burdened by his lineage... http://i.imgur.com/BMTak3U.png

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      It means you aren't getting proper REM sleep and should probably see a sleep doctor. Or you might just not remember them.

  6. The one destined for greatness... http://i.imgur.com/ExWAZ11.png

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      When you make a wish where does it go? The Goddess Relief Hotline!

    2. Chaosian


      *Clearly* into outer space.

  7. Just watched Napoleon Dynamite for the first time. It was definitively... an experience.

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    2. Amysaurus


      I still can't decide how I feel about it, and I saw it right when it came out. It distresses me.

    3. LordSquirrel


      I think I like it. I'm not entirely sure, though.

    4. lonequeso


      Lmao. I've heard that before, too. I had to watch it twice before I decided.

  8. LordSquirrel

    How big is this community?

    Actually there are two words, is this enough? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) jk. But seriously now, maybe it's not gigantic, but at least it's a friendly community. Also, if you'll bring your friends here, it will be even bigger! (= One of us! One of us! But, yeah. I'm one of those lurkers. We tend to have a decently active community here. Just that areas fluctuated from time to time.
  9. The Nintendo Switch hype is real.

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      At least it doesn't have motion detection, so more third-party developers feel comfortable making games for it.

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      Looks pretty good actually! Not sure if I can afford one or will want one but I am kinda interested. :3

    4. Rinoazelda


      Chaosian feels like Bizarre Monkey lately, why are you being so cold?

  10. Coming out day. I'm a squirrel... What? Everyone already knew that? Huh.

  11. LordSquirrel

    LordSquirrel's World Map Collection

    I can do requests, but it depends on whether it's a tile or drawn map. What are you looking for?
  12. INterested in looking at the progression of a decent mappers mapping skills? Well look no further! http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/39531-lordsquirrels-world-map-collection/

  13. 'Ello there peeps. I was going over my world map collection and decided that it would be nice to post it here for you guys. Enjoy. TILE MAPS: Proto-Zulavin Map Judgment Map Map I made for my friend Wish to the Stars Setting Map Nameless Peninsula DRAWN IN GIMP Vallenfell Map Celium Map Old Age of Fate Setting Map Old Pale Range Map Central Carrion In Progress Map(no name) Hope you guys enjoyed this little look through my works (most of these are works in progress simply to avoid people using stuff I plan on using).
  14. Just put up a new post on my blog - this time we take a brief look at some of the regions on the main continent in my game. Let me know what you guys think. http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/blog/345/entry-2098-world-of-zulavin-vallenfell-regions-pt1/

  15. Welcome to the first post of a new series: World of Zulavin(zoo-lah-veen), the series where I blabber about all the random stuff I've written down for my game that I can't find a place for inside of said game. The game in question being Legend of Amara. In this opening we will be going over regions on the continent known as Vallenfell, the homeland of the Valnius and the first splinter continent. We only have two regions today, I have more written down but I don't want to drown you guys in fantasy words right off the bat. We'll do three regions next time, but for now let's start with... The Shaded Range: Population: 2,071 Settlements (population): Hamlets: Aider (21), Pickstone (27), Wilhelm(54), Orerun (64), Whistling Hills (17), Cloud Peak (22), Knight's Rest (8), Inal'tor(ruins), Alewood (32). Villages: Woodspell (243), Pickter (589), Masa(ruins), Tracker(abandoned), Entha's Trail (207). Towns: New Albrin (787), Twilight Mist(ruins). Description: A mountain range on the southern west area of Vallenfell. The region is dominated by the mysterious Night Shade Woods, a large forest that stretches from the far western tip of the continent to the banks of the Darren River. The region is dotted with a dozen or so small villages and hamlets along with one town, New Albrin, that sits on the southern border near the Amaran Plains. With the area being one of the more mountainous on the continent, the population in the area is small and scattered. Only a few locations are capable of sustaining large quantities of crops and as such the few settlements here rarely export produce. The only true exports of the region come from Pickter, a small mining village where the rare Iyite ore can be found within the local caves. A small cast of wildlife populates the region, Enthas, Grasras and Yalins make up a majority of the wildlife, but large bats, insects, slimes and spiders are found within the Nightshade Woods that cover most of the region. Valnius of Enrial descent are the majority ethnicity, with Amaran, Vonak, and Altira making up the minority tribe. Small numbers of Ganths and Sigth make up around one percent of the population. Valnius of Amuri descent were once the dominant ethnicity in the southern areas of the region, but they were almost completely wiped out by the Scourge that the Zinuthu Dominion led against the tribe thirty years ago. Few, if any, remain in the region today. There is also a small Omrak'ral settlement hidden in the mountains known as Wilhelm. People from this region are often known as Rangers. (Look to the end of the post for explanations for any words or terms) Amaran Plains: Population: 19,329 Settlements: Hamlets: Fen (24), Rider's Breath (16), Windwheel (46), West Rest (59). Villages: Border Shade (361), Havel (257), Remembrance (583), Derex (472). Towns: Old Albrin (509), Zinuthu's Watch(destroyed), Gilligan(destroyed), Feyhills (602), The Howling Hill (565), Keystep (1453), Oakhatch (1054). Cities: First Horn (4576), Far Bay (5621), Zinuthu's Dawn(destroyed) Holdfasts: Oakstone (176), Birchstone (294), Pinestone (152). Fortresses: Ironstone (586), Silverstone (754), Goldstone (1056). Description: One of the most fought over regions in the history of Vallenfell, the Amaran Plains is a verdant region that stretches from the borders of the Shaded Range up to the foot of Mount Windpeak and down to the glistening waters of the Howling Coast. The region is home to many biomes and mysteries such as the frozen shore, the thirteen stones, the ruins of Inal'tor and many others. The climate of the region ranges from sub-tropical in the south to a perpetual autumn-like state in the north, though the majority of the region remains relatively moderate all year round, making it the breadbasket of southern Vallenfell. The region also was the most prolific participant in the Panwa invasion of 1958 AoM, aside from The Scarred Stones, and was once home to hundreds of the greatest holdfasts and fortresses to ever exist, but now there are only six, the legendary Six Stones. The Six Stones are the oldest and strongest fortresses and holdfasts on Vallenfell, all have survived countless assaults over millennia, and were never captured by enemy forces until the Second Tribal Wars of 912 AoR. The Six Stones still stand today and Goldstone acts as a small city in the region. Valnius of the Amaran tribe have always made up the majority of the population in the region, with a slightly larger than usual population of Sigth nomad tribes. Other tribes make up minorities of the region, such as the Malik and Amanusi. The Zinuthu once made up a large minority in the region, but none reside in the region after nearly all of them were butchered in the Second Tribal Wars. The Plains were once the third most populated region on the continent, but after the Amaran Scourge and The Second Tribal Wars the population fell to the tenth, just above the Shaded Range. It is quickly recovering, though. Now standing at the fifth most populated. The wildlife of the region is mostly docile herd herbivores with a few predators. Enthas, sheep, wild Grelhorns, rabbits and Nothirs make up about half of the wildlife population. In contrast to the Shaded Range, the main export of the Amaran plains is produce from the large number of farms, and fish from the coastal towns. The region is also cited as the birthplace of modern music on Vallenfell and is reflected by the people's love of the art and the sale of every type of instrument one could think of. People from this region are often referred to as Amaran, though since the founding of the new Amaran kingdom, many now use Amani. And now some explanations of certain things. Races: Valnius - The closest to humans, but with bone spikes lining their forearms. Generally secluded and unconcerned with the world outside of Vallenfell or even outside of their individual tribes. They are well known for their prowess in agriculture and for their impressive resilience against repeated invasions of their homeland in the waning day of the Age of Mourning. Their patron Ruler is Lokrale. Sigth - Think half-giants. Formerly slaves of the Ganth, the Sigth are now a tightly connected set of nomad tribes who have spread to every continent on Zulavin. They have tried to found cities and empire many times in the past, but their inherent wanderlust has seen all of those attempts ended. Their patron Ruler is Nalan. Ganth - Think slightly short humans with insane healing factors. Formerly the glorious kings of the surface of Lothander, the Ganth are now known as mole lords, forced underground when the Sigth rebelled against them, scorching the entirety of the surface of Lothander. They are known for their ceaseless wars, unrivaled combat prowess, and highly resistant bodies. They have no patron Ruler. Omrak'ral - Think of a regal looking gargoyle. Considered the closest to the Iyana of old, the Omrak'ral are the lords of Eboncrest, the largest continent on Zulavin. They are known mostly for their strict form of government that fits everyone into a specific societal roles from birth as well as their long standing hatred of the Ganth. Their patron Ruler is Silth. Animals: Entha - A strange creature that has the general build of a wolf, but the fur patterns, tail and ears of a wild cat. They often hunt in packs of six and are able to paralyze prey with their glowing eyes, or dissipate into mist when threatened. Grasras - Think one of those giant sloths if they had horns on their heads and razor sharp claws. Grelhorns are an oddity on southern Vallenfell, as they are the only creature with such fearsome features combined with such a quiet personality. They are pure herbivores and use their horns and claws to either help push down trees or to cut through thick brush. They will defend themselves if necessary, but rarely kill any attacker, usually hitting any such creatures with the back of their paw. Yalin - A silver and bronze colored bear with green eyes. Yalins are smaller bears that are well known for their very docile nature, often preferring to sit in place idly eating berries all day than to bother with anyone who enters it's territory. They are also often kept as pets by wealthier citizens in the Floating Isles. Grelhorn - A pig sized armor plated lizard with tusks growing out of their chins. A much despised creature by the the citizens of the Amaran Plains, these creatures are well known as scavengers, willing to anything that will fit inside their maws, even using their tusks to break into houses and storage buildings. Nothir - Think of a massive crow. A very skittish and generally harmless giant bird, the Amuri tribe often considered them to be omens of good fortune. While they are largely harmless most of the time, they have been known to become very aggressive for apparently no reason.
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